Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday thoughts on art, running, life, while attempting to stay out of the kitchen.......

No time to write a blog post but I am writing a blog post while my 9 and 12 year olds whip up dinner:) I believe shrimp lo mein is on the menu for tonight. Perhaps ambitious for these 2 but we'll see how it turns out! It's taking great restraint to stay out of the kitchen but I love having kids who can help out ....and love having a husband who will make sure it gets all cleaned up:)

Random news:

Reese's team won the district tournament this past weekend! Both her team AND Ryan's team have earned the #1 seed in their respective regional tournaments to be held in just 10 days. The winners, to STATE! Gosh, these kids have worked SO hard. Any parent of a competitive athlete knows how much WORK goes into a season. ANY competitive athlete themselves know how much work goes into a season or training cycle. It's not always easy doing all running around with these kids with their games and practices but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm so thankful for the life lessons my kids have learned through sports. For the way they've learned to deal with success and defeat, encouragement and criticism. For the healthy lifestyles they've adapted. For the bonds they've made with their teammates and coaches. Ahh-just really happy and thankful here today!!

I got pulled over again for like the 35th time this week. No lie.....I was driving to work and got pulled over for speeding....I got a written warning for a hotel validation parking slip covering the vin# on my dash (seriously??), my GPS obstructing my view by being mounted to the windshield near my rearview mirror. Of COURSE, I forgot my purse on the kitchen counter so I had no ID, and then couldn't find my proof of insurance in my pile of CRAP so written warnings for this too.... I'm thankful I didn't get a ticket!

I was able to meet a new friend this past weekend:) A very compatible running friend as she spanked out my 15 mile long run with me!! I'm so looking forward to training for the Twin Cities Marathon this year which I just registered for this week!!! Such an amazing race! First things first though as an October marathon is a long time away...I'm thankful for new friends, thankful I can run marathons!!!

I've not run for 3 days. My Achilles on my left leg has been bothering me and after Sunday's long run, it was more aggravated. I don't know why. I really don't know why. I almost never have problems on my left side. I'm wondering if maybe the treadmill aggravated it. I am not running high miles right now. Say like roughly 50 for an average but about 80-90% of those have been on the treadmill. (-42 Fahrenheit with the windchill this morning which explains why) Anyway, I haven't messed around with the incline or changed pace all that much in my long stretch of easy running here. I've been running at a 1-1.5 incline almost always....I do this to help compensate for wind resistance and make it more comparable to outside but now I'm wondering if even the very tiny little constant "up" grade is what's bothered me.... Hmmm-I don't know as it could be many things but I do know that this is a bit of a thorn here and I'm going to baby for a bit. Sore leg or not, I'm thankful I've had the opportunity to run on the treadmill this winter!

I recently received the most AWESOME piece of art in the mail EVER!!! I had commissioned the AMAZING Cher Odum to create a piece of ART for me to hang in my family room. A painting true to her unique and signature style!! I've been searching for something SPECIAL to hang on the wall! Not just a great big family photo that would date itself in a sense but a family portrait that I would hang right there ALWAYS and FOREVER! (Or if I moved to say somewhere warmer and more scenic, I would hang it THERE always and forever-ha ha!) Anyway, something that would constantly remind me of my family and the life we've LIVED and shared together. A conversation piece, a burst of color, a beautiful masterpiece it IS, and I couldn't be happier with it!!!!

I have yet to frame it as I JUST got it, so this is just a quick peek. My family in the center and the border filled with scenes of important things that represent our life!

You can read more about Cher's work at or find Chertheart on Facebook. There is great meaning behind her style. She does do commission work, is amazingly awesome to work with, surely an gifted gifted artist! I'm THANKFUL for the smile on my face every time I walk by and see this painting:)

So, just a few words before I go eat the masterpiece created for me for dinner! Thankful for food!!


Jenna said...

Congratulations to your daughters! My boys aren't as busy yet but I love it so far. Please win so you can come and run with me again!

I'm sorry about your Achilles. I hope it feels better soon. I don't know very much about running on a treadmill for that many miles. I can't imagine running 40 or more miles on a treadmill each week!

I am still chuckling at your daughter and FT. "Are you Hannah's mom"

The painting is so nice! My first blog comment. I just need to start the blog now!

Jill said...

Okay, back with a real comment now. Well, as "real" as my mush brain can write. Remember the days when I wrote about all my A.D.D. moments... :)

Anyway, babbling on as us old ADD patients do...

That is so awesome e about your girls and their teams. I know they work so freaking hard and I can just sit here and picture the huge smiles on their faces and feel the pride you and Joe have. It's such an incredible feeling that just is so hard to put into words.

Ugh about your Achilles. Seriously, just UGH! You (and I) have had enough injuries to last a lifetime, NO MORE! I hope it vanishes quickly moves on to some poor soul who hates to run!

In a town of howevermanysmallhundreds, I am so happy you've found a running mate, and apparently a speedy one at that since you run so stinking fast. I remember when you were at some wine thingie a couple years ago and met another woman who ran...what became of her, btw? Anyway, good for you - be sure to take her on the ditch trail as it's super scenic and she'll be your friend forever after that run.

