Saturday, September 15, 2012

Who reads blogs on Saturday night anyway??

Random thoughts and pictures on a random Saturday night.

My SUPER-dad and Dick Beardsley!! 5 minute HM PR for this crazy dude this last weekend!! SO PROUD OF HIM!! For those who don't know my running story, I started running races roughly 4 years ago mainly because my dad announced that for Father's day his dream gift would be to run a half marathon with ALL of his daughters. (There are 5 of us) We got so excited about training that we ran the Dick Beardsley half marathon 2.5 months after that commitment and couldn't wait until the following Father's Day! It was our FIRST big race and we have run it ever since! Seriously, a TREASURE of a race and all those who have had the opportunity to run it, KNOW it!!!! ANYWAY, my sister and I also ran this year (more on that in another random non-flowing point to follow) and we were able to run back and cheer my dad down the homestretch. Seriously, I can't even imagine how annoying we must have been to the other runners as I thought about it after the fact.....Running and screaming and cheering like proud parents (only we were proud children). By the time he turned the final corner we were shouting at him to "pass her" "pass him" "you can get em'" "Pass em' all!!" SO, if anyone who reads this blog was one of the 6 people he passed while running 6:16 pace for the final .2, I apologize:) For the record, my final .2 was 6:32....Kick ass Dad!!

My daughter also ran very well!! She ran the 5K which started with the HM so I was unable to see her but she ended up first in her AG!

The highlight of the weekend for Reese was definitely getting the chance to visit with Olympian Carrie Tollefson! She LOVES this Minnesota superstar and is SUPER excited about heading to her cross country camp!

OK-break from pictures and on to random bullets.

*As forementioned, I also ran the Dick Beardsley HM. It was NOT the day I had hoped for but it was also NOT a day that ruined my spirit by any means!! I will take my 1:34 on a very tough day and count it for what it is- money in the bank for October 7th. The Twin Cities Marathon-bib #F868:)

*I've battled an ear infection and a sinus infection this week and fighting through another round of antibiotics. I'm working 2 jobs temporarily now and full boar into school and activities but I still managed a solid training week. Damn, I get satisfaction from making things WORK when it seems as if they can't....That being said, bring on the winter of no marathon training!! I'm so thankful for a healthy body and a strong mind but I'm also really excited to experience this December-February with a different focus! Weekends with my fellow traveling hockey moms where I'm not studying google maps to map out long run routes in foreign cities and a mind that is not ABSORBED with training thoughts. I used to be afraid of a break from training for a specific goal. Afraid I would lose passion, would lose fitness....would lose my connections even...Not now. Such a good feeling. Such a good place.

*I will not hit an 80 mile week this training cycle. Only a couple of weeks in the 70's. I've run a lot of quality though and lots of positive for me to mill over in my mental prep!

*Expanding.....some random positives that I've relayed to a couple of you already. In my Boston training of 2010, I ran a 10 mile race 5 weeks out. I did not taper for it and ran it in a 63 mile week (my peak mileage was 70). I ran it all out and managed a 7:18 pace which I was happy with! I then ran a 3:18 in Boston 5 weeks later. In comparison, this training cycle I ran a Half Marathon 5 weeks out from my goal race. I ran it on a full week including a 20 mile midweek run and hill repeats. I ran a 7:06 pace and on that day I did NOT feel I was running all out....I will remember this. Overall, I'm a stronger, better runner than I was in 2010. I'm a realistic NON-dreamer but I do believe I have MINUTES to take off my PR if all goes well. That race (forget what it was called...)that I ran in Duluth last year has somehow just removed itself from my memory-ha:)

*Boston Registration came and went for me. I had one of "those" moments a couple of weeks ago. Those moments where you see the big picture just briefly.....your perspective changes in that moment..... I feel no sadness about letting this go by. I'm not sure if Boston will be in the cards for me again. I had a most wonderful experience there but this race as a race is just not really something I feel a strong desire to do again right now. SUPER excited for some very special running friends to follow and cheer for however! Marathon Monday was so much fun for me last year even as a spectator from afar and it will be again!

