Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Swimming and whatever else comes to mind!

Buenos tardes! I'm just sitting down now at the computer to copy from paper the finalized draft of this post that I wrote, rewrote and then and proofed earlier........Ummm-sorry to disappoint-ha! As always, here comes completely disorganized jibberish:)

So-I went swimming this morning. YES-swimming. I was a fish when I was a kid but now I HATE swimming. What swimming currently means to me......lawnchairs, magazines, and tan lines. Anyway, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Ryan has hockey practice at 5:30 am so I usually go to the gym-not to run but to workout. Because it is now 2011, I decided to see if the coming of the New Year would mean less of a hatred for swimming....Ummm-let's just say I'm not going to be a "regular" at the pool. Blechhh-I'll do a hard torture 10K every weekend before I'll be a "regular". Truthfully, once I'm in the water it's fine..... or maybe tolerable is a better word. According to my sister, (who was a swimmer and knows better than to tell me anything but obvious truth-ha), I am actually a pretty decent swimmer. That seems to be my M.O.-pretty decent. Not good, not fabulous, but decent. I'll take it!!!! All in all-good workout followed by a shower that drained my hot water heater and lasted approximately 2 hours.

Moving on and backing up a day.... My little Reese had a bit of a hockey mishap and ended up in the ER with bruised ribs and a broken collarbone. Her little body is quite sore but her little heart hurts worse right now. She is absolutely DEVASTATED about missing her big tournament this weekend. She will be out at least 6 weeks. I hate seeing my kids upset-I would trade another broken hip to make her better. This little girl has had quite a rough run in her brief 10 years on earth. A little rundown.....When she was 4, I had a folding treadmill that was in the foldup position downstairs. She somehow started swinging on the arm rails which caused the safety pin to release and the track fell on her. She ended up with a broken femur, pelvis and we later found out ankle. She was in a body cast and a wheelchair and couldn't walk for quite awhile even after the cast was removed. 6 months later she was run over by a Chevy Avalanche in my parents driveway when she ran behind it while it was backing up. By the grace of God there had been a major storm that had left washouts in the gravel and her tiny body rolled into one as the wheels went over her. Another bout in the hospital but relatively unscathed. Last year she got her arm caught in the elliptical at a hotel fitness center (I have NO idea how this happened but she broke both her ulna and radius. Honestly......I've had like 8 nervous breakdowns and 10 panic attacks due to this child. She's a fighter though and never fails to amaze me! Apparently, this post is turning into a profile of Reese. I told you, totally proofed. Since I'm off on a tangent here and this is SUPPOSED to be a running blog, I'll at least profile Reese and her running!

Reese after her first 5K with mom. We teach slouching in this house...I think this ranks right up there with my FAVORITE running experiences! 8 years old-28 minutes flat.

9 years old-Fargo 5K-1st in AG-apparently running with mom was slowing her down!
This is my all time favorite picture but so blurry. She is in the little blue tank and the facial expression says it all as she's hauling up to the finish. 24:33

Afterwards, a little better facial expression!

Ummm-nice form!

Reese and Joe coming out of our driveway to hit the trails!

Some of my greatest memories ever were returning to running this fall with this little trooper by my side. "C'mon mom, we'll run to the stop sign and then walk for 10 seconds, OK" I clearly remember her saying this to me as I was gasping for air at approximately the one mile mark-ha!

This is long enough and already all over the map so I'm not even going to break down my training from last week except to say that I hit 70 miles and I'm feeling good. My legs were tight yesterday but they feel pretty much back to normal today. I'll be down in mileage this week with 2 off days but that's fine.

Hope you're all having a great day! I'll be back to read and comment after the sun goes down. (What I mean is around 10pm because the sun actually goes down at the pathetic hour of 4 pm or something depressing like that right now) Later:)


ShutUpandRun said...

OMG that poor little Reese!! I hope she is on the mend soon. I can't believe all that she has been thru in her little life. She has paid her dues like forever.

Good for you going for a swim. I don't like it either. It's a means to an end, right?

Caroline said...

Poor Reese! This is terrible...I broke 7 bones between age 9 and 12..and it sucked...I hope she feels better soon..this has to be enough! She is a beautiful child, I love all the pictures!

XLMIC said...

Your daughter is a certified nail. (as in 'tough as') I hope she heals quickly and goes unscathed for a good long while!

And what a pretty girl, too.

She's faster than I am! lol

And look at you... all bilingual y mierda ;-)

Wishing you all the best with the swimming!

Jill said...

Poor little Reese! She is one tough cookie to keep getting the bad straw and yet coming out stronger! YAY for her!

I hate to swim, too, and I swam in high school and college! I go on Monday nights and all I do it bitch and moan how cold the pool is and how boring the bottom of the pool is to look at. I think I need a waterproof radio!

KovasP said...

Love running with my kids, though they're not quite the troopers that Reese is. Maybe I should hurt them a few times?

middleagedrunner said...

POOR KID!!! Broken colarbones are sooo painful- wishes for a FAST recovery!
She is such a fast little runner too- I'm impressed!

Heather -Momma Running Amok said...

Sorry to hear about the injury. My 4 year old, Oscar had a spiral fracture in fall and it was difficult. I finally started a blog today so I thought I would share it with you as I read yours all the time. Have a great night!

Running and living said...

Little Reese reminds me of me...but I tell you, all that stuff makes you so tough and prepared for pretty much everything! Plus, no accidents for me since age 10, so hopefully this is the last for her, too!

