Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No, I don't have another SFX, I just took a blog break!

So, it has been quite some time since I posted. In a bit of a blog funk which seems to happen to me every year around this time. Every year being last year since I didn't even blog before then but whatever......


*Just home from a little getaway with my family. We weren't able to get too far this year with our schedules but spent some time down in the twin cities area hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, running, eating, shopping, and of course watching hockey games! Man, I love the lakes down here. I would swim all the time if I had these lakes around! It was SO great to run on the paths and then barrel into the water to cool off right after. Everything is a contest with my kids so I had to kick their butts in underwater handstand contests, races to the floating dock, underwater breath holding contests.....Ahh! I love winning-even against 7 year olds!

Reese with her 10 second head start out to the floating dock.

Reese and Max getting ready to head to the beach!

Had to spend the week sharing a bed with Max. This is how he sleeps. I have bruises on my cheeks from his feet.

Ryan and I trying to take a picture of ourselves which really is not an attractive way to take a picture-ha!

Ryan and Max

*Went to the Mall of America. This is not my favorite mall-I don't love malls. I'm a specific shopper and like to walk in a store and buy what I want, not walk 100 miles around a mall. My girls were anxious to shop for school clothes though.

Some purchases at the mall:

Ryan: Miss Me jeans for $100. NO lie. 100 bucks for a 13 year old. She is a babysitting fool and packrats her money, so if she wants to spend $100 on jeans and doesn't expect me to buy them for her, who am I to deny her. To her credit, she has wanted these for 6 months. Almost as bad as I wanted a Cabbage Patch doll when I was 8. I told her to save her money and she did!

Reese: Shorts from Abercrombie Kids that could be mistaken for a thong. I took one look at these suckers and said "NO" You are not getting those even if they are only $20 which apparently is cheap in this store. Ryan kindly piped up that my running shorts are at least that short. She got a filthy look from me. (they are really not that bad...so I'm telling myself)

Max: fake doublemint gum that shocks you when you grab a piece. It is supposed to be a "little" shock. It is actually a taser. He generally stands behind me very quiet in public but once he got this gum, he literally went up to complete strangers asking them if they wanted a piece. Also, fake dog poop. I paid money for fake dog poop-HELP! He has ZERO interest in clothes which is fine with me. I can shop for him in 10 minutes.

Me: nothing-I know shocking.

Joe: 14 quarters worth of hot tamales while he sat on a bench WAITING.

*Ryan played in her final hockey tournament of her AAA season, the International Cup. She has been playing on an elite team all summer. It's been fun to meet so many other kids and parents from different cities since she is the only kid from our town on this team. The talent is also fantastic at this level and fun to watch!


*I'm somewhere in my marathon training plan but honestly my brain is fried and I'm not even sure what week or how many weeks I have left. I'm too lazy to check my plan at this moment.

*things have been going well. I've been putting in the miles and hitting almost all of my speed paces. I did my first real track workout last week. 2 sets 10X400 with one minute AR. I tell you one minute is not very long after you do a few of these. Anyway, I surprised myself a bit by how much I enjoyed these (after I was DONE them) I really like using the track for speed. I'm not sure if it's just because it's something new and different but regardless, it's working for me. I should mention I had a speed queen pacing and coaching me through these which is somewhat of a help. People who run 2:10 800's and 4:20 1500's are good friends to have when you're an aspiring runner:)

*I ran 14 straight days without a rest day. I did have one day that was only an easy 5 and then some spin bike on that day so not all intensive but still a lot of days in a row for me. This last week I had an easy run on Monday, 400's Tuesday, a 14 miler that turned into somewhat of a progression run, an easy day, a TH run and then an attempt at a 22 miler on Saturday. I decided to register on a whim for a HM so I could bring my pace up a little easier in the long run. My hope was to bring maybe 10 to MP-not viewing it as a race. I woke up EXHAUSTED. Lots of activity this week outside of running. Parked 4 miles from the race start with the logic that I would have no choice but to run the 22 miles this way. I ran the 4 miles to the start-felt absolutely terrible. Humidity was over 90%, temperature was already way up there and my legs felt just wickedly awful at a first warmup mile of 8:40!!!! Hmmmmm-MP for 10 miles was sounding really fun! Mentally, I started falling apart almost immediately. Anyway, made it to race start and took off with the gun (7:12, 7:18, 7:14, 7:15, 7:23, 7:08, 7:17, 7:24) My legs rebelled big time here and my mind just wouldn't cooperate. I walked right off the course just after mile 8. I QUIT the race. I could really get into all my emotions surrounding this but I really just don't have the energy. Needless to say, I was very unhappy with myself, and finished the day with a little over 16 instead of my planned 22.

