Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back to the rambles with Boston and Mary Kay......

Well, It's Tuesday. Boston is over and I can stop obsessing and get on with my life-ha! Not really, but my thoughts were surely in Boston the past few days with some pretty special people. Now they are back in Minnesota to which I was sharply reminded when I headed outside to run in 19 degrees this morning!!

First of all, a HUGE congratulations to everyone who ran and completed that monster of a race yesterday!!!! Amazed and inspired by so many of you that toughed it out through that sweatfest. DETERMINED to cross that finish line even though it meant breaking away from A goals that were backed by months of training....HUGE amount of respect! If there is any consolation to having to withdraw due to injury, it's the fact that I personally didn't have to run in THAT-ha! Considering that in 2010 I think it was in the 50's maybe for a high and I STILL supersaturated my clothes with sweat and was pouring water over my head, it likely would have not been an enjoyable day for me. ANYWAY, now I'm faced with a little decision as 2013 is dancing in my head.....Odds say not 2 bad weather years in a row-right?? We'll see where my thoughts go with this over the next few months as I've been fairly certain that I don't want to marathon train through the winter for the next couple of years. On the other hand, I sure would like to be in Boston one more time not only to challenge that course once again but to share the experience with some good friends and my sister who will also be running again:):)

EDITING AND ADDING AFTER THE FACT due to a comment. I am ALREADY qualified for the 2013 Boston Marathon with a favorable time cushion in a marathon I ran this past fall. I could run 2013 regardless of whether or not I was in Boston this year. I understand in my now edited paragraph above, it may have sounded as if I was trying to take advantage of the deferral option.

Moving on to the random for old time's sake. Some good friends took me to Happy Hour last night. FIRST, we went to happy hour and then I had committed to going to a Mary Kay party with my daughters. (When you live in a small town, you are CONSTANTLY invited to parties such as Mary Kay, Avon, Traveling wine something....) NOTE TO SELF-do NOT drink before going to a Mary Kay party..... Anyway, I said I would go to the party and bring my girls. It's absolutely official now. I cannot be in public with my 14 year old anymore-EVER. EVER!!! We are the exact same person trapped in 2 different bodies and she climbs RIGHT INSIDE MY MIND and makes me laugh inappropriately....Ughh-the lady putting on this party was just a little bit over the top. Ribbon cutting ceremony with scissors from Paris and a ribbon from Italy with sparkles on it that represented the "Sparkle" she saw in the host of the party.....and then we had to look in a mirror and repeat this phrase....Bahahaha....No disrespect to Mary Kay but Jenn is CLEARLY not mature enough to attend their parties.


*I am running. Finished my week with over 40 miles. Wasn't planning for that exactly but it happened and I'm feeling so good! So good and SO happy. Almost all of my miles have been at or below 8 minute pace but NO speed. I am doing a little progression to maybe HM pace on the odd miles when it feels right or interspersing a few faster miles here and there but almost all base running and this is great for me right now. My leg is feeling pretty darn close to 100%.

*I've really done some reflecting the last couple of months about what it is that I actually want FOR ME out of running. Where it fits in MY life and how I personally want to train. How I WANT to train being key. Not the BEST way, or the even the quickest way to get me to the top in the eyes of some, but the way that will allow me to improve in a way that's right for me at THIS stage of my life. This has put me ALL over the map with my thoughts at times so I often hesitate to even put them out there. I am working to separate myself from others and be certain I'm making decisions for myself and gradually I've gotten some clarity. I haven't been the best at adapting my plan these last 2 training cycles. I've written it out in advance and followed it in somewhat strict form...It's become somewhat stressful, I've been injured.....I seemed to thrive both physically and mentally off less structure where I ran much more by feel and adapted my training and decisions daily and weekly around that...not staring at all 16 weeks in front of me. I am treading back that direction and I have a valuable resource that's going to help me work in what I need to do here. Not a coach but a resource:)

*My sweet daughter is now off of her crutches and out of her boot and hitting the road with me sometimes!!! This is SO awesome. I love how excited she is not only to run but to share that with me. She's a middle child and this is really a special thing for us! My husband is also starting to run again and my dad and my sisters and I'm really looking forward to a super summer!!!

A couple of pics:

My 14 year old comedian:)

My 11 year old running partner:)

My little dude in the front center with his hockey team last weekend:)

Off to catch up with you all!


Lisa said...

You have such great kids and that party sounds hilarious. At least it was entertaining, right?

Glad to hear you're running is going well!

Katie said...

