Wednesday, January 16, 2013


What's new

*I'm in week 3 of building back my base. This is humbling I tell you. Like 95 days ago or something like that I ran a marathon at 7:22 avg. pace per Garmin. Tonight I ran only one of my miles at 7:24 to see what MP felt like and my heart literally almost stopped. Yay me!! To my defense, I've run NO miles faster than 7:45 in forever. My speed has definitely taken a hit. Right now my workouts consist of a slow day, followed by a moderately slow day followed by a slow recovery day, intervals of slow, and one slow long run. To compliment my slow days, I've been spending some time in the gym making sure that if I'm going to run slow I at least look HOT doing it-ha! I'm aiming for 3 days per week here and I've stuck to it thus far!! I like to joke but I'm actually feeling stronger and better and I'm seeing improvement:) A 7:15 MP by October won't be easy but I'm quite certain I can do it:) I'm absolutely positive I will gain back more than I lost and I'm going to do it RIGHT! (**Not sure the blue corn chips or the glass of wine I'm drinking constitutes "right"..... they are natural blue corn chips though which we all know means healthy and is a free pass to eat the whole bag)

*My kids are having AWESOME hockey seasons!!!! Both girls teams are near the top of the state rankings. They both just won the Fargo International Tournament and we're off to a big tourney in Duluth this weekend and then down to Minneapolis the weekend after! A very busy month but so much fun!! I'm having such a wonderful year with the hockey moms. LOVE my crew this year! I feel so much more involved than I have in the past. Allowing myself the training break really opened me up in some ways. Good ways.

My Lucky #9!

*Completely random but laughing at a conversation in the background. My oldest daughter Ryan just booked tickets for a trip to Mexico with my sister and is chatting with her brother...

Ryan: What do you want me to bring you back?
Max: I want some shells, rocks, a shark tooth and a Mexican waiter.
Ryan: A Mexican waiter??
Max: Well, I need someone to bring me my drinks and my snacks..."

*Note to the ladies *put my son in his place-ha!

*Booked my ticket to Boston! I'm getting SO excited about this! After tracking this girl's amazing marathon PR this weekend, I am even more pumped to cheer her on along with some other dear friends! Can't wait to spend some time with some very special people in my life while I'm there!!

*I also found out I got San Diego Rock N' Roll entry with Brooks! Thank you Brooks!!!! My husband mentioned running it as well which sounded like a perfect trip! A fun race together and then a weekend away:) Yes, I think so!

Just some quick midweek tidbits:) Life is good. Life is very very good. Not going to take any of that for granted this year:)


Lindsey Ann said...

I hear you on the slow! I have been trying to run at my goal half marathon pace during some "speed" stuff, and it is much harder than it should be!

Enjoy my city this weekend! I'll be up closer to your neck of the woods, Freezing my Gizzard in I'Falls.

Jenn said...

Lindsey! I almost registered for that as its on my way to Duluth!!!! I wish I knew you were running! I have lots of friends running! Great race! Have fun!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Look who is back!!!
Yes, you are doing it right! I so remember how slow feels like. Gosh, it felt like forever to get back my speed, but it was actually not that long. And going slow now will allow your body to absorb the "fast" later. Sub 7:15 by fall for the marathon no problem.
Yay for the kid champions, and for a mom who is enjoying herself! Love that pic with you and your boy!
San Diego with Joe will be awesome. And Boston will be super, too!

Johann said...

Good luck with your training! You live in such a different world than I do. We don't have Ice Hockey or snow...

Amanda@runninghood said...

Bahahaha! Yes, look who is back! Jenn's back. So so love reading you confident here Jenn because when you set a goal, you make it happen. Love this about you. Gosh, you've come such a long way since I met you. Love seeing this and remembering this.

Max...ah, love that little guy. laughing at his little waiter comment. So funny! More later, gotta get myself out the door here. xo

Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl said...

Ha, your training sounds a lot like mine lately. Just a random splattering of miles at varying slow paces. Bleech. Tried a "speed workout" yesterday and, well it hurt more than I remember but that's to be expected when sittin on the tush and eating junk has become my way of life the past several months.

Your fitness will come back. It always does. Learning that you have to loose a bit of fitness to make future gains has been well on my mind lately, and you'll be no exception. Whoohoo for Boston!

middleagedrunner said...

You are really very slow. Marginal at best. Might just want to give up the running, ya know??
OMG!!!!! Your slow runs are runs that I would KILL for woman! (yeah, I know it's all relative..) I always get slower when I'm marathon training which I find insulting but someday I'll put it all together!
Boston is going to be epic. So many awesome people there. Can't wait!!

ajh said...

You are so not slow! But I get that it is slow for you. Love how happy you sound! Glad to see a post.

Becky at Prairie Runner said...

Love reading about your running - you will be ready!! Your kids are so dang cute!

Happy Running Mama said...

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly I can become slow and how hard running can feel after a hiatus. But then after a few weeks of slow running, the speed starts to return and the muffin top starts to melt away. Ha!

Love the hockey picture. I always think kids look so cute in their hockey gear -- so much equipment on such little bodies!!

Good luck on your training and I'm sure you'll be up to speed in no time.

mfranks said...

Same here with the marathon pace! It feels like an all out sprint right now. Love that you post about your hockey babies! Reminds me so much of home. Take care! M

robinbb said...

You make me smile. So excited to see you in April. I can't believe you are coming and not running. :)

And so excited about your RNR race. I got into RNR Providence. Who knows what my future holds after July so I am only planning for half's. :)