Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday night 3 minute mess

Random Random Random:)

I am currently painting my baseboards. I got out the paint to touch up a spot on Reese's dresser yesterday and have subsequently painted 9 interior doors both sides and all the baseboards downstairs and now moving upstairs....I am nesting....Hmmmm.....My husband just got home from a long weekend hockey tournament with my son and my hair is full of white paint and I'm wearing sweatpants two sizes too big and typing on the computer with a paintbrush in my teeth. Sexy! I am on a mission. A mission to who knows where but I'm almost there....

I'm going on a day trip with my middle child tomorrow. Just me and her shopping our little hearts out, eating lunch at the place of her choice and catching a movie. Really really enjoy getting a chance to spend one on one time with my kids and this is SO important to them as well!

I'm still not injured. How thankful I am for this. After a couple of years of "bad luck", I now wake up each morning just thankful to be healthy. Healthy I am and I solidified that with a 5K PR this weekend. FINALLY broke the elusive 20 minute mark even though this wasn't necessarily my goal going into the race. I'm in marathon training, not 5K training. I obviously have a bit of a pride issue as I made this perhaps overly clear to those surrounding me before the race as to "excuse" a poor performance if I should have one-ha!! This was really confidence builder for me right now. Especially, the fact that I was able to push through the mental YUCK that comes with the feeling of imminent death, avoid the urge to find a rock/pebble/piece of sand to trip on that would take me out of the race, and finish with a hard ass kick!

I am running a HM this coming weekend. Women Rock in St. Paul. I believe there will be semi-naked firefighters on the course. This is why I registered anyway. I've decided to do this as a MP training run so I can actually gawk at "said semi-naked men". Kidding obviously although during a goal race I am literally completely oblivious to my surroundings. I'm traveling with some friends and my sister. I am HOPING to arrive to the race on time. My sister, bless her soul, is notoriously LATE to every race and she is driving us there. Will be a fun getaway girls weekend though, I hope!! I'm kind of a "space" person so I'm going to do my best to let people into my "space"-ha!

Brooks Women's D'lite Micro Mesh Racerback-this is currently my FAVORITE tank. Almost like a mosquito net, like wearing nothing but yet still acts as a shirt. Love it! Will order 17 more of these tomorrow.

Boston, Boston, Boston. The Boston Marathon has been weighing on my mind a lot the past couple of weeks. I have a deferral I could utilize from last year to register between August 20-30th. I am also comfortably qualified to register without the deferral..... Lots of thought went into my decision but NO Boston for me in 2013. Honestly, this decision was a RELIEF! I really do not want to train for a marathon this winter. It's OK Jenn! You're a big girl and you don't have to!!!! I just really want to focus on my kids and being a hockey mom this winter without the stress of 20 mile runs in pitch black -40 weather on ice. Only a few years left with these babies of mine and MANY more opportunities to run Boston! This is the RIGHT decision for me right now! That being said, I may still fly out and hang with a good friend to spectate the 3 fantastic super elite females running and support some dear friends should they decide to run!

And one final random in my 3 minute ramble here. I need to make a gratitude list. Overwhelming sense today of all I have to be thankful for. I sometimes spend too much time thinking of how I want things to be different in my life instead of just focusing on all the things that are RIGHT! So much right.


Gracie said...

Smart decision about Boston - you don't want to start hating running!

Raina said...

You are so funny about your new 5k PR! Sub 20 - and by quite a bit :) I would put that proudly in your sidebar after you wash the paint from your hair! WAHOO! You should be feeling oh-so-confident. Let that chest puff out and enjoy it. It's been long in coming and a great sign for things to come.

Interesting that you painted the baseboards. I am not even sure what baseboards are, but I think I need to paint some wood floor around here. It is contagious..once you start painting, nothing is safe.

About Boston...I am surprised! But relieved for you too. It means you won't be compelled / tied to the treadmill. Free to hockey or not :) My guess is that you will be marathon ready even without one come April.

Amen on the gratitude. :)

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Yes, change that PR on the sideboard...or wait a few weeks and then change them all at once:)

Painting - you saw my doors and porch. I need to pain them, yet I have zero desire to do that. Hm, maybe I need a 5K PR and some kick a$$ mileage to get me off my butt here.

You and Reese -SO special. You need to also buy something for yourself as a nice reward.

"Space person" - I know nothing about that!

Boston - selfishly happy! I can see us spectating and pacing and perhaps settling the sweat contest once and for all.

Gratitude - was thinking the same thing yesterday!

Julie Arts said...

"I sometimes spend too much time thinking of how I want things to be different in my life instead of just focusing on all the things that are RIGHT!"

TRUE THAT!!! I think we all need that reminder that we are so blessed. SO>>>thanks for the reminder :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Most of this I already know about but good to see a Jenn post anyway. :) I tank...need to get one. Even though I don't sweat like a beast. Ha! The baseboards...been there! Need to do that again. And the firemen...rock on women! :) I hear you on the space thing...definitely how I feel right now after this weekend.

Have so much fun with Reese. I wish I was able to do that this weekend with my girls. Soon though. I promised E that I'd take her to see the movie the Odd Life of Timothy Green. I know she will bawl her head off for weeks or maybe years...she is so ultra sensitive...but I can't protect her from that forever. Anyway, one on one time with the kids is something I don't do often enough.

You so need to get that new PR on your sidebar...You kicked 20's ass. :)

Ed said...

Nuthing like a good ramble to finish off the weekend..

lindsay said...

was it -40 last winter? i thought it was somewhat mild for everyone last year... or maybe -40 is mild for you.

but, boston, eh. no biggie. your family is def more entertaining :) and hey! maybe you'll finally put a picture in that frame with all the spare time you'll have.

baseboards. mine needed to be dusted when i moved in. so i painted them instead. yep, trap that dust in. good for the paintbrush too. now they need to be dusted again.

ajh said...

Love that you are postponing Boston to be with your kids when you can. And that day with your middle child sounds pretty special. Then when they get older you still miss things. A favorite race I have in the fall - not doing it so I can go watch Emily race!

Jill said...

Great work on the 5k beast...I know how much you love them, like eat a chicken omelet over the 5k thing! :)

I don't blame you for not wanting to train for Boston; your kiddos will be thrilled to have their momma during their crazy hockey season. And your friends will be thrilled to have you there cheering.

Have a blast at the girls' weekend...kicks some naked butts' butts!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

yay! congrats on the 5K. I've found that I run my best 5k times in the thick of marathon training. I also love to use the 5ks as a "test of my fitness" for the marathon. seems to work well for me.

Unless I get a crazy Boston random "caught up in the hype" issue, I'm not registering for 2013 either. Maybe 2014 will be my year to return. I want to go one more time, and then I think I will be done with Boston.

XLMIC said...

Yay for not being injured STILL!!!!! That is such a blessing and a tribute to training smart, I bet :)

congrats on the 5K PR :) And I believe you made a very wise decision regarding Boston. Enjoy your kids for as long and as much as possible!!!! So nice to read up on you :)

Becky said...

How did you like the race? I thought it was fun, but the course was a lot harder that I thought it would be!!!