Oh, and yay for swimming. It will grow on you:)

Aron said...

Poor Reese!!! :( I hope she heals up quickly.

She is so adorable, I LOVE those running pics!

ajh said...

I hope Reese feels better soon. She should have the rest of her life injury free as she has had more than her share. I know what you mean about when your kids hurt! Nothing worse.

Unknown said...

CUTE E PIE!! Reese is such a doll. I can imagine her on the cover of Runner's World in five years. Following in your Speedy Gonzalez' foot steps.
HEY, give swimmin' a chance. I was sinking to the bottom for days and then it clicked. Just last week, I realized that I can make myself speed up if I want to--duh!!! I think I had to give it some time. I tell you, it will make you FASTAH sista.

Anonymous said...

I hope Reese heals quick! God must have some big plans for that girl! I can't imagine going through all of that as a mom. I'm sure it has taught you a lot as well.
She is an awesome runner! That is so cool! Maybe you guys can run Boston together someday!!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

awww! Poor Reese, and definitely poor Mom. I know you must be a nervous wreck. I'm thinking she's paid her dues now and GREAT things are ahead for Reese for sure. She's a tough cookie!

Shawn said...

Swimming is over rated and sucks...unless it is in a floaty pool chair with a frosty!!!

That's a tough kid you got...be proud that there ain't no stop in that one...more than you could ask for from any little person

Lisa said...

So sorry about Reese's injury! I think a lot of us here can understand how disappointed she is having to sit out for so long, I definitely can. She'll be back and at it soon, but I hope she's comfortable and the recovery isn't too tough.

I am not a fan of swimming either. I grew up spending summers at a lake, but I've never been very good. I love that you're tackling this though!

Kate said...

Oh my goodness! Poor Reese! I love how she is more concerned about missing the games than about having a broken collarbone. Wishing her a speedy recovery!

Awesome milage by the way! That is some serious running!

Muncher Cruncher said...

Way to go with the swimming! I'm super impressed. I hate washing my hair, that is why I don't swim...is that the worst excuse ever? Probably :) I hope Reese is ok!!! xoxoxo

Jamie said...

Poor kid! I hope Reese heals quickly and is back at it soon. She's been through so much but sounds like quite the fighter.

Congrats on the big running weeks and getting in the pool!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I'm not quite sure why this post has me in tears...I mean I'm really crying. Maybe it is the thought of how much I love my kids and how painful it would be for ME to see them get hurt. Reese must be here to do some pretty amazing things...she seems like an extraordinary kiddo with a resilience like no other. She's had some pretty scary things happen to her and the average kid might not have bounced back so well. Wow, great blog. Thank you. You've got a special gift in her, as you know, and as all our kids are.

And uggh, the swimming is such a process. I mean get there, change, get in the cold water (brrrr), swim, get water in your ears, get out (cold again!), shower, lotion your dry skin.....and then do it all over again the next time you go. :) A lot more work than I like but it is good.

Quinton J said...

Reese is SO awesome! And a total trooper. I LOVE the running shots. She looks like a pro...with all the gear...and she's got a smile on EVERY TIME!

C2Iowa said...

Poor girl. Best wishes to a speedy return. Yes - awesome form!!!

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
Funny,swimming to me means sitting on the beach, watching the waves, reading a book and drinking something cold:) Way to go on hitting the pool! You just wait and see...future Tri girl? Maybe...you will start to like the pool, get faster, sign up for a Tri and flippin end up placing:) This is my prediction..you watch!

Sorry to hear about little Reese! I know how it sucks when the kids are heartbroken! It is like the end of the world for them:( Hopefully she will heal quickly and be busting up the ice soon!

About a month ago we hired a new mammo tech and she is a hockey mom. I asked her if she is on a moms team and she looked a little freaked out over the idea. I told her about you and how you and your little mom group hit the ice every now and then and smack the puk around:) She is going to start reading your blog.

Hugs to you Jenn!

Lindsay said...

She looks like a natural even if all her bones are broken. I'm seeing this post to DSS... ;) Just kidding of course. Man she is a tough cookie! I can only imagine how hard it is for both you and her. Speedy healing to Reese!!

Nathan said...

I cannot believe what your daughter has been through already for such a young age! She has been protected by angels for sure.

I dropped nathan when I was running up the stairs and his face hit the stairs. He was 16 months old and lost 3 top teeth (one out and 2 went up into the gum.

Later 2 re-teethed and the dentist pulled them and one more to make it even. It was horrible and I felt so guilty!! I went on a red wine binge that night (before i kicked the habit) after he went to sleep.

Needless to say- this is WAY less than she's been through. What a survivor!!

Amazing job running this week. You have my mileage spanked! =D

dawn @ running the dawn said...

i am totally with you! swimming is a form of torture for me. i always start to panic because i can't take a breath when i want to, so then my heart starts racing and i start gulping water down. its not pretty.

i can't believe all the trauma that reese has already experienced! bless your heart momma, for not strapping her down and making her wear full body armor all the time!

love all the pictures of her running, especially the last one with joe. so sweet!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

oh no.....poor reese! That breaks my heart! She is so beautiful and has gone through so much. Keep us updated!!
Way to go on making it to the pool, I always say I will be never do!

Celeste@MomBodFitness said...

Just found your blog..what a great story. I have young kids of my own and hope they will enjoy running races with me someday. I've taken a little hiatus of racing competitively, but you've inspired me to get back into it.