Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It is Official!

It is official! I cannot drive the speed limit!! All this running has turned my life into a race from Point A to Point B. Today Point A was my house and Point B was ¾ of a mile from my house where I got pulled over on my way to work going 74 in a 55. I didn’t even know my car could get to that speed that fast. I am a dental assistant, NOT a dentist. A speeding ticket in Minnesota is a whole day’s work for me. I’ve been pulled over 11 times in 3 years (not all for speeding. I occasionally run stop signs too!) The nice young 20 something officer asked for my license and proof of insurance which I could not find (I blamed this on my husband). He took my license back to his patrol car and returned a moment later. Turns out my Driver’s License expired on my birthday, October 10th. Fortunately, he just warned me on this and told me to head into the DMV. Not a good morning! To top things off I started studying my expired license. In Minnesota your driver’s license lists both your height and weight. Mine says 5’8” and 125 lbs. Now, either the scale is lying or this very professional state issued official ID is lying. I decided to believe the official ID today because we were ordering out for lunch at work and I didn’t want to miss out!! In all actuality, I am 5’7 ½” and this morning the lying scale put me in an altogether different decade than my license shows. This running 60 *@#$* miles a week has made me gain weight!

On the running front, I finally made it home from work and hockey practice at 8:00pm which allowed me a 5 mile treadmill run. It went well but I hate running at night because that is my wind down time. I usually get up and do it in the morning but I was extremely unmotivated this morning. My boss is heading to Cancun on vacation so I have 2 glorious weeks off of work!! The weather is unseasonably warm in the extended forecast so I will be enjoying a few last warm outdoor runs!

Everyone is sleeping in my house, including my husband! Time to crack a bottle of my screw lid Cabernet and watch reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond!! Good Night!


Unknown said...

Ha, ha...still working on that crate of wine! Good for you...and yipee, two weeks off of work! So glad you didn't get a ticket, warnings are ok though.

Rookie on the Run said...

I'm laughing right now! Pulled over 11 times in 3 years?! Honey, you need to move to Southern California... you'd fit right in! That's how most people drive here (self included). Maybe the cops are immune here and only pursue White Broncos.

Have a glorious couple weeks off of work!

Genesis said...

enjoy that twist-top wine :)

our head honcho is in mexico too. lucky people who can afford to have two homes. i am totally doing something wrong here in my career. lol.

ive gained weight too since i started working out. like hello, isnt the OPPOSITE supposed to happening...wth?!

B.o.B. said...

Whoa though speedy! LOL! We've all been there. Just slow it down and maybe get a radar detector. ;)

Good job on the night running, that is hard to do when you are ready to relax.


Slow down! You are already speedy enough on your feet, save yourself from all those tickets! Hope you have a better day today!

robinbb said...

Holy cow that is speedy. :)

Enjoy your time off.

Katie A. said...

You should have flased him your hot runners legs, that could have gotten you out of the ticke! :)
And I am very jealous of your two weeks off, enjoy them! And get lots of running done! ;)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...


I totally should add your First Marathon to the list..BQ first time out.. Oh that was my dream/plan/hope. I am excited to kick up the training and see what I can do..

If I could be like Jenn...well not in the driving department :)

FYI I ALMOST chaged my weight on my licence because I felt like a lie...now I weigh less than my license.. SWEET!!!


26.2 Princess said...

I used to get a speeding ticket every time I went through a certain town near my parents' house. I can still hear my dad..."you would think that someone with your education wouldn't have such a flat learning curve."

Enjoy that two weeks!

Jill said...

Speedy...that's just what you are, all around :).

Enjoy your two weeks off of work - whooohoooo!