*Speaking of things I do have a strong desire for..... The other day I wanted another baby. I genuinely, for 2 hours, wanted another baby..... Note to self-stop being friends with people who have perfect newborn babies.....and don't let my husband see newborn babies either as we would have 8 kids if it were up to him. As I enjoyed my glass of wine while my grown children did the dishes later in the evening, my desire faded....

*Last random-my LAST 20+ mile run tomorrow. I may whoop it up a little tomorrow afternoon......there may be salt and vinegar chips and dark chocolate consumed:)

In closing, my daughter Reese won 1st overall female in a local 5K this morning. She's surely "running happy" and her mama is surely HAPPY for her!!


Erin said...

Moms with children in bed read blogs on Saturday night, LOL! Good luck at Twin Cities. My hubby is running his first marathon there. If I see you, I'll help cheer you on!

Unknown said...

So much POSITIVE vibe is OOZING out of this post!

Lots of good things going on here and you seem to just THRIVE when you are slam-packed with all sorts of work and training miles. I have all sorts of confidence in you and this super SUPER race up ahead.

Loved seeing the pics of your dad and your daughter. The story of how you finished your first half marathon - and why- is pretty special. I know your dad will forever be holding that close to his heart.

OK. Friends who care look for your blog on a Saturday night ;)

Love you tons! Have a coke and a smile :D

XLMIC said...

The Beautiful People read blogs on Saturday know...while we are waiting to go partying ;-)

So much GREAT stuff going on for you! This was such an enjoyable read. I am so glad you and your kids and whole family seem to be in such great places! Love the background stories too. Your winter plan sounds so solid :)

robinbb said...

I love your dad, I love your family. I would have been joining you in your cheering at his half marathon.

Baby fever, hehehe. I would see you as crazy if you had another baby because you are so done with all things babies. :) BUT, I am there with you on some days. And then I am reminded how much easier things are getting for us.

Boston.....sigh. I am sad you won't be here. But I totally get your thinking. If it wasn't for the fact that I had a terrible Boston last year I would not be doing it at all. If my coach told me I shouldn't do it, I wouldn't do it. But, I am going to register. I get to do this whole Boston training thing all over again add in some swimming and biking.

JC said...

THAT is awesome about your dad - so cool!
Congrats to your daughter too. Hanging with an Olympian too so fun!
I get the baby desire too, but it goes away shortly after.

Jill said...

One would read blogs on a Saturday night if they didn't go to bed at 9pm on a Saturday night - on HOMECOMING night to boot! Yep, exciting me!

You made the right choice for you regarding Boston ... Boston isn't the end-all must-do or your die race, there's a world of other exciting things out there waiting for doing Pikes Peak with me, for instance!! :) I didn't regret not signing up in 2011 and not sure I'd ever get the opportunity to go again, but I had a blast the 2 times I went and well, that's good with me and I look forward to the challenges ahead. I'm sure you will also.

I got goosebumps reading about your dad - so amazing. I know where you and your daughter got the speedy endurance running gene from :). And good lord your daughter is so incredible. Doesn't it just make your heart melt when they cross that finish line feeling so good about their efforts...with a huge smile on their face? So cool!

You're going to have a fantastic race in TC. I am doing Chicago the same day otherwise I'd cyberstalk you...but rest assured I WILL look for your fabulous results about 8 hours after you're done (cuz that's about the time I'll finish!). So happy that this training cycle ended in a injury-free one and you're feeling fantastic. It's your race to shine, and shine you will! Can't wait for you!
Miss ya!

Adrienne Langelier, MA said...

The family that runs (and meets Olympians) together-stays together.

I hear you on the Boston registration thing, but sounds like when one opportunity is passed up it frees up another, perhaps even better one!


Amanda@runninghood said...

