Monday, January 17, 2011

Random facts, random pics, and a little running!

Good morning! Things weren't quite as laid back as I thought they would be over the weekend but it's now Monday morning, the kids are still sleeping and I'm lounged out in my Gopher pants with my one cup (64 ounce mug) of coffee.....Life is good!

So, I've been tagged by MiddleAged Runner the spunky mini horse rider:) and MuncherCruncher the super cute blonde/brunette with good food recipes and my dream job! The Stylish Blogger Award- I know NONE of you have heard of this and I'm about the first person to do it ha! Here goes-7 random things about me

1.) I LOVE and appreciate music! ALL music. I come from a big family of musicians primarily concert pianists, opera singers, music profs, etc. My dad was singing professionally when I was young before I wrapped him around my little finger and he didn't want to travel anymore!!! Anyway, I went to Concordia College in Moorhead, MN on a music scholarship and actually considered the life of a poor musician temporarily. (Disclaimer-I also considered the life of a nurse, doctor, and small business owner briefly......but now prefer the life of a poor hockey mom!) Next to running, exercising my fingers with Chopin or Beethoven is my favorite stress reliever! I LOVE classical music. I'm not exclusive though!!!! My ipod is piled with hip hop and rap trash, Brittney, Skillet, Linkin Park, Eminem, Christian, Country. You NAME it!! I especially love LIVE music-small artists in their local venues trying to catch a break! EVERY vacation we take involves seeking out some sort of local music attraction!

2.) I am extremely impatient or maybe stubborn.... This is perhaps not a virtue. If I want something done, I want it done immediately and I'm willing to do it myself. My husband travels. He is ALWAYS coming home to my new projects. I decided to build railings off the entry way of my house, I wanted sand on Thursday for my 20X30 swingset area and they couldn't bring a truck until Monday so I moved it from the gravel pits with a wheelbarrow myself. It took me until Tuesday anyway, I couldn't walk for a week and my hands had none of their original skin left on them. I am not the brightest bulb in the box at times.....

3.) I love to travel, even just within the US! We go on one family vacation a year and then Joe and I try to get one trip a year to ourselves. Family vacations where I just have my kids to myself without any of their outside influences are the highlight of my year!!! My trips with Joe consist of visiting at least 6 different restaurants each day! I love unique food, unique restaurants, unique atmospheres! My perfect date would be a small wine bar enjoying a massive plate of assorted cheeses, while listening to a guy on an acoustic guitar in the corner! (I've also had some good dates with a pitcher of beer and hotwings while watching a football game at Champs though-ha!)
Family vacation Black Hills! We had been hiking all day explaining the ragged mismatched clothing on my orphan children and the fact that Joe and I are wearing the same shirt-very classy! Turned out to be our Christmas card!

4.) I love being a mother. This is pretty common sense as no sane person would admit otherwise! Truthfully though, I envisioned my life so entirely different about 15 years ago. I ended up married at 22 and a mom the same year. Not for one second do I regret this (OK-a few seconds but they were VERY short seconds, like milliseconds....) I love having an almost 13 year old, Ryan. She totally gets my humor, her friends still think I have somewhat of a "cool" factor (except for the time when I made them help me can tomatoes last summer...lost a few cool points there...) I love seeing her grow into such a strong determined individual with real goals and dreams!! My classic middle child Reese.... She is my peanut, as sweet as they come. She's a momma's girl and maybe my future running partner-I have big dreams for the both of us together! My son, Max. I was one of 6 girls, no brothers. He has taught me so many lessons and I just LOVE having a boy!

My baby girls!!

Reese's first steps

Me and my boy!

Max a hockey player even at 18 months!

5.) My family is my WORLD! My parents and my sisters are a MAJOR reason why I live here at the end of the earth. We are extremely close! I have 2 sisters along with my dad who are also runners! When I was training for my first marathon we would do family Sunday long runs where we would meet at my parents and then start running. I would run with my sister Laurie (we run nearly the same pace) and my dad and sister Christy would run together. My mom, my other sister and my kids would travel along in the car setting up mock water stops, feeding us oranges, ice chips (yes it gets hot here believe it or not) and handing us cold washcloths. I am WAY more pampered by my family than I am in a race! We would then meet to inhale copious amounts of food while complaining about which body parts hurt the most! I missed this so much last summer being injured. My dad used to run about a 10-11 minute mile. He met me on my birthday which was 10/10/10 to run 10 miles (I'm wierd like this and it just sounded fun). Our pace was 8:24. He is now running 10 miles under 8 minute pace. I am so inspired by his attitude and determination! He never stops believing he can improve in some way and helps remind me of how not to let my age limit me.....

My dad at the finish of his first marathon!!

6.) I almost NEVER sleep more than 6 hours a night-sometimes 4-5. I can't sleep because it makes me tired.....

7.) I am a very healthy eater but I'm all about moderation. If I want it, I eat it!

