Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to the Ramblings:)

Ahh! Monday ramblings. It's been awhile but no work today and 10 consecutive hours driving in the car gave me some time to think. Unfortunately none of my thoughts were productive as usual so COMPLETE ramblings it is.....

Saw this on my travels today while playing on my phone.

Stuff like this happens to me ALL THE TIME. I text so quickly and then read back what I've written and my autocorrect TRASHES my message. Anyway, I played on this site for about 30 minutes while reading these to my husband while he drove. We were dying laughing at some of them.

*Took my kids to the first High School football game on Friday night. Do you know how long 8th graders take to get ready for a football game??? My word, you would think it was a Rave or something. Anyway, as we were driving to town, something happened up ahead on the highway. I believe it was a deer but it caused a SLEW of slamming breaks. I had very little reaction time and no choice but to completely ditch my vehicle and ended up almost rolling in a ditch of water with all of my 3 kids. Would have been interested to see the data if I was wearing my HRM. Thank GOD, we were all OK-the kids were TERRIFIED and crying but nobody hurt, only some damage to the vehicle and a nice tow bill. I will add that Ryan was more concerned about getting to the football game than getting the car out of the ditch and managed to hitchhike herself to town for the opening kickoff. (I'm kind of serious although I did know who picked her up:)

My son had his 8th birthday this weekend! We had a very ENERGY filled weekend.

I know he is my child and I'm biased, but dang he's cute:)

*Spent Saturday night sleeping in tents in the yard per small boy's request. Actually, this is a lie. Mommy is in marathon training and has a sore ass and a sore back and sore everything and the second the small boy was sleeping, she hightailed it to her tempurpedic bed until 5 am in which case she REAPPEARED with donuts:)

*Went grocery shopping on Sunday afternoon for the party and came home with these.

Now, I have absolutely no idea how these ended up in my grocery bag. This is not a joke-I DON'T know!!! Explaining this to my husband was fun-like I was 16 telling my dad that I don't smoke and I don't know why my breath smells like smoke-probably because I was in a restaurant where people were smoking or something and I just breathed it in???? Anyway, I'm pretty sure Joe believed I wouldn't smoke L & M's if I was a smoker. I'm way more of a Virginia Slims type a gal. We've decided to let Ryan take these to junior high tomorrow. I told her the going rate is probably like at least a buck a smoke which would net her $40 on the first day:)


*So, I am still dealing with a PAIN IN THE ASS. It is very annoying, it is very frustrating, it makes me want to smash my fist into the door (I practiced this to see if it hurt, it does). I spend almost ALL my free time sitting on a bag of ice and I think I have frostbite. The bonus is, I am STILL able to run. It's not getting "better" but I actually don't think it's hindering my pace that much as I get more accustomed to running with it.

*Last week I managed 11 total miles(not consecutive) @ sub 7 and 1 mile at 7:03. I ran 24 miles total yesterday. A 20 mile long run which felt like SHIT for the first 5 miles at which point I decided I was withdrawing from the marathon. Unfortunately, I was still 5.4 miles from home so I still had to get that far. Generally, I feel better as I go and this was the case yesterday. First 10.4 in 8:09. Quick water stop and 9.6 in 7:38. My body felt better after a bit or I was able to tune out the discomfort. Either way, I would have liked to feel less fatigued but was happy with the run. After the 20, took about a 40-45 minute break and then went out for 4 more with Reese. OMG-she was running circles around me. My legs were done. Note to self-don't stop and then try to run again.

*Finished my week with 50 some miles which was an improvement from last weeks 40 (which actually sounds wonderful right now because I had previously misplaced my 15 mile LR and only thought 25) and then 0 miles the week before.

*My tentative plan is to try for my big long run 22 with 17-18 near MP next weekend. The longest consecutive MP run I've EVER done has been 16 miles. I've run many many MP miles in a week before but consecutively never more than 16. If I can complete this, I think it will shed a WHOLE new light on things for me. If not.....Well, let's just not entertain that thought right now because I WILL:)

First day of school tomorrow! I took the morning off from work so I get to take my little kiddos to school. Ryan is SO excited-ha! Even Reese won't let me walk down to her classroom. Thank God my little guy still loves me......


Amanda@runninghood said...

OH this is too wonderful!!! I'm not even supposed to be back here on the computer because I'm supposed to be getting the girls ready for bed and Elliana's first day of school tomorrow. So exciting! We just went shopping and even bought accessories from Claires. So fun. You mentioned that you needed to post so I was on the lookout for this! Yay! Again, you make me laugh my buns off! Seriously, that text convo is hilarious. And your writing voice as always...cracking me up!!

I would have slept inside and brought the donuts out too!

Did you tell me about this 11 miles sub 7?? HOly smokes!!! I am so impressed with you!! Your training sounds so hard to me right now. My 12 at 7:52 avg felt so hard to me today...I can't imagine running the last 9 plus miles at a 7:38 after running an 8:09 avg for almost 10 miles. You inspire me!! And I'm realizing even more of what a Bad A you are since I just ran today and it is fresh in my mind.

So special that you get to be home tomorrow to take Max to school! Breathe it in! Gosh, he is such a cutie!!

Oh, and I can't believe you took the time to tell me good job on my run via text right after something as scary as ditching your car happened. YOu are so low drama...I wouldn't be able to shut up about something like that. I can surely say that you are NOT a drama queen or overreacting woman. Calm, Cool, and collected! Even with this ass pain of yours.

Just admit that the cigs are yours Jenn! Ha!

Okay, off to get these girls ready! Love ya! Thanks for the inspiration on so many levels...your attitude and resilience, motherhood, running, relationships....YOU ROCK!

Jill said...