So much to say when I get a chance to come back to this. I didn't read blogs last night but sneaking some in this morning and this one is the top of my list. :) Hope your day is going so well..

Another baby? Ha!!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

I did not read blogs last night. Was busy emailing pictures and learning new modern American expressions:)
Oh, so so happy, giddy even for your marathon. You are so strong right now, nothing can get to you. Sinus infection? Antibiotics? HM slower than your capability bc of sinus infection? No problem! You moved on and did not let any of these deter you. YOU made this training cycle perfect Jenn!
I knew about all these things, but nice to see all these events/thoughts together in a blog post.
Hope you are REALLY celebrating your run today, and I am not talking about getting a hammy massage!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Loved reading this today with time to absorb it all. Again, all stuff I knew but nice to read it from a new perspective.
So love reading about the relationship you have with your dad. Just heart warming. And his PR...Wow! He's amazing. Lucky to have you girls in his life too.

Oh, Jenn, you are in such a GOOD place right now...I'm so happy for this. Another plus in no marathon training this winter...a possible girl getaway to see fact, I might have to kidnap you...Don't be surprised if I just showed up to a hockey game one of these weekends. Okay, nevermind, I'd have no way of finding you in the boonies of MN. But maybe I could get Joe in on some kidnapping action and have you delivered to MSP or.... wheels turning.. must see you sooner than later.

Again, Boston...good decision. I'll miss you again. ;( But I took you with me last time so I'll have to do that again.

Twin Cities is right around the corner now. So exciting! You bet I'll be cheering you on from Oregon. I'll be up early with coffee and tracking. BELIEVE ....I know you do. And those that know you BELIEVE too. :)

Love you!

ajh said...

You have an amazing family! What fun to see your daughter share your passion and your speed! And your dad!
I know what you mean about not training. I am focusing on long bike rides this fall and loving it. I may do some races but they are not my focus.

Cory Reese said...

Great pictures! So cool that you get to have the family involved in all the fun.

Lindsay said...

That's a dangerous 2 hours... But maybe if you had another baby you could put a picture of it in "the" frame ;)

Congrats to your dad! I'm sure those other people didn't mind him flying by. I hope you really enjoy your winter "off", although I still foresee you being busier than ever!

Lindsay said...

Oh and I may not be sitting at the computer on Saturday nights (I live a wild life going to bed at 10) but I am cool in that I come back 4 days later just for you.

Happy Running Mama said...

Yes, moms read blogs on Saturday night...even a full week after they have been posted! I just discovered your blog so still have lots to learn about you but loved this post. Loved reading about your relationship with your dad and sisters, too.

I was laughing when I read the part about wanting another baby. My kids are 12, 3 and 2 and I'm about to turn 40 so we are DONE. But I can't help wanting another every time I see a sweet little newborn! My little brother is about to have his first baby (a little girl) in 10 days and I just know baby fever is going to hit me hard. Ahhhh!

mfranks said...

Had that same feeling this weekend about wanted another child. I am waiting until we can afford to have two in daycare without living on craft dinner. Nice job on your recent 5K PR!

Nicole W. said...

trying to get caught up here!! WOW! sounds like marathon training is going SO Well Jenn! I'm so excited for you! Reese is amazing! this little girl is so cool, I want to meet her! okay...who am I kidding,I want to go back 23 years and BE her!;)
Your inspiring. that is awesome. tell him he rules!
your 5K PR was incredible! so excited about that too! can't wait til my body tells me I can run fast again! i'm gettin' a little annoyed about it all.
I can't wait to follow you in your marathon in a week!! woohooo!! go kick some BOO-TAY!
loves to you! xx

Katie said...

Wanted to wish you luck Jenn! I think you're marathon is this weekend? I'll be thinking positive PR thoughts for you!

Anonymous said...

great post! i'm new to your blog but can't wait to read more! :-) I just had a little boy and am recovering from a's so hard not to be able to run! But I so can't wait to get back to it and to hopefully have my son running with me one day :-)