Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How my arms fell off and I didn't quite win

The pushup challenge-done. Numerous Monica Seles grunts and at least 3 “mother f*@kErs” unintentionally emitted and I’m done…..(Sorry mom, I know that’s not very becoming and it won’t happen again) World record for women is 190 in 3 minutes. I set out to break this!! Ha ha! Honestly, that is freakin’ insane for a woman-superhumanly insane for a PROPER FORM pushup. I’ve never done a 3 minute test, I didn’t know what to expect but had a number floating around in my head. I was obviously overzealous as I did NOT hit that number! Anyway, rules for the challenge, 3 minutes on the clock, as many as you can do. No knees, ALL the way up, down two inches from the floor, arms slightly wider than shoulder width apart, elbows tucked. All pushups not to code are DQ’ed by "the super anal ENFORCER.” We did them individually and drew out of a hat to see who would go first. I drew #3. I’m happy that I beat the women comfortably and 2 of the 4 men did the best I could do but I would change my strategy a little next time. We really did have fun. Results ranged from 56 to 121 (which put "the enforcer" in the extraordinary category according to Men's Health and I doubt he went all out.)

Sorry to disappoint but there is no video. #1-I felt a little awkward suggesting it and #2-I think it might have been distracting (and this was dang near an Olympic event you know). For those who are seriously interested in hearing my potty mouth and watching my body collapse and fail me, I will perhaps make a home video when I’m recovered here.

So, I really knew I had no chance of winning here:) I’m a 35 year old woman, not a SUPER CUT 30 year old man like “the Enforcer”. Women start off at a disadvantage because they have more body fat, less muscle and less strength per unit of body weight compared to men. This is my justification anyway for why “Fred, aka "the Enforcer" Super Nazi who DQ’ed 4 of my pushups” did way more than me and totally taunted me (all in fun-we're friends). Number crunchers please find me a formula comparing men to women here. Actually “Fred” himself admitted we weren’t on a level playing field and offered to let me do modified (cocky SOB). Seriously though, I doubt there are many men who could beat “Fred”. He is literally a physical specimen. AMAZING body which I appreciate in a totally non-sexual way. Kind of the same way that has got me called out twice by my friend “Heidi” for looking at her butt! I ‘m heterosexual and happily MARRIED, She’s in great shape-simply appreciation!!

Rambling Revelations...... Strength training and running are different for me. Mind over matter just doesn’t work quite the same. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever “bonked” running. By “bonked” I mean completely shut down where my legs will not move. I’ve slowed down, I’ve definitely felt extremely fatigued but I’ve not yet hit the point where I physically CAN’T put one leg in front of the other-I'm sure that point exists but I can't get there. I quit before I get there.... Weightlifting, strength training, I’ve definitely hit that point. My triceps completely fried at about 2 minutes 30 seconds and my arms turned to noodles and were physically UNABLE to lift my body.

Anyway, I meant to type about one paragraph about this and then talk about running and racing and WHY it is that I am so apprehensive to run races these days....chicken sh*t....


XLMIC said...

You aren't giving us an actual number and you aren't giving us a video…what kinda freakin' blog is this? :P

I know you kicked serious bootay and want to congratulate you heartily! You are awesome for even attempting let alone being a contendah.

This reminded me of some of the stuff we had to do for rowing… so brutal. I have never gone to utter failure with running but have w/ both rowing and strength-training…though it's been a super long time. I remember telling my coach how I was afraid to go 'there' with running 'cuz I was afraid I would fall down and hurt myself! Lol.

Wish I could have been there to cheer you on … and maybe heckle the Enforcer ;-)

Jessie said...

When I stated Cross training is January I could hardly do 1 mans push up and when I did 10 of them I sure as hell posted that to facebook! I was so proud! I have to say that, that is THE ONE THING I have accomplished so far that I am super proud of! I dont know if you have an iPhone or not, but they have the Nike Training Camp App and it is AWESOME! Ive been doing it for the past 2 months and WOW thats all I can say. I love it!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I think pushups to women ratio equals the yoga to men ratio ... for some reason certain things are easier for each of us???

Lisa @ Eat.Pray.Run. said...

no video?!? i know Amanda tried to convince you...

man, i wish i could do just ONE real push-up. seriously. can't do even one. not up to "the enforcers" standards, at least.

alright. that's it. i'm getting off blogger to do some push-ups. girl ones. gotta start somewhere.

Caroline said...

I can do maybe 6 1/2 proper push ups at 42 yrs old.. I hate push ups!
Still want to know what you read and now I think it is the Snookie book and The Situation's book and I get why you don't want to say it!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

Steel Springs said...

That sounds like an awesome day at work. I have the hardest time going low enough when doing push-ups...the Enforcer probably would have DQ'd all of mine. It sounds like you certainly won your division! Are you going to continue to do push-ups in the bathroom?

Irene said...

Before I had my injuries I could bust out the push ups. Now they just kill me. I'm sure what ever your number it it's better than what I can currently muster. Aside from that, I'm sure your arms look awesome. :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

You are so funny...seriously you always put a smile on my face. I am so impressed with how many push ups you did. My arms hurt after 25. Maybe I'd have one more set of 20 in me after that but not anywhere close to you!!

I appreciate other women's bodies...art I say! I'm always noticing a good ass, legs, and arms!

Off to read my chick lit! Congrats to you!

Unknown said...

Spill it!

I will have to remove myself from your followers list unless you can give us some more details!

Actually, I think that the video would be FUNNY.

OK...so I can do 122..=D there. (not really =D )

Jill said...

AWK!!!! How many did you do?????

I'm starting the 100 pushup challenge that Blonde Ponytail is doing (a bit late onboard..oh well) and I'm scared to death to do this. My initial test was 15. Really, stop laughing...not only can I NOT run, but I also have lost all muscle strength. Wish someone would have told me that when I stop lifting weights, I also lost muscle tone and conditioning...sheehs.

Ok, we want a number girl!