First day of school, tomorrow? Lucky ducks! We've been back two weeks now.

Ok, glute. Did you repeatedly watch the sock doc link I sent you? Did you make an appt with a sports therapist to test imbalances? Did you?!!? I'm gonna be a big, nagging mother about this...I'm really good at it, just ask my kids! But you did a great job on the run - holy crap, you just keep busting butt (literally!) and have more strength than Arnold! My fingers are crossed you have a very successful MP run next weekend and you are good to go for the marathon.

I'm betting if you had a uber-cool minivan your car wouldn't end up in the ditch?? ;) Glad you guys were ok, and so glad Reese got to the game on time, plan your accidently around your social activities!

Yay, Max...8 is a cool age, and damn he is sooo cute! Glad he had a fantastic birthday (will he give me a loan?? :)).

Have a fantastic week!! Will be thinking of you and that glute!!!

Unknown said...

This is why I started reading your blog. Not only are you a hard-core runner, but a sneak (max's tent gig), a smoker, a car-wrecker, hitch-hiking encourager, and a great writer. Ha!

Hope the first day of school goes well for you and the kiddos. I bet they will have a buch of great memories from this summer :)

Rave? Oh, I had forgotten about those! That was a funny comparison.

I am so gald that all of you were OK after the wreck. Scary stuff.
:( There is nothing like seeing your life flash in front of your eyes as you lose control over your vehicle. I have had that happen more times than I care to admit...

Max looks like he might have a new bow?? Nice!

You can admit it if you smoke- just make sure you stay away from the menthols!! At least the clove kind leave your car smelling spicy.

Unknown said...

I hate internet explorer! At least firefox checks my spelling. :)

Sandra said...

My little guy turned 8 on Sunday, Sept.4...I wondered if our son's had the same birth date.
Enjoyed your post, checked out your pics, and have to say: I want your legs! They are so sculpted!

XLMIC said...

He is a super cute kid! Happy Birthday to Max!!!

I am so glad no one was hurt in the ditching... so scary! And so funny that Ryan was still on time for kick off :P

Take care of that PITA. Be good to your bottom. Do you have a Stick? I know you have that other thing after a good run ;-) Or a lacrosse ball? Does it seem muscular or tendon-y or bone? Or is it too hard to figure out? I sure hope you get some pain-free running and it all sorts itself out quickly. Being hurt SUCKS.

I should have known there'd be a new Jenn post up when I saw the comment from you :) I miss reading about you and your midwest supermom speedyrunning life :)

ajh said...

Love 8 year olds. They are the best!

What is the PIYA? Is it your piriformis? Have you tried rolling on a tennis ball? Okay I spelled that wrong but I know you don't care!

I've got to go get ready to deal with all "my" 8 year olds.

Christie said...

I feel like I am experiencing the EXACT same thing as you. Straddling an ice bag all day at work, check! Annoying pain that you pretend to ignore so you can still get miles in, check! Still a fast-bad ass runner, (no check for me) but YOU are! With having the pains that you do, you are still pushing some impressive paces woman!! When is the marathon you are planning on doing? I have found that every time I swim it seems to loosen the pain so I can run a little further… maybe give that a try?

Allison said...

I love your ramblings! Dying at the ciggy stuff. And Max is ADORABLE. Hope he had a great b-day!

Sorry to hear about your continued PITA. I hope it goes away soon. Thanks so much for the comments on my blog. And yes, wine helps... :)

Denae said...

Super Cute pics!!Great Job running through this injury that is awesome...I think I am too much of a wimp to the pain.

Teamarcia said...

Wow L&M's? Didn't know they even made those anymore...I'm so up on cig brands afterall.
Scary on the ditch incident--glad all are ok!
Hilarious about no half in TC! Guess I'd be doing my own...but I won't cuz I'm hanging tough on that full.
Take care of that ass!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

How do you run so fast being a chain smoker?!! :)

You are hilarious--I like how the donut fairy appeared rested and refreshed. I feel like nothing could phase you Jenn! AMAZING, calm cool collected!

I have to agree with the audience, you are one bad ass!!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Love your witty ramblings:)
Smoking, hm, I know some people who would join the party right away! OMG Jenn, darn, you've had your share of road/car issues this summer, ha! Of course Ryan wanted to get to the game...priorities, Jenn, priorities!

Max is so dang cute! I magnified one of the pics; he is such a combo or you and Joe. Such a happy kid! Happy bday! He will make a woman very happy some day (Virgo men are best), and other women on the way...oops, forgot this is supposed to be PG.

Your running...I said it and will say it on a public forum again. I am in owe of your determination. Nothing can stop you. 11 sub 7 miles/week is awesome! And you WILL pull that 18 MP miler, I know it. A little piece of Heidi would help, though)

Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl said...

I remember the days when I thought that I was too cool to be seen with my parents, still have that feeling sometimes when my Dad wears mismatching tube socks and sneakers that are 25 years old and covered in paint.

Damn you auto correct is quite possibly my favorite website. I used to spend many moments at my last job on there trying to lighten up the tension and perk up my mood. The other day I actually almost submitted something. I meant to text the hubby that "I didn't lock chases cage", chase being our dog. But instead he received "i didn't lick chases chafe"...was laughing my tushie off for hours about that.

I am in amazement that you are cranking out these incredibly quick paces with a pain in the rear! Man if you are running this quick with discomfort, you are my idol. Next time I feel blah while running I am going to think about you and how you crank out the miles regardless.

Hope that tushie eases up on you soon!

Lindsay said...

Well that is why you don't drink & drive / text (sext?) & drive... Glad all are ok and that Ryan was able to get in the car with a stranger.

I hope your little drug dealer is off to a successful start! Have her watch the show Weeds for more ideas.