Friday, October 29, 2010

Today's To Do's

1.) Revamp my ipod playlist. Seriously, in looking at my music here, one would think I am severely confused…..Country, Christian, Rap, Hip Hop... You name it, it’s on there. I am going to start some sort of training plan on Monday (STILL have not decided) but it WILL include speedwork and when it comes to speed, I rely on EXTREMELY loud trashy music. Like FULL blast! Funny thing is I really don’t even like loud music normally. I would much rather go to a quaint little wine bar with atmosphere, than a big noisy club (We have neither of these in this hick town but we do have a Dairy Queen that is open until 10:30pm) Yes, some days I just count my blessings….... ANYWAY, this music thing is really quite perplexing. For example, during my tempo run yesterday I had the Rhianna song “Rockstar 101” on repeat and it was totally making me go. For some reason the only words that actually resonated with me were: “I’m a ROCKSTAR. Hey baby, I’m a ROCKSTAR!! This, in turn made me actually believe I was a and I at least tried to run like one. However, in listening to the words today, I don’t think the image of the “Rockstar” being portrayed in the song is that of a runner…..more likely a heavy drinker (which I actually do very little of), potentially a drug addict (which I do none of) and possibly a whore (well, I’m not a whore but I actually DO know a whore on crutches….she’s a good whore so check out her blog if you haven’t been there. I'm obviously kidding, for you literals out there.... So, regardless of the message this music sends, it apparently works for me when running. I’ve managed to narrow the trash down to about 20 favorites that will motivate me for at least a couple of weeks until I need something new. After that I will be desperate so send me your favorites!!

Yep-Those ain't running clothes

2.) Run 8 miles. Well, I already ran 6 of these slowly on the treadmill and I am planning to head outside (25 degrees) and run my 4 mile loop after the kids are home from school.

3.) Do the Shred with my daughter Ryan! This has been really fun. She has a great sense of humor and it's fun to do this with her!

4.) Finally clear my email inbox. Then I will tackle FB!

5.) Give this foam roller another shot! I recently caved and bought one of these. This is unchartered ground for me but my hamstring is chronically tight and occasionally I have a slight issue with what I think is my IT band on my left leg. Nothing serious, just tightness. I’ve heard good things about these things so I googled how to use the thing and gave it a whirl. OMG-OUCH!!! The noises I make while using this thing should be censored!! Is it really supposed to hurt-HOLY HANNAH!!

6.) Sit on my butt for the rest of the evening, enjoy a glass of wine with my hubby and probably watch reruns on Discovery Health. The simple pleasures-ha!!

Anyway! MCM this weekend! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Monster Dash half in MSP also which I think Julie is running! Best of luck to everyone! Enjoy the Halloween weekend-I'm totally looking forward to stealing all the Tootsie rolls out of my kids treat bags. This perhaps would go against my current self-imposed sugar ban....Oh-WTH! Have a great weekend!


Bethany + Ryan said...

ryan and i use the foam roller a fact, we have 3 different kinds in our livingroom! have a nice weekend!

Emz said...

Hey baby, I’m a ROCKSTAR! I have it set to play three times in each marathon I run!

Try: "let go" frou frou - you'll think "naaa" not for running but it is I swear.

E.T - Katy Perry
New it town - little boots
Maneater - nelly furtado
Only girl in the world - rihanna

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
I am probably one of the few people who do not run with music. I am too much of a control freak:)

Thanks for the shout out and well wishes...keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep it together for the entire race.

Have a great Halloween weekend!

Jill said...

If you're on FB, come and find me (I looked and couldn't find you :( ).

I have such an array of music on my iPod and I agree, the faster the better for speedwork. I just bought one of those iPod Nano's so am excited to clean out my iPod songs, too.

I'm not a huge foam roller fan - probably cuz I don't do it long enough but I never find much difference after I used it. Hope you have better luck!!

Happy Halloween. And I like the new blog revamp :).

Runnin-From-The-Law said...

Hi there -

Stumbled upon your blog. Love it! I'm a Minnesota runner too. Enjoy your glass of wine tonight!

Running and living said...

I love my foam roller. We have 3! I used it 3X/week. I actually like that pain...almost as much as I like to watch my husband using the roller!
I have to get Rhianna's Rockstar. And you should listen to Rockstar by PrimaJ. Also Eminem is pretty good, his got a ton of anger and helps you go fast!

Meg said...

LIfe with you sounds fun!! I totally get it with the music thing...I have a few nasty songs on my ipod and I really don't even know the lyrics but the beat gets me moving.
Have a great weekend!!!

kizzy said...

Good luck on your to do list...

--kizzy possoftware

ERG said...

I am there with you on loud music - but mostly on the easy runs, not LR or speedwork. Funny, I know!

Found your blog on hungry runner girl's page. Looking forward to following :) I'm a mom of 3 too.

Jamie said...

good luck with the to do list :) especially getting to #6!

Sherri said...

I'm an odd one...I either listen to pumpin music REALLY LOUD....or I run in silence! Nothing in between!
I am planning to buy a roller for our house hold...I think we needed one about 10 years ago! =)

lindsay said...

what are you talking about? i totally run in thigh-highs.

music like that does pump me up, but yeah sometimes i wonder what the heck is wrong with me 'cause the actual "story" behind the lyrics is messed up!