Friday, August 19, 2011

Jibberish and a few more answers!

So, I came in the door from work yesterday to my family eating supper in the kitchen. Joe was cooking.....I won't even say what they were eating....Anyway, I just recently found my name tag that the wash machine "ate" like a year ago. I was wearing it on my scrub shirt when I walked in the door.

I sat down at the kitchen island and Max looks at me and reads my nametag out loud. "Jennifer, Assistant". "You're an assistant? What's an assistant?" Joe so kindly answers him and says "Mom is a "helper", to the Dentist. She assists him." Max pauses for a minute and says. "Why did you want to be an assistant? Why didn't you just be the dentist?" Ha ha ha! Smart boy!! I like this line of thinking-YOU go be the dentist kiddo!

I needed some laughs yesterday and I got them. I had a brother and sister duo come into our office. The little boy was 10 and needed to have a baby tooth extracted. He was EXTREMELY nervous. His sister was 7 and not shy at ALL. I was trying to reassure him that it would be quick and easy when his sister pipes up "I had to have these two teeth pulled out (pointing to her front, now permanent teeth). I got a bunch of shots and they just pulled them out. Now, I have these two big crooked ones. SO not worth it." I could not help it. I busted a gut as she was SO serious and her brother was just sitting there.

Summer is winding down. The kids are actually getting anxious for school to start. All sorts of back to school parties and end of the summer sleepovers! Reese is off at a lake cabin for the weekend with some of our good friends. She texted me this picture yesterday which made me laugh

Ryan at her end of summer pool party! To be in 8th grade again-I love this age. These girls are SO fun!!! (Ryan is the middle dramatic one in the front row)

Max out in the yard shooting his bow.

Did I mention I ran like 78 miles last week. Yes, I'm floating on that right now. I'm currently bringing down my average.

So, a couple of more answers to the questions.

Jess asked:

I wanna know what sports you played in high school (hockey??)!!

Actually, I did NOT play hockey. I played volleyball, basketball, and softball. Basketball was my sport of choice in high school but I played volleyball on a club team in college.

I'm not sure I want to know about the tampons...okay, yes, of course I do!

OK-finally divulging the tampon deal!! Actually not that big of a deal but hard to explain maybe that my husband actually PURCHASES urine from animals and then uses tampons as a scent wick of sorts to somehow get the big daddy's to come into his line of vision so he can bring home $700 pets to hang on my wall.

Who would play you in a movie?

That’s a tough one! I’m pretty sure I would be in a comedy. Hmmmmm...Who's a really hot sexy actress full of class with a mysterious dark side?? Yes, she would not play me-ha!

AJH asked:

I definitely want to know about the tampons. And also - is he okay with this being out there in blog world?

Ha! Tampon answer above. My husband doesn't read my blog so I can say all sorts of stuff like how he spends more time in the bathroom than I do and how he actually likes to watch Glee sometimes....I do often speak to Joe about my blog or friends I've met through it but I honestly believe he doesn't read it.

Did you do sports when you were a kid? If so what was your favorite?

So, I kind of answered this question but as a kid I also loved to ice skate and I grew up playing tennis with my dad almost every day although we did not have that as an organized sport when I was in high school.

If you were given 5 minutes to grab as much as you could in LULU what would you go for and how much do you think you would get? Let's make it 3 minutes. 5 minutes is pretty long.

I guarantee 3 minutes would be long enough for me in Lulu. If money were no option I could DRAIN this store and quickly. I love the Run swiftly long sleeve. I would grab EVERY one and I also love the Run for your life pullover-would grab EVERY one of those too and the Yoga camp pant and all the speed shorts in my size and every hoodie and tank I could grab. Yes, 3 minutes is enough!!!

OK-I will get to the last couple of answers soon. I am also going to work on a video of me doing what I was most recently using as a workout outside of running. I've been asked a few times in the past and never got around to answering so I will now. I can't do it right now because of literally a pain in my ass but I will get to it at some point. This is the workout for those of you who don't need the video. I didn't come up with it, I just use it.

Knee Hug Lunge X 10, Reverse Lunge & Twist X 10, Drop Lunge X 10, Lateral Lunge X 10, Inchworm X 10, Spiderman X 10, RDL X 10, Heel to Hip X 10, Heel to Butt X 10, Russian March X 10

Workout-4 times through sets as quickly as possible while maintaining quality form. Time yourself for fun:)

Prisoner Squats X 10
Lunges x 10
Step ups into Reverse Lunges x 10
Jump Squats x 10
Push-ups (feet on stability ball) x 10
Stability Ball Leg Curl x 10
Seat chops (Left hip to right shoulder) with weight x 10
Seated Chops (right hip to left shoulder) with weight x 10
Jack knife x 10
Tri-cep Dip off of bench with feet on stability ball x 10

OK-off for a night with my girlfriends. Happy weekend! Best of luck to all you racing!! RUN RUN RUN!!


XLMIC said...

I am so glad to know about the tampons! I never would have guessed! I need a video of you doing your workout because some of the concepts are too advanced for my mommybrain :P it sounds awesomely intense!
You sound like you're doing great! I've missed reading your jibberish :)

Allison said...

