Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ouch, babies, and freezing races!

Ouch! I got up this morning and the finger I hurt in my race is now twice its original size. I’m sure taking latex gloves on and off continually the last 2 days at work did not help matters much. Anyway, it is very very sore!! I am very excited to have the day off today to relax and catch up on all the laundry etc. from the weekend that I haven’t yet had time to get to.

Yesterday I got up at 4:45 a.m. to get my run in on the treadmill before I headed out to work early for our monthly meeting. I was babysitting my little 6 month old niece in the evening while my sister took a night class and there was no way I would have time to run after work. OK-I totally forgot how much work little babies are!!! As much as I ADORE my nieces, I am totally out of that stage of life. I don’t know how I ever did it and know I couldn’t do it again. All you moms out there who still need babysitters, and diapers and feedings and still manage to run get my utmost respect!! Even my husband, who really wanted a 4th child but obliged my 30th birthday wish was content after last night!

I have another race on my calendar. January in St. Paul MN!! We are in the Twin Cities that weekend for hockey and there happens to be a half marathon. Last year the temp was 15 degrees below zero and they had to shorten the race but the year before it was 20 degrees. For all the complaining I have done about the weather lately, I can’t believe I signed up for this. I just really need something to keep me going. Even if the race was cancelled at least I would be trained for it.

I am still milling over my race plans for after Boston next year. I hope to come up with a realistic set of goals. I’m leaning towards no June marathon and focusing on the full in the fall. I think, speaking only for myself, multiple halfs at faster than marathon pace will help me achieve a better time in the fall than another full which requires tapering and recovery that I HATE! Not sure yet. This will probably change tomorrow as my plans often do! I’m heading out for 9 miles today. No time goal at all, just a nice run with my podcast buddies!


Genesis said...

sorry bout the finger.

you are one crazy mama to wanna run in those temps!

ive been wanting a baby for a while but the whole diaper thing and the crying just throws me off and makes me rethink. i was fortunate that when i started raising my brother we were WAY past the cryin stages. now i just have to find ways to be relatable to a teenager.

TMB said...

I can't wait to get out of this baby stage ... only 4 more years and they are all off to school.

I can't believe you're racing through the winter. I give you credit. I think if it was that cold here I would just be logging miles on the treadmill!

Meg Runs said...

Ouch, I hope your finger feels better! That was a bloody, nasty finger!
I can't believe how much I've forgotten about baby=exhaustion! We watched my grandson during the race on Sunday and it was hilarious...we were juggling a bottle, blanket, all of that suff AND trying to run a race. We were sooo tired that night and it wasn't from the race!
I can't wait to follow your training and races, so are you not running Boston in 2010?

Jenn said...

I'm definitely running Boston in 2010. Can't wait!! Just trying to keep some races on the schedule over the winter to keep my training up so I go in prepared!!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Hehehe the babies thing. I am sooo tempted to try for #3, but my kiddos are finally at the stage where they can play independently and ALMOST sleep through the night. Not sure if I am ready to go back to the baby stage... Hmmmm!!