Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quick update:)

I'm going to keep this short and stick to a quick training update:) My weekend has been a bit crazy. My plans changed at least 247 times due to constantly changing circumstances and after packing and unpacking the car 5 times, I ended up actually spending Saturday and Sunday at home. My husband was off with my son on a hunting trip and then a hockey weekend.

Things are moving along here. I am working out in the gym in the mornings Monday-Friday with a trainer/friend (he's killing me slowly). I've completed 2 weeks and I'm just beginning to be able to lift my coffee cup and start walking normally:) I've been running Garminless, only easy pace, and I'll admit it has felt much rougher than I would like.... I've been extremely fatigued especially this last week. I think a lot physical and a fair amount stress related with other things going on in my life as well. My legs are SO heavy, my chest is heavy, I feel overly tired despite more sleep, and it seems as though I want to stop and walk at about mile 2 of my runs even though I already feel like I'm running slower than 10 minute miles.....

Yesterday I was out for a 10 mile run down a desolate highway near my house. This was my longest run in a long time. There is VERY little traffic, mostly fields and a few farm houses set off from the road by about 200 yards or so. I'm about mile 6 and I need to make a stop. No cars and a big ditch (aka/MN bathroom.) Back on my way a minute later and I see the police coming toward me in which case they pull me over. Apparently I was reported as a freak hunched over in a ditch spying....Yes, a spy in broad daylight...... Nope, just a freaky runner using a PUBLIC bathroom and OFFICER, it's not my fault they plowed down the corn which was my cover!!!! I wish I would have at least had my scary robber running facemask on...

I went out for a run this morning-two 4 mile loops. My first run in which I incorporated some hills. Not hilly hilly hills but a couple of less hilly hills:) I also took the ditch trail that I've been avoiding lately due to the uneven ground and soft road approaches that have caused my PITA some grief in the past. After yesterday's run which felt like I was basically CRAWLING, I decided to wear my Garmin taped over with hockey tape so I could analyze later and get an idea of what I'm running for "easy pace" right now. I am terrible at estimating pace but I again felt rough to start (very tight lead legs) and then gradually warmed up enough. I knew I finished the last mile a little quicker as I generally do. Not HARD HARD but strong. My motto is even the SHITTIEST of runs that finish strong sit better....

OK-so this is slower than my easy pace in the past and certainly not a run worthy of posting stats but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this today. I honestly thought I was running slower than 9:30 for the first loop. I think most of my runs have been similar to this one except for a couple of quicker 4-5 milers. Reassuring in an odd sense that I'm not running as slow as I FEEL that I'm running. By the end I actually felt pretty good and my legs were starting to warm up. Better yet, I felt VERY little distress on the hills and I think I'm finally turning a corner here. Finished the week with 42 miles.

Next week I will start incorporating more doubles to get my mileage back up there a little. I have an option to get a few miles in on my lunch break at work so I'm going to do this. My primary focus is still strength for 2 more weeks and then finally I get to do some more "rewarding" running and will hopefully have more energy to do so:) I am REALLY REALLY getting excited about Boston training!

I'm heading away with my hubby for our marathon reward this coming weekend in which I PROMISED I would not pack workout attire. Sometimes my shoes just mistakenly get left in the center console of the car??......Sadly, most of my wardrobe could double as running clothes so I'm covered if I need to "sneak" out. Those who have met me know I think cowboy boots, designer jeans, 1/4 zip pullovers, and a Brooks running jacket is a perfectly acceptable look:)

OK-off to catch up with you all! Congrats to a speedy racer this morning who I just stalked in her marathon results and saw she WON the race!!! Nice nice!!!!


Britt said...

Alright you crazy Russian spy...we're on to you! I didn't know that athletic wear wasn't acceptable on romantic weekends, I thought that it was multi purposed?! I guess I need some fashion assistance. No garmin these days for me either, instead I've been using a heart rate monitor. I think a turtle passed me today, but at least I was in the right heart rate zone!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

I am laughing over here about you getting reported. I mean, I know you are a trouble maker, but still. Did I tell you that at Baystate I peed in front of a cop when I realized that I was way behind in the porta-a- potty line.

I am so happy about the PITA. I have been waiting for a pain free run from you. This was is pretty awesome, Jenn. You are running faster than me right now, so slow and no Garmin!

I am so excited about your get away. We just got back in town and it was amazing! So reenergizing (though we did hike and I also ran!).

OK, I have a long email going and will finalize tonight.

And yes, MF is amazing!

ajh said...

Def. laughing at this post. A spy? Great one.

XLMIC said...

So funny! did you expect to see Ashton Kutcher come out of the cop car saying you'd been punk'd?

See, you're just fast even when you're slow. I am going to stop posting my stats from now on... until they are worthy of posting ;-)

You are just awesome, Jenn!

Jill said...

You never know, those Canadian Border Spies are pretty sneaky up there, wouldn't want any of them spilling our deep dark secrets to Canada - your husband can attest to that!! :)

Woohoo, Jenn...welcome to my world of 10 min/miles! Sucks, doesn't it? But mine are at a lung-gagging pace, unlike your recovery pace. Hehe. It's ok, I'll just be in therapy with it for a few years and then all will be fine! :)

But I am glad you are enjoying these past couple months and running sans Garmin. Love the gym workouts...I used to work with a personal trainer and I'd go in everyday and say, "Seriously, I NEED to run tomorrow, please don't kill my quads." He always did though. And I'm sure, eventually, I ran stronger for you will, too. And super stoked you have no glute pain - finally! YAY! :)

Raina said...

Glad you are getting away! Yay!! Will you be trading the workout clothes for hunting stuff then??

Even in your "rebuilding" and weight - sore state, your garminless easy pace is still faster than mine :)
Laughing about Britt's turtle. That happened to me today too.

Really excited to see where all this super training is going to take you. Watch out Boston!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Jenn, this is awesome to hear about this pain free run! Makes me happy. Definitely something to share! I'm impressed with what is easy to you after this time off AND all that hard core strength training.

Still laughing about your little cop run in here. ha ha!

And I hope you and Joe have so much fun!! You deserve it.

Okay, I ready to get down and dirty with the running talk. I still have not started reading my books too much but I need a direction so I'm calling you coach Jenn...What do I do? Now? Start building miles so that by January I already am used to running 50 miles a week? Maybe start this week with 40 and then move up to 50 mid november??

Jamoosh said...

You said "SHITTIEST" and I respect you for that.

robinbb said...

Oh how I love that story. Only in Northern Minnesota. I would be screwed if people started calling the cops on my many trips into the wood on my trail.

And I wish my easy pace was your pace. You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

LOL.....only YOU! I swear. That's some funny shit right there.

This reward sounds like it's coming just in time for you. RELAX girl. I agree with hubby - no workout clothes. You need to reset.

Have fun.

TX Runner Mom said...

LOL, at you spying! And yes, stress can make you feel run down and crappy. It sounds like you are making great progress with the runs!

mfranks said...