Friday, February 3, 2012

Run with Jenn again and the cutest Brooks model I know:)

OK-SHOCKING, I know. I am posting for the SECOND time in one day. I'm averaging about one post a month and now 2 in one day...

ANYWAY, since this is somewhat of a running blog, I took a few pics and made a quick video during my long run today! The freezing fog lifted somewhat and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. High 20's and very little wind which is glorious for February in Minnesota. Generally by this time we have HUGE snowdrifts and below zero temps constantly. We have really been blessed this year!

I generally run a 5.6 mile loop for all my winter long runs that I do when I'm home. I don't like to wear a fuel belt unless I absolutely have to so I park and then just stop every 5.6 miles quickly to drink. Sometimes I carry a bottle with me for a little bit and then leave it on the side of the road where I can pick it up when I'm done. Today, I ran 4 loops. 4 loops=22.4 miles. This is a stupid number SO to finish the run at an even 23, one could actually run back and forth in one block segments for .6 miles. This would only be if one was completely anal.....I ran 23 miles.

This is running south right after mile 2. I run this for 1 mile and then turn east. Super boring but not much traffic. Really wide open on this route so wind can be a bit of a factor.

Running back north from the hospital through residential. Still boring.

OK-it is obvious that I sound like I just ran a 5K by this video and I also have a bit of a shaky hand problem-ha! Again, pretty boring footage but you can hear me yap!

This is the final stretch over the river and back west. It was SO beautiful with the frost today!!

Down the sidewalk and back to the car. I love winter running like today.

Random run notes:

Finished 23 miles in 3:02:37 today for 7:57 overall pace. SUPER happy with this since the first and last 3 miles were SLOW!

I opted to listen to an audiobook on my sister's Ipod for the first loop to try to make sure I kept my pace a little slower to start. It was a James Patterson book "Now You See Her" Now, this would NOT be something I would have bought but she liked it and told me to try it. I was laughing out loud when I was running!!! Seriously, the narrator would change her voice with the characters and at one point was playing a male Irish cab driver which almost make me choke up a chunk of my lung.....I will stick to podcasts I think!

My plan was to work in some MP pace intervals today which I did and felt strong doing! Clear roads and no wind sure make a difference!

I wore my Brooks Launch, Utopia tights, Utopia Softshell, Nightlife hat with a fleece headband overtop, Vapor 2 gloves. Got my fabulous NEW color Launches today! Reviews coming soon:)

I drank 32 ounces of water and 20 ounces of Powerade Zero grape. Also took 3 Cliff Shot Raspberry gels. I rarely take this many in training but decided to just take one after each loop.

I felt good today. I needed a run like this. I've not been feeling fantastic all of the time lately. Physically a few struggles with some things out of my control and for the first time in my 3+ years of consistent running, I am spending a great deal of time counting down the days until I can be DONE with the structure of marathon training. This hasn't really happened to me before and I'm ALWAYS planning ahead to my next marathon. This time, I'm not....I'm not sure what is in store for me after April. I think my real real love would lie in ultra trail running but living in MN with no trails and no time make this a distant dream....Perhaps a summer of 5K's with the little peanut below will be in store!

And just in case Brooks is looking for a new athlete, I think they should sign this one. She's cute, she's fast, she's sporting Brooks gear and she DEFINES running happy!


Amanda@runninghood said...

Ahhhh Jenn! Awesome run. I want your splits sent to me!! please! I bet you ran some really awesome splits to get that 20 miles in 2:36 and still have a sub 8 avg. Gee. Really glad to hear this. Personal e-mail coming soon but for now, what a cutie REese is...Brooks really should snap her up right now!!

Nicole Wagner said...

What size are those launches she's wearing????!! !so cute! I got mine today too and LOVE them! I bought Megan the little Brooks adrenalines....size 1. SO Cute!
GREAT run!!!!!!!

Jenn said...

Amanda-sent you a quick email. Nicole-those are 6.5 womens. She wanted them so badly so but I'm actually going to take her to a running store and get her set up with a good Brooks shoe for her. She had a a lot of achilles type foot pain last fall and not sure if it was shoe related.

chris said...

Super run. And you forgot to mention that you ran the first 20 in 7:45ish:) You are smoking it!

Love the video. I wish I had a flat road her. All the flats are false flats and I am either running up or down. Even the track, I swear, has a fast and a slow part.

Reese - oh....adorable. And yes, Brooks should totally take her. She needs a blog and an application. There is a market for fast kids:)

Achilles - eccentric calf exercises and strengthening the calves. She is probably on her toes cause she is so fast...

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Darn, Chris did not log out...

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Oh, and of course you are looking forward to no structure for a while. EVERYTHING in your life is structure right now:) And a summer of 5Ks with the Brooks model sounds amazing! I am planning on getting my little delicate flower to the track this summer and hold a shot block in front of him to get him to complete each lap.

Raina said...

Love the photos and that little mite- a new Brooks rep. = perfect of course!!

Coming back to re-read and comment more after my run. Love you! So glad to see you posting again!!

lindsay said...

well this would answer my question from a second ago on the previous post! i'm glad you are getting a little 'break' from the harsh winter too :)

i *probably* would not have left it at 22.4 either.

don't sign reese with brooks unless they pay her. LOTS!

Christie said...

Great run lady!!! :) I wish that I had an area in my town that had a flat area. Always ups and downs wherever I go.

Your daughter is freaking adorable! She's rockin' the Brooks. Have a good weekend.

mfranks said...

OMG, your daughter looks absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to dress up my Maddy up in brooks!

That is a fabulous long run that anyone should be super proud of. I used to run in cold like that...I can't take it anymore. In Mississippi it gets to be like 35 and everyone starts freaking out.
I'm still wearing the old color of the launch, can't wait to try the new color soon! - M

XLMIC said...

Super speedy!

I love seeing where you run! And hearing your Minnesota-ness :)

Reese is so lovely...her joy shines forth.

ajh said...

She would be a fantastic Brooks model!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

just wanted to stop by to say hello Jenn! we've had a really WARM winter, even for us, in South Mississippi. It's been really nice, except for racing, which I haven't done a lot of, so, just nice. I'm getting ready to race several 5ks and I'm hoping we get some COLD for those.

such a cute Brooks model. it runs in the family.....

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Sheesh! You are so fast!!

I have had many a laughs with audiobook narrators. The voices are hilarious and more so because they aren't suppose to be!

Raina said...

What I wouldn't give for a nice flat stretch like that sometimes! How many miles does that go on for? Seriously?! Not a turn or a hill...Why were you so thirsty? Didn't Joe drop all your drinks for you ahead of time? Better get on him for that one!

What a great pace! I am trying to imagine myself running that pace for 20 and I am just not there yet. Wowzers. and 23 for the day- just to cool down? lol. Right!

I really enjoyed seeing this route and reading about it. So different from my usual long runs. Glad the road was clear for you!

Your sister- so very helpful :) I am excited for your summer of 5ks with Reese!! You are going to have FUN.

Katie said...

Sweet run! I'm always looking forward to not training for a marathon by the second half of the cycle. The marathon is definitely my weakest distance. A bunch of 5k's sound great to me!