Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boston in pictures for fun!

So-I was going to write a post here but I have total writer's block so thought I would share some pics from Boston for all you who are training for this AWESOME experience!

View from our hotel-The Hilton Back Bay. Awesome location and right next to the convention center. An easy walk to the buses race morning and back from the finish line (that is if you're not on a super high, completely disoriented and can't even remember what direction your hotel is -I know nothing about this of course!)

Number pickup at the Convention Center! I love race expos! I tried on like 49 pairs of shoes, 87 half zip pullovers, sampled about 400 nutrition bars and drinks and waited in line for an hour for some of the coveted Boston gear!

Me and Steve Jones at the Expo!

The infamous Boston jacket. I have no idea why I had a picture taken of my backside when I actually own the jacket and could just look at it whenever I want. Yeah...don't know about this one....

Me and my sister at the Expo. She also ran and finished in 3:24! We actually ran almost the first half of the race right next to each other entirely by chance! We didn't even plan to meet up and somehow ended up right next to each other. Too wierd.

Ahhh-Lululemon! Do NOT go in there-ha! This store makes me pay $100 for sweatpants......or in this case made my hubby pay $100 since he TOTALLY spoiled me this trip! Truthfully though, this stuff is awesome. I wore Lulu shorts in the race and pretty much LIVE in Lulu pants around the house (and also out to nice dinners with cowboy boots because I'm classy like that.....)

In front of Legal Seafoods in which I ate an EXORBITANT amount of pasta 2 nights before the race! Food in EXORBITANT amounts was the theme of this trip! See, I told you I'm classy!! I am wearing the same shirt that I wore to the Expo for dinner! Just pulled my hair out of the ponytail and good to go!!

Sara Hall amongst others in the mile races the day before the marathon. These races are a MUST. I had an absolute blast watching the 5K (Joe ran) and the mile races! So inspiring and just a great part of the whole experience!

Joe finishing the 5K!

Race morning! No nerves hey! Truthfully my nerves were gone by this point. Excitement!!!

The buses on race morning! Quite an efficient system but a MASS of people!

Athlete's Village!!

Who is this skinny guy anyway??

Me right at the top of Heartbreak after I almost killed my husband for that handheld as all he cared about was getting this picture of me looking like I'm about to give birth!

Female winner! If you look closely I'm right behind her.....

Gotta love Meb!

See that blue finish line up there! What a glorious sight!!!

Friends made in Blogworld!

Great experience! Totally worth every drop of sweat you'll put into it!

Race report here and the week after here!

An actual post related to the present and not me just reliving the past coming soon!!


ERG said...

Ah...I LOVED your post from the past and am fired up looking at all those photos!!!

I bought airfare right before Christmas. =D Freakishly, I lost my wallet and the only thing I could think of was ...if my account was drained I might not have money for airfare. Crazy, huh? SO i secured it. Flying into Rhode Island at my hostesses request.

I love how exciting the mile & 5k look! Can't wait to look at the RR links :)
Thanks for posting this :)

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

I know what you're saying about Lululemon. She keeps calling me when I pass by even if I pretend not to see her! ;p

MuncherCruncher said...

I LOVE lululemon!!!!! Why oh why does it have to be so dang expensive....Your Boston pics are AMAZING. Way to go girl! Such a great accomplishment. :)

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Oh my Gosh this was so fun to read! I loved every second of it! I cant get over how gorgeous you are! I love lulu! That is crazy you and your sis ran a lot of it together! So you got second.... I totally saw you:) good advice on watching the races the day before! I can't wait!!

Bethany + Ryan said...

FUN!!! funny, you could DEF see my apt from your hotel bc my street is in that first picture you posted!! Those pictures definitely get me excited for Boston but even more so for the warmer weather, which i'm sure you can agree with!
Happy new year to you and your family!!

middleagedrunner said...

I love Boston! I'm tempted to go down and watch the race this year... I can't fathom that kind of mileage but I can certainly get in the Corolla and watch the rest of you suffer!

Running and living said...

I think I might do the 5K this year. Def will go and watch the race. o fun, and will see you inn 2012, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that is awesome! I have a friend/client that is doing Boston this year. Before this year, I never really gave Boston a second thought, but now that I'm getting into running, I realize what an accomplishment that is. Do you have plans to run it again someday? I think that is really neat that you ran it with your sister too.

Shawn said...

New to your blog...inspiring read but I have a long way to go before Bawston happens....I will keep following...thanx for the great read

ShutUpandRun said...

OMG you just totally jump started my day. I'm sitting here feeling down, watching the snow fall, wondering how the hell I will graduate from running 8 minutes in Jan. 10 to running 26.2 on 4/18 and you just made me know I can do it. Just by looking at these pictures. I want this so bad!! Tears tears. Thanks.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

This was a great post, now I don't even have to run Boston.

Jill said...

Hey, there we are!! :)
I was just writing up a little tidbit about the year and friends I met along the way which I was so thankful for and you were in there - yay!

It was cool to see Beth's response. Funny, cuz I really am not sure I have any desire to go back. We'll see!

Happy New Year, Jenn!