Friday, April 8, 2011

Today in my Life!

I saw this on Aron's blog! I liked it so here goes!

Outside my window there is water everywhere. Brown, wet, but NO snow!

I am hearing rain coming down on the roof.

I am thinking that I want it to stop raining.....

I am thankful for strong legs, a peaceful mind, a confident spirit!

I am reading
Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.

I am hoping and praying
that it stops raining.

I am wearing Lululemon studio dance pants and a Brooks Tee. 95% of the time if you ask me what I'm wearing, this is it.

I am creating a gameplan for my race tomorrow.

From the kitchen I am making THIS. Angela has the BEST recipes, mostly vegan (which I'm not). I love everything I've made off her blog. Next up, lentil loaf. I'm going to try this on my kids instead of meatloaf and see if it passes!

Around the house I'm painting my bedroom. I started 3 months ago:)

Plans for the rest of the week
: 5K tomorrow morning! 18 mile run date with my friend Katie tomorrow afternoon! Going away party for a friend tomorrow night! I might be dead by Sunday.

A Picture to share Random

Me virtually cheering for my friend Joni! See, I make signs and everything-ha!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend! I've been a bit blog absent lately. I just started my glorious stretch of 3 weeks off so I'll hopefully be able to catch up soon!!


Jill said...

I'm first on the famous bloggers blog?? No way!!! Yay for me!

This was a very cute idea...I really should try to blog more, just in a crappy funk so don't want to bring everyone down :).

Good luck with the race - I can't wait for you to ROCK it as you will (I know you and I have established we do not like 5ks - but it will all be good :)).

And um, I started painting my bedroom 2 years ago. Have 5 samples of different paint colors on the wall. I just want a new comforter and can't afford it right now so why paint!?!? :)


Shawn said...

Have fun at the race...think happy "no snow" = "PR"

have a good weekend

Carlee said...

Yay I love the sign!

Have a great Saturday; sounds intense but I'm sure it will be fun too.

Good luck on your race; looking foward to the race report :)

Steel Springs said...

Fun! Good luck with the 5k!

Unknown said...

Good luck on your 5k!!!!

Amanda@runninghood said...
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Amanda@runninghood said...

ha ha! Just teasing...I mean about the pathetic comment...I'll be back when I get a chance to sit down today. :) xo

Amanda@runninghood said...

I didn't get a virtual race sign! WTH (yes an H just in case). Yay for no sun but yuck on the rain. I love that you are feeling confident and peaceful. This makes me happy. I'm excited for you and your fun tomorrow! You are going to really earn a sit on your fanny and a large glass of wine tomorrow night!
Let me know how you like that book and thanks for the link...I would say that I will try this but I probably won't for while because I am LAMEO in the kitchen when it comes to trying new recipes. Really pathetic!

Off to Lululemon. Send me a message tomorrow about your race! Can't wait.

TX Runner Mom said...

Love the sign! After seeing it, I think I am going to make signs for my friends doing the HIM this weekend!

Caroline said...

5k race? I thought you hated those!!! hope it goes well for you!!!

XLMIC said...

I am beyond impressed... a 5K tomorrow morning (for which I predict right around 20 minutes) and then a million miles in the afternoon... well, not quite a million, but a lot :) Go get 'em, Tiger Mama!

How awesome can no snow be? Pretty awesome, I bet :)

Hope it stops raining for you!

Stephanie said...

Have a great race Jenn! I hope it goes according to your gameplan. :)

Unknown said...

I just KNOW you are going to have a really, REALLY, REALLY awesome race tomorrow...and top it off with more running ?! Holy cow! You are amazing.

That's a sweet sign there!! Love it!

The rain will keep all the walkers home so you don't have to go around the strollers ;)

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

ajh said...

Love the poster.
I am going to copy this post at some point.
Enjoy your Saturday and stick around for Sunday.

dawn @ running the dawn said...


that's me cheering for you and your race tomorrow! can't wait to hear how you KILL IT DEAD!

kristen said...

We have on the same outfit :)

Have a good 5k!

Unknown said...

I know things went well this morning for you, I was thinking about you on our last long run but I'm sure you were done by then!
Sounds like you have a fun/busy day and night ahead of you, I hope you make some GREAT memories!!

Unknown said...

Hey jen, first time here...heard about your blog from Amanda at runninghood. I'm late, I guess. ;) You and I wear the same outfit...lulu studio dance pants and brooks shirt from a rock n roll race for me... all the time!! Look forward to following!!

Unknown said...

Looking for that race report..It better have lots of good details!!!

Lindsay said...

hope the 5k went well. i was just noticing your pr's on the sidebar and now that i've finally pr'd in the 5k we have similar pr's except the marathon... so maybe this is hope for me that i can run a faster marathon!

Anonymous said...

i stole this from Aron too!!!