Thursday, October 1, 2009

61 things

Coffee is cocaine to me

I try to stay away from sugar

My favorite candy is Good n’ Plentys and if they are around I can’t stay away from them!

I love extremely spicy food

My husband (Joe) thinks I pay $25 to get my hair done. Naaah-he’s smarter than that but $25 is what I tell him!

I put everything on a credit card but will never carry a balance

I am addicted to my savings account

I am not a vegetarian although I was for 4 years

I ate a hamburger after the Fargo half marathon because I wanted one and it was Delicious!

I rarely eat any meat other than fish but if I want it, I eat it

I do not eat wild animals nor do I allow them in my freezer

My daughter’s friend came to me when she got her period instead of going to her own mom

I love my daughter’s friends

I have painted my kitchen 6 different colors in 5 years

Joe won’t let me drive when he is in the car

I’m pretty sure I have a mild case of OCD

I’m pretty sure I have a mile case of ADD

I’m pretty sure I have a mild case of IBS

I'm pretty sure I have a mild case of divulging TMI

I always have fresh basil in my fridge

I don’t drink milk

I LOVE being a hockey mom

I don’t read electronics manuals and therefore have to rely on my 11 year old to teach me how to work all the household appliances

My sister got a new “chest” for Christmas last year. I told my other sister I would never want that

I was jealous. If I could afford it, I WOULD get plastic surgery

I LOVE salt

I went to college on a piano performance scholarship

My kids don’t take piano lessons

I’ve had 2 C-sections and Gall bladder surgery

None of my best friends are runners

My best friends call 5K’s marathons

I won a fantasy football league consisting of 13 men and me 2 years in a row

I asked Joe to get a vasectomy for my 30th birthday. He did, on my birthday!!

I have date night at least once a month and have not missed it in 10 years!

I watched my daughter get run over by a car and survive

The same daughter also had a treadmill fall on her breaking her femur and putting her in a body cast

The same daughter also got her arm caught in an elliptical machine on a hockey trip and broke both her ulna and radius

I LOVE sushi

My favorite beer is Sam Adams or Summit Pale Ale

I craved steamed mussels in Garlic butter and A &W Rootbeer when I was pregnant. Both of these nauseate me now

I hate cooking for my family. I love cooking for adult company!

I am not a naïve parent. This scares me

I go on a family vacation and at least a weekend vacation with Joe alone every year

I’m giving up a Caribbean vacation to run the Boston Marathon!

I LOVE mushrooms. Everyone in my family hates mushrooms

I love Hudson jeans. My husband also thinks these cost $25.

I passed out at work once during a surgical tooth extraction

I rarely wear sunscreen and I should

I LOVE girls night out!

My sister died 9 years ago. I think about her every day

I love mowing the lawn-all 3 acres of it

My favorite post race meal is a tomato basil pizza and beer

My sports drink of choice is melon flavored Heed by Hammer Nutrition

I am currently using powerbar gels. These have begun to bother me lately

I always have tweezers and a toothbrush in my purse

I would like to move to Maine, Washington state, or Vermont

I would consider the Minneapolis St. Paul suburbs

I will likely not move until my kids graduate high school

I have never taken an ice bath

I have never worn recovery socks

I have never fully lost a toenail


Genesis said...

please move to Washington state!

Wendy said...

Loved your list.

I just did 50 of these today. :)

Running and living said...

Wow, your daughter must have really strong bones now (they say bones get stronger post fractures). Great list!

Amanda@runninghood said...

You're such a pussy when it comes to the ice baths. ha ha. Is this your first post?