*took a rest day on Sunday. Ryan had two big hockey games and then a 7 hour drive home so lots of time sitting on my butt. Monday morning (yesterday), I woke up early to run with Reese before I sent her off to camp. We ran 4 miles at roughly 9 minute pace. My legs were still tight and tired even after a rest day.

This is Reese before she left me for a week. If you wonder what I looked like when I was 10, this is it. NO kidding, if my scanner worked I would scan a picture because we are seriously twins.

Anyway, later yesterday afternoon I opted to head out on another run since my legs were feeling much better and I was ready to get back to the grind. Plan called for 6 easy with hill sprints at the end but because of the cutback on the long run and some mental crap I was dealing with I made an alteration. Ran 14 instead

*Ran 10 very slow easy miles today. Back at the track for 800's tomorrow. The temperature has dropped a bit and I've decided to do these after work instead of at 5 am.

*I've decided I need a good race before my marathon. It doesn't have to be a PR, it just needs to be a good race where I feel like I laid it all out there and pushed my limits both physically and mentally. I'm on the search right now but I'm considering a 10K in 2 weeks. I think I will adjust my plan as to run heavy the front half of the week and allow myself a little rest to go into the race. I'm not sure what I'm capable of here right now. Just need to do it.

OK-enough word vomit for today! I am trying to catch up here since I've only signed into my blog briefly and seen only the posts that were brand new on my blogroll. I'm pretty sure I'm about 200 posts behind in my google reader. I have caught some great ones though like Beth's recap of her HIM which was fantastic and I could not be happier for her after knowing EXACTLY what she came back from to get to this point. Happy Tuesday:)


Jill said...

Wow...I am overflowing with Jenn info in my head, I need some time to process everything :). Just glad to see you back girlie, I'VE MISSED YOU!!!

I was going to say your daughter looked exactly like you before you even told us - holy cow! My kid pictures looked just like my daughter's kid pictures, too...but as she is getting older, I see more differences now. Funny.

You continue to be a running rockstar (and mom rockstar)...I think it sounds great that you're listening to the bod and just doing what feels right; sometimes forcing something that's not right tends to make matters worse.

And don't worry about not buying anything at the mall....you have 2am boot shopping mastered! :)

VERY tired and off to bed....sorry to cut out without commenting on more things but happy to see you didn't take as long a blog hiatus as last year!! :)

Raina said...

Yay!! I was wondering when you would post.....so much going on, and blogs take a LOW priority when you can run 14 days straight and play with kids at the lake ;)

You and I must be the ONLY people I know who can go into Mall of America and come out with NOTHING. I would maybe buy a coffee, but I shop the same way. :) Most of my clothes are now running clothes, too, oddly. Bravo for Ryan to squirrel away that much money for anything!!

OK...most everything running related will be emailed when I get a break from camp.

Hugs to you!!! So glad you are getting some "rest" and loving the track! Great workouts! Great 14 miler!!

Nicole Wagner said...

Hello beautiful lady!! Okay...that was a great post! Not word vomit at all. first of all, I was just thinking when looking at yours and Reese's self portrait that you look SO much alike!...then I read that you said you really were twins at this age...you are almost twins now:) The vacay sounds fun! Your son is hiarious...love the things he wanted to buy. Boys are so much easier I think ....and good For Ryan for saving her money for those jeans! I always wanted designer jeans (the addiction started young) and I too had to save my money. it taught me to appreciate them more:) good parenting;) your running sounds great and I think a hearty 10k would be awesome right now! I so wish I was in racing shape....:(:( blah....ANYway.....so good to hear an update!! !! xx

Amanda@runninghood said...

You are running some incredible times Jenn! And workouts! Good Grief!!! Your repeat 400 workout makes my fun time here seem like such a JOKE! Holiy s#$t. I know you told me about this workout before but it means more now that I just did only 7 with 2- 3 minute recovery and not 1 min. And you totally broke the rules with that 14 miles when it called for 6 easy...ha ha! Love it! That pace is incredible! You are on track for an amazing PR. I have good feelings and I'm getting so excited just thinking about it.

