Friday, September 24, 2010

To the Running

To the running....The painfully agonizing slow process of returning to the running form my brain wants to be at. I think I need to recite that serenity prayer over and over and over. Something about God granting me the patience...yada yada yada!

Actually, things are going quite well. I'm up to 30 miles this week and feeling less and less and less discomfort. I've been just pounding the miles on the bike and powerwalking to keep my legs going. Longest run to date- 7 miles at 8:07 which felt like marathon pace so I'm over 30 seconds behind and tired after 7 miles. NICE!! Truthfully, I wasn't that discouraged by this, I was actually somewhat encouraged as I wasn't gunning it, my legs were not tired and I feel like my mental strength is on a high right now. This weekend I will attempt 9 or 10 if everything feels right. I haven't been running every day and haven't brought in ANY speedwork. That will be a ways away yet. I am really enjoying the bike which I hadn't thought I would like as much. Now, if I only liked to swim. HATE swimming.......

Next weekend is the Twin Cities Marathon. I was supposed to run this with a friend around 3:40 as we were both running other fall marathons for time and this one just for fun. I was really looking forward to this and was TOTALLY bummed out when I found out I wouldn't be able to do it. Anyway, my husband (Joe) and I are heading to the cities for the weekend because he is running and also my sister. Joe is also coming off an injury and is totally not trained for this marathon. He's a tad stubborn and that will not change the fact that he's running it. I've been giving it some thought, and I think I will start the marathon anyway. I'll just drop out around mile 10. I think it would still be fun to be part of the hoopla and dang it I paid for it!!! My sister is going for 3:22:59 to get gauranteed entry into NYC next year. I am already qualified and that race is my next MAJOR goal. I am ridiculously excited about training for this. I have an entire year to get where I want to be! I also have never been to NYC and think the trip would just be a blast!

On to the life update. My daughter Ryan was just chosen homecoming princess for the 7th grade. She has 5 of her friends coming over tonight to spend the night and then we're going on a little shopping trip in the morning to look for a dress and accessories! I am SO excited about this. Really, I am secretly a 13 year old trapped in a body damaged by 3 children and too much candy corn....Ha ha! I will definitely post pictures of the coronation!

My little Reese is in the 4th grade this year. She still really enjoys running and I have been able to do a few runs with her coming back from this injury. She is now using most of her energy on a synthetic ice skating treadmill getting ready for hockey season! That is only about a month away and we will be going NONSTOP this year.

My son Max is now in first grade and is the sweetest little boy. Such a hard worker! He currently thinks he is Joe Mauer and is also just obsessed with the outdoors. He loves to be in the woods with Joe.

Anyway, I need to take advantage of my kid free time and scrub toilets here! Oh the life.....Thoroughly enjoying reading everyone's blogs and catching up!!


Running and living said...

NYC, I am qualified as well and flirting with the idea of doing it. Maybe, maybe!
SO glad things are moving in the right direction. You are smart to build up slowly, and you'll be back to your speed, and even faster, in no time!

Kerrie T. said...

Why do I have this feeling you will NOT drop out after 10? :)

Katie A. said...

I've been biking more and enjoying it to my surprise, too! Now, if we both could learn to swim! LOL!

Glad you're coming back with such strength! You are doing amazing! Just promise us you won't attempt to stay in the full the whole race!
Have a good weekend!

lindsay said...

umm. yeah candy corn has NOT hurt your body. :)

not sure where i have been that i've missed your past couple of updates but whatever, here i am now! that is all that matters, right? welcome back! i am glad you returned to blogging now that you are running again.

Bethany + Ryan said...

glad things are getting better for you! keep up the good work and keep up the recovery!

SueMac said...

Glad you're recovering!

Amy said...

This is a very inspiring story to read, thanks for sharing more good thoughts. Nice blog too.


shannon said...

The TCM this Sunday should be a blast! I'm running the TC10, which I think starts an hour before the full. Congrats on running Boston too!

Lisa said...

It's so great to hear what's going on with you! I can only imagine how frustrated you are with the situation, but I'm really impressed by how patient and realistic you are with your recovery. It'll make training for NYC easier since you'll be stronger and healthy! I didn't realize you're running NYC in '11 - we'll have to meet up sometime while you're in the city!

Good luck to your sister and husband this weekend and have fun running the first bit of it! I'll be in Minneapolis next weekend visiting my sister & her family! Such a great city!