Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Monday....

Monday morning! For most this means a busy zoo of getting back into the week but for me it usually means at least one hour of peace and quiet with the house empty!!! I don't generally work Mondays and the kids are in school so it's all about me for a little bit! Unfortunately, today I do need to go into work as I am missing half of my front tooth and I work for a Dentist. I'm not sure how this happened (gobstopper) but I'm lookin' pretty hot right now!

Congrats to the many Halloween racers and MCM finishers! I'm anxious to get through these race reports!!

So since last week:

I managed to get a nice mix on my Ipod thanks to suggestions! So nice to have something new.

I officially registered for the Grandma's marathon in June in Duluth, MN. There are 2 major Minnesota marathons and this is one of them so I wanted to knock it out at some point! I doubt I will run many more June marathons in my life. I am a sweat monger and I hate running in heat. As of now, I am unsure of my goals for this race. I will need to BQ for sure but as far as going for the PR I'll have to evaluate as it gets closer. I am not a big racer. I prefer to just have one or two goal races a year so likely I will be gunning for this to be a good one.

My kids went trick or treating last night and brought home more candy than I've ever seen in my life. I really don't know what I'm going to do with it all. I've already picked out all the good stuff and there's still a ton left!!! My husband dressed up as Richard Simmons to drop my oldest daughter off at her Halloween party. He THRIVES off of embarrasing our kids. This was about the nastiest thing I've ever seen and he just bought himself a significant bout of celibacy until I can get that image out of my head.

The weather has been beautiful but it's starting to get cold. My morning runs are in the 30's and if there is a wind it can feel pretty chilly! I love cold crisp air and this is really my favorite time of year. Cold but no ice yet!!

I'm starting a training plan today. It will take me to the end of February in which I'll run a half marathon and then relax for a couple of weeks before I start a marathon training program. I never follow a plan exactly as I just think I have so much more knowledge and should constantly modify it (whatever) but I do like to have the reference.

Not much else! Just my week in review-condensed version! I am doing the 30 day Shred with my daughter and it's been fun! I've also been doing a few short two-a-days to give my hip a little rest but still get in some miles. Still not concentrating on speed.

Monday- 8 miles total -4 am(7:59)/4 pm (7:49) -30 day Shred

Tuesday-8 miles continuous (7:57)-Shred again

Wednesday-no running. Spin class/core

Thursday-6 mile- 1 mile w/u, 7:19, 7:13, 7:24, 7:19, 1 mile c/d

Friday- 10 miles total-6 am (8:20)/ 4 pm (7:44)- 30 day Shred

Saturday- 8 miles total - 4 am (7:53)/ 4 pm (8:22)-30 day Shred

Sunday - 10.2 miles (8:10) P90X abribber-Ahhhh-been way too long since I did this!

Week totals-50.2 miles

This is what you get when you look directly into the light and have a 7 year old boy take your picture!

Happy Monday All!


Emz said...

He did a great job! Love the photo.

GREAT #'s for the week.

YAY you!

Jamoosh said...

I love me a half zip, but sadly we're still in singlet weather.

Running and living said...

Go to my blog for Halloween embarrassment. I think your husband rocks for dressing up! He deserves NO celibacy for that:)
Awesome running for you! Nice to work for a dentist. I think mine got about half of my yearly income within the last 10 years!

Steel Springs said...

I really want to do Grandma's, but I don't think I will be ready for a marathon yet this June. The weather is so unpredictable for that race. It'll be 97 and humid one year and so cold that you have to wear a coat the next. Maybe this will be one of the cooler years!

My husband's already gathering ideas for ways to embarrass our children and we don't have any yet. I'm going to have to tell him about the Richard Simmons costume. Haha!

Tricia said...

awesome week!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is saying this was the year of the candy. My co-workers all brought in gobs. Ugh- my aching stomach!!!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

That's awesome that your hubby dressed up! I'm sure once my daughters get older, my husband will be all about embarrassing them...right now they are kind of oblivious to how stupid he looks. Happy Monday!

ERG said...

Grandma's!! Ooh- how fun!
The costume is too funny =D

Hope the tooth thing goes well. Must be a perk of working for a dentistry- you can bust as many teeth as you like ;) J/K

We have similar situations with races- I don't race much either.

What's the hip issue? I tore mine about a year ago.

I love the photo taken by your son =D !!

Staci Dombroski said...

Celibacy!? That is hilarious! I hope you have a great week and you got your tooth fixed ;)

Lisa said...

if we had kids, my husband would also thrive off embarassment. He's already looking forward to the day when he can wear a plaid shirt of some color with pants of a different plaid! and he doesn't wear any now at all! I just don't understand. ;)

Congrats on the great workouts last week!

Katie A. said...

Not only are you back to being a running machine, you're back to being a posting machine! LOVED the pic of homecoming - hahahahahaha!

I am jealous of your cooler temps, we have some temps this week that start with an 8! WTH? And your hubbs is classic! I love me some Richard Simmons! Have a great week!!!

Jill said...

Such a cutie you are (and your hair is getting long!! - I like it). I am half tossing Grandma's around...just wish I knew what the heel was doing before I committed as I'm not about to throw race #3 out the window and don't want to eat any more of those race entry costs. Richard Simmons - too funny :). Oh, and you should have taken a pic of the frozen pink you with your missing tooth ;).

lindsay said...

I'm slightly envious of your "no big deal just hanging out" 50mile week... Slightly.

Meg said...

Brrr, cold already? I just remember your winter last year and it makes me feel chilly.
Good luck with your new plan, you'll rock it, as usual.

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
I am still debating to do Grandma's full or not. I might do the Wobegon Trail Marathon in May and think another marathon so soon after might be over kill. I might just try for the Grandma's half marathon again. Do you think that you will do TC again? Nice job on your did mor than me:)

Also, you look gorgeous in that picture! You never look bad....even when you think you do:)

ajh said...

I have to tell you when I did the summer/winter clothes switch a roo I counted my half zips. You made me curious.I thought I would have nowhere near your amount. I had 26 which surprised me and I am not positive I got them all! LOL

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

That is hilarious that your husband dressed up as Richard Simmons!! Too funny!! Good luck on the new training plan, please keep posting the week to week plans:) I love signing up for races... so motivating! You look gorgeous in your picture at the end!!