As always great pics! I sometimes struggle with where running fits into my life too. My training plans have almost no structure at all, and although I don't think that's the way to achieve my theoretical best times, it's what's right for me now, and makes me happiest. It's great to hear that you're recovering well!

immom said...

Just a thought for you . . . the deferral option for Boston was intended for those runners who actually came to the race and subsequently decided to utilize the deferment option due to the weather issues of the day. It was not intended as a 'free' entry for the following year for those runners who were already planning on not running due to injury or some other circumstance. There was a lot of talk about this topic amongst runners, and there were some pretty elaborate schemes some people were coming up with to run this year and still defer officially to next year. It was commonly agreed upon by the runnners discussing this issue that the spirit of running Boston relies on an individual's ability to achieve a BQ in the specified time frame, and running as a bandit or by means of tweaking the system would diminish a runner's experience. You are an excellent runner and have the means to recover and requalify again in accordance to the Boston Marathon guidelines . . . do it on your own merits and you will feel good about running it. Otherwise, I would consider striking your post as you are putting out there for all to read what most runners at Boston felt was an unethical way to run Boston. Not trying to be negative although you may take it that way, but thought I would share this with you as you seem like a genuinely nice person. Happy running!

Jenn said...

Understandable comment immom. Perhaps I should have mentioned that I am qualified in the time frame comfortably for 2013 with a marathon I ran in October of this year. I would be able to run the race regardless. I'll add that into the post:)

immom said...

It would be nice for you to add that to your post, so it doesn't sound like you are trying to take advantage! As I said earlier, you seem to be a great gal and I would hate for others to perhaps judge you based on that comment. Please feel free to delete my comments, too, if you wish . . . totally understand!

Jenn said...

Thank you. No, I don't delete comments. Anything written on my blog is for all to read. I've adjusted my post. Thanks for the heads up.

Unknown said...

i laughed out loud over the mary kay 'sparkle' lady. Oh my gosh, I would die. Good thing you had a drink or two before hand, or you may have been compelled to say something when you weren't 'under the influence'. (much worse in my opinion) HA! So glad you have been able to run strong and consistent!! In terms of Boston, whether you qualified by time or deferment for next year---it shouldn't matter. I have issue with the comment above. Boston set up the deferment rules and a runner should not be 'shunned' by the running community for taking advantage of that option due to injury. It's part of the deal. Jen, good for you for already having the time component taken care of...but who is to scold you for using another option if there was one?! geez. Ok, i'm done venting.

Allison said...

I was constantly stalked by my peppy Mary Kay neighbor in TX, so I get it...

Oh man, I hear you about not wanting to train in the winter... except for me it's the summer! Training in conditions worse than what everyone went through yesterday? PASS! As my marathon season comes to a close here, I'm trying to figure out what I want to do as well for the remainder of the year. I think *survive* another Yuma summer is about as ambitious as it may get.

Love the pictures and ramblings as always. So impressed that you went from stress reaction to what you are doing now. STUD!!!

Unknown said...

Just reading right now. Lots to take in here, both in your post and comments. Wow.

robinbb said...

Mary Kay party, yeah you will never find me going to one of those. :)

I really do hope you decide to come out and run next year. The weather will not be the same, I know, because it can't happen again, heh. I will never run in that hot of weather again.

Excited to see you training again and glad you are feeling healed.

Caroline said...

feeling so good and so happy.

I like that part the best.

happy for you and here's to hoping it will stay that way!!

middleagedrunner said...

I seriously laughed at the MK party incident- those always freak me out BIG time!
It was indedd a hot Boston this year (and I only watched) maybe next year you can bring us some good weather?
Love the pics- your kids are beautiful :-)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Gee, you already have so many comments. I'm going to have to come back here seeing as I'm not supposed to be on the computer but good meat here. Great to have hours of talking to you this weekend. Just as if you were here with me. :) Love you and I'll be back. Lots to comment on. So glad you're thinking of next year. NOw I HAVE to qualify!!!

Unknown said...

I need some sparkle in my life! I wish I could have been at that party with you :) What a hoot! I haven't been to a party for that type of stuff, or for pampered chef, or partylite, or for bunko since i started running seriously. Maybe I am missing out!?

I love that you and Reese are running together again and that Joe is back to it too!

I kind of like the idea of running without a plan. You know what you like to do and also what has worked well in the past. I really admire that you choose to run with family even if they are not the same speed. Looking forward to when my boys can run with me. It won't be too long!