YOu and Ryan look gorgeous in that picture. And Reese...she looks so grown up in that picture with her camp friends compared to the one of her and max before swimming.

Gosh, I can see Elliana already turning into a teenager as we speak. I took them shopping tonight and she wanted only the coolest things. My Old Navy days are numbered with that girl. Crap!

Glad you've moved on with this race. At least it seems so. What a hard week you had...I don't blame you at all for making the choice you did.

Okay, off to pack and maybe get a little quaker action in.

XLMIC said...

So great to see your words here! I have missed finding out what is going on in Hotdish Heaven :) Sound like things are happening! Be good to yourself... you are one hard working woman.

Miss Erosion said...

You are one incredible woman! Freaking awesome running and wonderful mother. I love that you and your daughter go on runs together - I wish my mother and I were close like that! Def. make it a point to always stay super close with her :) Good luck in the rest of your training!!

ajh said...

Sounds like a great vaca with your family and you are one fast woman who seems to be on her way to getting even faster.

I managed a trip to Lulu when I was in DC and I did not buy nothing. Yes, I know that is a double negative.

Johann said...

Here in South Africa the children wear school uniforms. Everyone always think it must be cheaper than buying other clothes but I tell you it is very expensive. My son's school also wear different uniforms during winter and summer. Only good thing about summer is they go barefoot, so no shoes needed. Yep barefoot is the way for primary school kids here...awesome!
Your training is going great, well done!

Happy Runner Girl said...

Sounds like you are having a great summer and good training! Great Job! I have to say Miss Me jeans are super comfortable even though they are pricey and they should last a LONG time :)

lindsay said...

Why didn't you share a bed with your husband?

Shorts that are a thong... I'm going to A&F NOW! A Jean thong sounds so comfortable!

Glad you and your family are having a good, busy summer.

LindseyAnn said...

Are there no lakes up by your town? I'm so spoiled, I couldn't imagine not having a lake or two around. (Says the girl who can see Lake Superior from her apartment). Sounds like you had fun in the cities, though! :)

Your training continues to amaze me. With all that, and a hockey family... girl, you're incredible!

middleagedrunner said...

-your kid sleeps like I wish I could, love the diagonals...
-I HATE to shop too so I feel the pain...
-Your workouts look so intense that I couldn't even look. But this time of year, all I do is work so working out is like my long lost friend.
-Good post. Hope to be able to catch up with y'all on the interwebs more soon!

Caroline said...

ahh shopping....I am allergic to that...really....I can easily go to a mall and not get anything for me...easy...I am lucky..I can still get clothes for my boys without letting them have say or even come with me!

Rest days...ok I hate them but you know 14 in a row is too much..you know it...!!!!

I have a kid who is my twin also..it is really weird..he is a boy so of course not 100% the same..but there's some pics where I have short hair and it is amazing to see how much he looks like me...

Julie said...

I like Joe's type of shopping. I can get behind that.

I shared a bed with both kids Saturday night in a motel on a double bed. I've never been so pummelled in all my life. I even took some toes in my nostrils at one point. It was the only motel in town and it was too sketchy for me to sleep on the floor which was what I really wanted to do. ACK!! Good thing I saved $8 by not getting a room with two beds :p

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

OK, I don't whether to say first that your kids and you are beautiful in all those pics, or that your splits on that run are beautiful! ROCKSTAR. You say you need a good race before Grandma? I say you need a BAD one...look what you did after this past one, and it wasn't even that bad (as we emailed about!). Joking, I think your plan is awesome! I, too, am thinking about doing a couple of Fresh Pond runs.
Your training is going super, Jenn, and I love the confidence that I sense. OK, more in the email

Britt said...

Whoa $100 for jeans? Yikes, kids sound expensive! 14 consecutive days of running, man you are a machine! This would most likely kill me and I would be walking around like a 90 year old with creeky joints. Last summer I had a race like your half and I pulled out too, ugh still can't erase it from my mind.

BUT you sound like you are on fire this summer!

Cory Reese said...

14 days without a break?!?!? Mercy. You're tough!