Thursday, January 27, 2011

Frosty whores and a quick update.

The view from my deck this morning! A gorgeous Minnesota hoarfrost! Yes, pronounced "whore"! My husband was thrilled to wake up to a beautiful hoar....Anyway:)

So, just a quick update post as I'm frantically packing and getting ready for a big hockey weekend 6 hours away! We're leaving at the crack of dawn!

A few tidbits of my life happenings this week....

Parent teacher conferences were tonight. My son made a little family history book! I LOVE this picture!

It says "My mother's name is Jen. She works at the dentist. My mom licks to run and shop." Ha ha-SO true! The picture is me (sporting some serious thunder thighs and a black running hat) running down a paved road. He even drew the yellow line in the center! I really got a big smile out of this.

I got my hair done on Tuesday. We decided to go dark with red violet dimension...It is taking a little getting used to. Perhaps when I get to Target and can get the black lipstick and white face paint that goes with it, it'll grow on me. Actually, it doesn't really look that different and it's still long. I'm addicted to my ponytail right now and just can't whack it off just yet!

My last 3 runs have been outside. They've been fabulous! I think I must look like a freak when people pass me because I'm practically dancing down the road I'm so excited to be back out there. Temps have been in the high teens and just really light snow! Tonight was supposed to be tempo but we have no paths and they are still scraping the roads. I decided to move it to tomorrow when I can run on a nice path along the Mississippi River on our travels! Tonight I strapped on the Garmin and just ran my 4 mile loop twice. Didn't look at it once and tried to just run by feel. My legs are loving being back outside. My average pace was 7:33 and it felt so comfortable. This is around marathon pace for me and reminds me of how much I prefer marathons to 10K's.....

It is pathetic that I'm SO excited about going to Trader Joe's. I love grocery shopping! Also pretty pumped about hitting the Nordstrom Rack! Should be a fabulous weekend of hockey, good friends, good food, and hopefully these on a clearance rack for $14.

Ummm-not likely but I better just go check those racks anyway, right????

So-this was a bit of a nobrainer post but wanted to say hello and especially wanted to wish Heather GOOD LUCK on her first marathon this weekend! I'm so excited for the feeling she's gonna have when she crosses that finish line!!

I'll be out of commission for a few days! Will try to keep up a bit on my phone! Have a wonderful weekend!


Jill said...

Hey frosy whore...I mean lady :), I think a pic of the new do is in order when you return from your weekend adventures!!! You can't just tell us and leave us wondering all weekend what ya look like. And ponytail?!?!? I think once in my entire life was my hair too short for one...I'll be an old granny sporting a ponytail!

HAPPY WEEKEND! Good luck to the kiddos! And most importantly, good luck in the jean rack!!!! :)

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

No fair easing us wih ur new Goh look, and no picure! Hope ou find some grea jeans a he rack! If ou don' ou could alwas seal a pair :) Well, looking like ha, he would be expecing i, so mabe no ;) HA!

Heather said...

Nice blog! New to running this past year and love it. Am blogging about it too. Doubt I'll ever do Boston like you have but hope to do Ottawa this May. I probably live the only place colder the the mid-U.S.

Caroline said...

Safe travels and happy hockey weekend!
Love hockey!

Small Town Runner said...

What ? New do and no pics?!?!

Probably a good thing to wait on the tempo.. Hope it is a great day for it tomorrow. Have a great trip.

Your son is too cute. Great drawing!!

I do NOT have an accent, BTW! I did notice right away (last video), however, that YOU sound like a Canadian...or do you say Canuck? Anyhow...MN accent is strong. Oregon accent, not so strong, haha.
I guess it all depends on what you are used to. I could sound like I am from the south with a little practice :)

Small Town Runner said...

Oops- forgot- that's a quick easy pace. Yikes! You always astound me. I'd be panting.

Amanda@runninghood said...

This is such a gorgeous view from your deck! So different from what we see in Oregon. I miss the snow a bit. Um, Nordstrom Rack is my fav place to get hot jeans! :) Those jeans will probably be more like $90 to $100 at the Rack but still a good deal. :) I also love Trader Joes. My husband and I used to live in the city and we would walk into trader joes just for the samples and then pretend to shop and walk out. So bad. :) Have a great Hockey Weekend!

That is the sweetest thing ever...the page your son did.
And great pace. You rock Jenn.

ajh said...

Good luck on those clearance racks! Loved your sons comments and picture! That could be me = love to run and shop. I am all over that. In fact I have a visit to Lulu planned after work today. Sure wish they had more clearance racks.

Jessie said...

I think grocery shopping is on the very bottom of my list of things to get excited about, although we don't have a Trader Joes around here. So I am seriously jealous that you have Trader Joes AND a Nordstroms Rack! I have to drive at least 1 1/2 hours to go to either of those stores! TGIF Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

Good luck to the little hockey player studs this weekend! Are you going to be in Maple Grove? Trader Joes and the Rack...sounds like MG to me:) Take care Lady!

the dawn said...

i love that my tempo is right around your "cruising easy" speed :). you are bionic woman!!! (new song by christina, which i love!)

can't wait to see the new do! i was trying to grow out my hair so it will be ponytail ready by boston, but the last time i went it it all got hacked off. i was not amused. i'm pretty sure i cried to mr. dawn that i wasn't going to have nice hair for boston. as though it were my wedding or something. ridiculous!

you better check the rack :) you gotta!

wannaberunnergrl said...

I LOVE Trader Joe's too! It's amazing! Have a wonderful weekend.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

You better get those pants!!! I WANT A PICTURE OF YOUR NEW HAIR COLOR!!! No more licking running and shopping! Have so much fun this weekend with friends and hockey. I have PT conference this next week.... I am not looking forward to it!

XLMIC said...

Hope the weekend treats you and the family well and that you get yet another awesome run in!

7:33... I aspire to running just ONE mile in that amount of time! lol

And I agree with the others... need. goth. pictures.

Running and living said...

Pony tail all the way, except when I go to work. I am so low maintenance - I never blow dry my hair (it is curly). Yes, lets see the new do:)
7:33 easy run, very nice!
Have fun jean shopping. I have become a jeggins gal! Love how comfortable they are (American Eagle, and not expensive).
Happy weekend!

Wendy said...

I love when the trees look like that!

lindsay said...

i think these would look better -

hope your hockey travels are going well!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

I DO NOT enjoy shopping. Maybe you can be my personal shopper because I'm sure you have great taste and you like to do it anyway. :)

I do enjoy the occasional shopping at Academy for running stuff, but the rest is a chore.

ha ha - I always tell them do whatever you like, but my hair must be long enough for a ponytail. Think I'm with Jill on this one. may be old and still have my p.t.

LindseyAnn said...

Hahaha, the opener to this post made me laugh!
I hear you on the ponytail. I go through cycles where I hack mine off, then cry because I miss it, then I grow it out again. After about 4 months, I get bored and hack it off again and the cycle repeats. RIght now, I'm waiting for the latest hack job to grow out.

Good luck with the hockey and the shopping! :)