Enjoy your week, friend. Keep running strong. :)

A Prelude To... said...

oh boy - I cannot do parties like that...unless "saturated"...if you know what I mean :p

Watch out 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jenn is back!!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

OK, I am back/
You and your girls are so beautiful. I always said you and Reese look alike, but now that I see Ryan close to you, she's got a lot of you in her...and not only the humor.

OK, I have never gone to a Mary Kay party. I think I would be under the table laughing, Ryan's humor would fit me well.

Love that you are running with Reese. How awesome when she'll be faster than you, which will be soon.

Yes, do Boston 2013. I'll pace you. I can pace Amanda for a bit, and then you for a bit. It will be FUN.

I think you are onto something about training like Jenn does. I just read that Camille Heron blog and her training reminded me so much of you. Did you read that? She's a slow twitch girl who likes loooong miles and races for speed (which I suppose requires a thick skin. OK, I'll stop blabbing. I can send you 3 emails in one day and still have more to tell you. This always amazes me:)

Amanda@runninghood said...

So glad you are running so strong again Jenn. And there is so much to be said about just doing what you feel good doing. You know yourself. And you've read so much and know so much. So much better than a plan in a book for you. right now Boston 2013 sounds awful except for seeing you. the race itself has left a bad taste in my mouth but I know it won't be like that next year (hopefully). Yes, AM, you can pace me anytime...but I promise next year I will be faster...faster than a 10 min mile pace. ha ha. And I won't cry. :)

Your relationship with your kids is so special. I hope that my girls and I are as close as you are with your kids. So cool that you have such a unique bond with each one. And so glad that Reese is running with you! And that Joe is running again too. Can't wait until Waylon is healed from his PF.

Denae said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and running well! I can barely get 20 miles in a week ugh. Cute pics!!

Lindsay said...

Umm. I don't see anything wrong with taking the deferral if you had registered for this year?? Totally legit to me.

So are you saying you couldn't handle the cheeseballfactor of the Mary Kay party? I'm not good acting into/excited about stuff like that either.

Jill said...

I'm back. Not that you even knew I left...but I had read this yesterday and just didn't have time to comment so now I do and now I'm back. Just like that!!

So, first off: Boston 2013. I'm SO glad you're looking at YOU in this and not making any decisions based on what others what you to do. Yep, very cool to run with friends and family, as you note, but this running journey has to be about each of us individually and if it works for you and your family, then Boston would be a great treat. If not, there's so much out there calling your name. Plan a weekend to Mexico to sip margaritas with your friends and family if the Boston thing doesn't work out. Just promise you'll invite me to go along, please!!! :)

Along the lines of your next topic: running for YOU, you are so spot-on. I have never ever ever adhered to a specific program from start to finish, that's one reason why I became a coach because every one needs modification at one point or another in their training and it's good to look at each week and make modifications based on that week to take into the following week. Guidelines, of course, but you don't need no stinking plan from day 1 to race day. Very cool you've found some resources to help you out with all this.

Your daughters are just so gorgeous. You are going to be so busy in high school with many guys at the house ;).

The best part of this post is that you're running pain-free again. That just makes me happy happy!

Run strong, my friend. Can't wait to see where the summer adventures take you!

Gracie said...

Thanks for the blog comment! You and your daughter remind me of me and my sister. I can't go anywhere with her. We have the same sense of humor and just one glance at each other and we'll be laughing inappropriately!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your taking the time to think about what YOU want and are not basing your decision on what's expected of you. Your such a strong runner and there is SO MUCH out there for you. Boston is not the end all be all in running accomplishments. I know you know that - I just think people get so worked up about it (as evidenced by above comment but to her credit she probably doesn't know you and know that you would never try to pull the wool over anybody's eyes in life let alone in your love of running). Do what's right for you girl. And in the meantime - keep taking pride in those awesome kiddos of yours!

And ps. NO WAY I could have handled a MK party like that. NO WAY.

XLMIC said...

I would be giggling inappropriately even stone-cold sober. So glad you are finding the place YOU want to be with regard to running. Glad the kids are all doing well... I didn't remember about the boot!

I think all in all it was not a terrible year to not run in Boston...but I know that it is about so much more than a fast run :) So glad to read up on you again!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

the upside of your injury - missing Boston 2012...... (always an upside, right?)

I'm trying to decide about Boston 2013????? still thinking about it.

keep the running fun, "doable" and motivating....that really it...
whatever that is for YOU! I personally like a structured plan, but I think I'm in the minority on that....

glad your back at it and enjoying it. great memories with your daughter, how fun!

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