Your kids are a crack up! Dying at Reece's life jacket undies. She looks like she's ready to do some pool running, eh?

Too funny about the tampons...

Wow. 78 miles. You are such an inspiration!!

I agree with XLMIC about needing a video. I'm al, "Huh?!?!?" after reading about the different exercises.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Hey girl. Sitting here in bed after too much fun last night. Really should go upstairs and say good morning to my friend since it is 10 a.m. :) Love your Dentist stories. I have some dentist stories from childhood. Um, funny pic of Reese. :) So fun that kids can text their parents pics these days. And t hat pool pic makes me want to swim. After coffee of course.

Your workout sounds intense. I love how determined you are. No pain in the ass is gonna slow you down. Who are you running with today? How long?

Glee? Huh Joe? And tampons...creative.

I'll check in here again later. Hope you enjoy your run.

lindsay said...

i have actually heard of the pee for hunting stuff... when i was in kentucky. didn't know about the tampon trick. i'll be sure to keep that in mind if i go hunting.

8th grade was such an awkward time for me. im glad your children aren't off to a scarred start.

Amanda@runninghood said...

oh, a night with your girlfriends!! I read "off for a run with my girlfriends"...first read of the morning...hadn't even gotten out of bed or had a drink of water. sorry. I was thinking it sounded weird. Running with girlfriends and running. I was thinking you were like running really slow with a group of girls which didn't make sense at all. sorry for poor reading.

Raina said...

That Max is too smart! Haha...a tempurpedic AND he wants to be a dentist. Well, he can get that bed if he goes in that direction!! :) I love that he can read your badge... We'll be there soon- I hope.

That story of the extractions...well I can imagine it being funny/not funny! N's dentist does not normally let the parents in the back for appointments because he uses terms like "squirters" for syringes, etc...When N (three at the time) had his abscessed top tooth pulled, Dr. tricked him into thinking he pulled out his own tooth with string while he pulled with the tweezer things. I was astounded. Haha. Genius!

Reese must be having a great time :) What a crack up!

And Ryan-- I will never forget 8th grade. Wonderful and terrible all at the same time. She looks like she has some fun friends. :)

Ah friend, you are floating...but not for long. It will be grinding and pumping again really soon. And what a mileage "cushion" to float on.. A little resting will leave you feeling much better and ready to hit it all at full throttle.

We don't know anyone who hunts from a stand with urine around here ;) but I'll remember that trick if the right opportunity ever arises! For now, my tampons are safe in my cupboard.

Hope you are enjoying your girls time and weekend..

Will be thinking of you!

now let's see if this comment is short enough to make the cut here.

Lisa said...

So great to see you blogging again! I think I'm all caught up reading the posts I didn't see before. Sounds like you're having a great summer, definitely some great training! Enjoy the last few days before school with the kids!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

You make me laugh with every post. Max is super smart, though he should know that smart mom picked that job for the perks it comes with. I would not mind trading job for a while:)
Your kids are having a blast this summer. How are you doing withou your Reese? So thoughtful to send a pic.
Those workouts are like Chinese for me. Impressed that you are doing all that stuff, good for you.
Hope you had lots of laughs with gfs last night ( I am on my phone and it changed gfs with gas.... No that would be me having fun with gas in the tent with 2 boys).

ajh said...

I forgot I asked you that Lulu question.Sounds fun. I want to do it too. And you can scope out where everything is ahead of time. Listen to me go on like we can really do it.
And my husband watches Glee too. I don't but he does.

Love the various pics of your kids.

Jill Costantino said...

OMG - I LOVE the life jacket game! Holy smokers 78 miles - how did you fit all of that in. Woozers!
That tampon thing is crazy!

Miss Erosion said...

Your kids are at such a fun age! Love the photos.

78 miles... holy crap woman! The fact that you can fit in that many miles and be super mom is amazing to me. Have a great week:)

Happy Runner Girl said...

WOW on the weekly mileage! That is awesome!! Cute and funny pics too!
Do you lift legs weekly then?

Jill said...

Awk!!! How did I miss this post? Must have been trying to entertain Amanda while she was here or something. You know how demanding and needy she is! ;) So sorry...

I am reading this when you were happy happy happy with your running and of course I'm no concerned about your damn glute!! I hope it is settling down and you are feeling good and strong and ready to run!!

I love your kids, they are absolutely adorable and such great ones. I know you beam with pride daily!! Even when the girls fight over the bathroom :). My daughter told me I was an under-achiever in my professional it when they just blurt out stuff like that for absolutely no reason. I think I need a new job as a dental assistant!

Ok girlie, I hope things are looking up for you. I'll check in with you soon. I'm sporting one large headache so I'm sorry that I am not more responsive ... I'm so happy to have found your past, late - absolutely made me smile! :)

Irene said...

LOVED the pics of the kids! It looks like they had a great time!

Tampons? I never knew!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

love those kiddos - smart and entertaining like their Mom!

78 miles - rock star!