Awesome painting from Amanda's mom - so cool and I love how the family is bordered by all the cool things your family loves to do. Magical!!

Okay dearie, it's late and I'm off to bed. Thanks for the update and as always, you make me smile!!

Jenn said...

@Jill since I still don't know how to reply to comments here.......I know you get the excitement that comes from watching your kids Jill!!!

Yes, I hate my body. All that crap about loving my body. Hate it. It's old and rickety-ha!

Running mate from down in Minneapolis so not a regular partner but considering how many trips I make down there in the course of a year......Ah-Jess from the benefit! Good memory Jill!! She keeps having babies!! She is helping with Cross Country though so will be one of Reese's coaches! I also run with another girl here probably once every couple of weeks that is really compatible for me!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Hey thankful:) Hope dinner was awesome. Tell Ryan and Reese that they can come over anytime! Seriously though, one of these years you should bring your entire family over for a vacation...Reese can run the Boston 5K..Anyhow, a bit jealous here but completely understand the difficulty with staying out of the kitchen; hope you made it, ha!

Yes, lots of work goes into hockey, but I confess, your girls make it seem easy! I know it is not, though, and you and Joe are so good at supporting without pushing.

You and the driving! I need to make you a bumper sticker, "don't pull me over because I've reached my limit". Nice job on not getting a ticket. Good reminder for me to always drive with my license (never take it with me for short trips).

Yay for a new running friend. When I read "spanked out", why did my mind go to naughty places?

Smart about babying the Achilles. It is one of those things that I would baby as well:) If not, it tends to stick and we don;t want that. Katie S had some problems with hers, and then she started running with no incline on the TM and she was fine. No, you did not do anything to cause this. You trained very smart Jenn, this is just a little bump that will go away.

Cher's painting is just gorgeous. I will get myself one for my 40s, if she'll do it for me:) So precious!

OK, back to work here. Thinking about you my friend and feeling very thankful...7 weeks!

Amanda@runninghood said...

HI You! So nice to see you so thankful and happy and is so good right now..definitely many thing to be thankful for. I'm so proud of your kids and I don't even know them! Ha! What a great season. They must feel so great...all of you. So much hard work and commitment and HEART that gets put into this!

You and your tickets Jenn! Okay, I know this was just a warning this time but still... This pulling over thing is really so much a part of your life now that you should start a special Jenn's Tickets journal/scrapbook. It would be hilarious. You can have a little section for the ticket, perhaps a picture and then a recap of what you did to get the ticket...pooping in ditches, flashing the cop because you thought you'd get out of the ticket....kidding...but that WOULD be something that you'd do in my dreams after reading your blog before bed. seriously, these taper dreams are Maddening!! Rambling here...yes, I'll e-mail my dream later.

Glad you and your new friend J have hit it off and are compatible running partners. I never thought I'd like running partners but now that I've found a few good ones to run with every once and awhile, I treasure it. :)

My kids won't know how to cook nice that your girls have learned! We are so boring with meals around here.

LOVE your painting! Love that you love it. Love that we have similar tastes in art. :)

Okay, thankful for you. Gotta get out this door here. Take care of that Achilles...I'll do some witch dancing or something. Ha! xoxo

Happy Running Mama said...

LOVE that art from Amanda's mom! I may have to order one for an anniversary present. So beautiful and meaningful, too, with all the things that are important in your life.

Congrats to your daughters! My 12 year-old son is a big soccer player and I have always loved going to his games. It remains to be seen what my 2 and 4 year-old daughters will choose to do for their activities but I'm looking forward to it.

Funny story about your ticket! Can't believe you got a warning for having a validation ticket covering your VIN!!

Jenn said...

@Jenna-Yes, hilarious! Apparently I need to talk to my kids!!! Yes, hope we win!!

@AM-7 weeks, 7 weeks. SO excited! One of these years, I do want to bring my whole family to Boston;)

Ha ha on "spanked":):) I'm going to be good to go I think. A very light week but I'll be OK.

@Amanda-my kids LOVE to play in the kitchen. Ryan especially. Meals are pretty boring here these days too though. Joe and I eat the same thing all the time!

Witch dancing-ha ha! Thankful for you too:)

Raina said...

Hope your dinner was delicious. I am certain, 100% that it was made with love and you ate it with a smile (or hid it in your napkin and faked it well :) )

Your kids are so blessed to have the opportunities with hockey and running and church- and a mom and dad who make it all happen. It is one of those mom sacrifices that means so much, that you can take satisfaction in NOW and also later, when they've grown. Making each moment count, you are :)

Cher's art is absolutely beautiful and very symbolic of your unique family. You can tell she has a good sense of you and the family as well as a lot of talent.

Sorry about the achilles tendons. Pretty sure that since this has been up a few days that it isn't even an issue for you anymore, but know that I am thinking of you and praying it is going away and you can be back to the speed work.

So much to be thankful for. :)

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