There you have it!! I tag Heather at Momma Running Amok. She is a new blogger! Head over and give her some encouragement!!!!

Quick running update. Finished the week with 55 miles. The plan I'm using (massive combination of plans) generally has a mileage range for each day. This is working out well and I'm not as stressed out about those days that I just can't make as many miles work. I didn't start my long run until 6 pm last night and there was NO part of me that wanted to do it. I ALMOST skipped it and moved it to this morning. I talked myself into running 10 really slow on the treadmill. Ended up running 13.1 miles in 1:38 so it turned out a little better than I had planned! Sometimes the runs you dread the most turn out to be the best ones! Got to watch movies on the couch in a SUPER GOOD mood afterwards!!

The kids are awake and hassling me to play Clue again. I better go and show them up......Happy Monday!!


Unknown said...

This is fantastic, Jenn!

I am impressed with your dad and bet you really enjoy those family runs. =D

Also...I caught that 64 oz mug for one cup of coffee... Now I know the secret! Haha

You went to a concordia and so did I, just in different states =D . I'd love to hear you play the piano. What a gift!

BTW your tempo workout on the last post was almost identical to what mine was last week- except I bonked trying to do it up that stupid hill!

Great pics! Have a great week!!

Caroline said...

Love reading your random facts!
lovely pictures!!!
must be great to have other runners in the family, great passion to share!

XLMIC said...

I have loved reading your random facts. Your family sounds so great! It is so clear how much you love your life! Awesome!

Velma said...

Way to rock the miles. I LOVE the pictures of the kids :)

Running and living said...

OK, I am stuck on the 64 oz morning coffee cup. Holy Batman! If I have more than 12 oz I start shaking, no joke!
Love this post. I have similar taste in music, and my husband and I are always searching for the little band trying to make it big. So fun! I agree, nothing better than a happy family. Work won't love you back, lol!
I had 8X800 in the snow today, struggles with some, and thought about you! V smart to do them on the mill!

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

Regarding, are you my twin sister? Hahaha! I am totally that way too!

Heather -Momma Running Amok said...

You tagged I am complete loser that I did "jazz hands," when I read it?

I thought of you and your coffee for 2 reasons:
-on the news this morning they showed Starbucks is coming out with a Big Gulp sized coffee soon (like over 30oz's)
-and at the local running/tri store in town I was talking with the owners, both pro triathletes and the wife informed me that her husband adds cliff double shot espresso's to his coffee as a sweetener. Holy caffeine!

I am so impressed by your dad. My mom just ran her 1st mile and I am really hoping to get her and I to run a 5k or something together next year.

I am pretty stubborn too. When I was building my garden I literally took a hack saw to my backyard after weedwacking it and spent 2 days, about 9 hours a day just hacking up the twisted crab grass that grows here....I wanted it done and that garden built that day and so I just went for it...a sore back and total body workout for sure

your pictures are great

Lindsay said...

These blog awards are perfect for you and your randomness... ;) you are betraying all the music snobs out there by listening to hip hop and rap trash. lol! at least you finish the jobs you start around the house? I am motivated for a few hours at most... my house looks mighty fine with all it's half-done projects (for the past 5yrs).....

Anonymous said...

That was great!! I'm so impressed that you start projects on your own!! I SO wish I was like that. I was opposite of you and had ALL brothers so I think they just ended up doing all that kind of stuff and I am really really clueless when it comes to handy stuff.

Those family runs sound AWESOME! This past summer my mom, dad and I were training for our marathon and at the lake on the weekend we would get up and do long runs and then spend the day on the boat, it was perfect! None of us are even close to you guy's though :) You guys rock!!!

Jessie said...

I love your post! Good job on your 13.1 on the treadmill. I did my long run of 10 on the treadmill. First run past 4 miles on a treadmill! I felt kinda awesome when I was done.. Just pretty much for not going crazy! lol

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Awww! Loved your random facts :) You sure have an eclectic taste in music! That's so cool.

Beautiful family. What a blessing!!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

You are making me want to be a mom....uh oh!! LOVED this pics, absolutely adorable. Since you love traveling so much I think your next trip should be to Utah. I LOVE the relationship that you have with your fam and the fact that you run together. Your dad is adorable. I love getting to know more about you gorgeous girl. Consider me your number one stalker!

Amanda@runninghood said...

You are amazing. I have so much I want to say but now am going to have to go back to your post. I love that your dad and sisters run too! Love the pic of your cool how he has improved. You ran 13.1 in 1:38 on the TM? Gosh, now you've inspired me to not skip my 5.5 mile run tonight...I was telling myself I'm just not feeling up to getting to the gym this late. but now, no excuses. Thanks Jenn. :)
I so want to play the piano...wish I would have stuck with lessons. I wish we could have a piano in our house so my kids would play.

Your kids remind me of mine. Two older girls and a son. Love that picture of you in the hospital. Nothing like motherhood! I am so happy to have them!

Off to read your most recent post...after my run of course. Thanks. I loved loved reading this!