Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lucky Me

Tis the season of Thankfulness which gets me thinking. Cold weather does not bring out my best side! I’ve been a little “woe is me” lately and it’s come to my attention via my “tell it like it is” sister that my life is not that bad! So here I go with the many things I have to be thankful for this week! I’m going to pin them on my bulletin board in plain view and read them whenever necessary even if it happens to be 25 times a day!

• The basics: food, clothing, shelter!

• My oldest daughter's sense of humor. I honestly belly laugh at least once a day from her goofiness. I love that although she is my child she is also my friend.

• The fact that my son wanted me to help in his classroom this week and beamed with pride when I showed up.

• My husband baked me “healthy” cookies after work on Monday. They are not healthy when you eat 6 of them but the gesture was appreciated.

• The fact that after I ran my race on Saturday, I had not one, but 5 calls from each of my sisters and my parents asking how I did!

• Watching my kids at open hockey last night. As much as their schedules are crazy and inconvenient for me much of the time, I am so thankful they love sports and are such active kids!

• I received my registration confirmation in the mail from the Boston Athletic Association. Not only am I thankful I was accepted into the marathon but thankful that my husband is willing to take me all the way to Boston to run it!

• I am thankful that the Minnesota Vikings beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday!

• My finger is infected and very very sore. However, I am thankful that it is not broken and I did not seriously injure myself in my fall.

• I am super thankful it is going to be in the 50’s and sunny this weekend!

• The fact that my son still loves to crawl in my bed at 5:00 am and cuddle with me!

• My husband has been working well over 12 hour days and still always gives his undivided attention to our kids.

• My sister agreed to travel 6 hours and move into my house the week we are in Boston to take care of my kids.

• The encouragement and support of others.

Funny when you actually start these lists, you could write forever. Conclusion: I LOVE MY LIFE and I have a neverending list of things to be thankful for!


Katie A. said...

Just found your blog through you nice comment on mine!
So true, we need to slow down and be more thankful and really see what goodness we have in life. I think I might do this myself.
And yay for Boston! Maybe, hopefully, we'll be running together! We'll know after Sunday! Stay tuned!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

OK love this list. It is the little wonderful everyday things that make life amazing...list them all at once and you can smile for hours.

I thought I had clicked follow...guess not.. Now I am an official follower and off to read your race recap.

When is your next race? WEll besides Boston that is..


Suzy said...

You have a lot to be thankful for. However, I 100% disagree with one of them: the Packers should have won! No questions asked. Yup, I'm a cheesehead and proud of it.

Genesis said...

i am thankful that the vikings beat the packers too!

love your list. maybe i shud do one to reevaluate!

Morgan said...

Reality checks like this are just what we need to stay humble!

Great list! :)

TMB said...

I love that list! I might just have to steal the idea for my blog ...

Meg Runs said...

I know, once you start a list of thanks it can just go on and on. I love yours..especially your family calling after the race and your husband taking you to Boston!
So happy your finger isn't broken!

aron said...

awesome post :) we have so much to be thanksful for, its good to sit down and remind ourselves of that!