Saturday, July 16, 2011

My spectating Race Report and Kudos to my kiddo!!

I wimped out of a 10K this morning because of the projected heat. I hadn't mentioned it on my blog which was wimping out before even wimping out-ha! I'm not entirely sorry I didn't run because I wasn't in the right place with it anyway. I'm quite certain I would not have had a good race today. For me to race well, I need to feel confident, excited, motivated....not tired, scared, and reluctant and I just couldn't shake this yuck (somewhat brought on by my EXTREME distaste for racing in heat)....I'm still learning to grasp the concept that races can be run and serve a BIG purpose even when they are not PR attempts. Tough conditions produce tough runners-right?? I know this, I just don't like to accept it. I've got to swallow my pride and get over myself...In fact, I'm going to make myself a challenge here....I'm not usually one to back down from a challenge...Babble babble

Moving on....I assumed my 10 year old daughter Reese might also want to wimp out (5k) since she had just run a mother of a heat race on the 4th of July (which was a bit of a disappointment for her) but NO, she's tougher than mom!

87 degrees, heat index 99, 94% humidity by 8:00 am (race start at 9). I had the patio door open in my kitchen overnight and the hardwood floor was soaking wet from all the humidity in the air. I wiped out walking to get the cereal out of the cupboard.

Took this picture before leaving the house. You can see how thick the air is. I could hardly breath. Drove to the race with Reese and Max and started my "mom" speech trying to prep my little peanut for the possibility of this not being the "best" race. Add to the fact, she has not run one time since July 4th with a busy summer schedule!(Yes, I need to mow my lawn)

This is Reese a few minutes before the start. Small town race starting and finishing on the track. 5K/10K start together and I think maybe 100 runners total. My friend Heidi is behind her in the light blue tank. She runs a 2:54 marathon which is not even her specialty yet! She is also a totally ripped, freakin' machine and the most beautiful runner I've ever seen. Skipping running today to just watch her along the course was worth it!!

Coming off the track after the opening lap!

Poor Reese! All by her lonesome by this point!! Hard to run without anyone pushing you on either side. I was able to catch her on my bike throughout the race which was fun!!

I love this picture. She is so HOT and just sweating bullets and poor baby still has like .75 miles to go!!

Coming up to the track to finish. My vehicle is the one with the lights on. I left it parked there since Max was throwing up in the back seat. As she ran by he stuck his hand out the window and she ran over and gave him a high five! God, I love my kids!!

Hot sweaty mess but finally done!!

Heidi winning the 10K by a mile even though it was just part of a regular workout for her, not a race. I think 38 something-not bad for a fun run! She WILL run 2:50 in Chicago. NICE legs:)

First place in my age group was 47 something.....I tell you EVERY race I don't run ends up like this.

I was SO proud of Reese for this race. I was like a spectator cheater and handed her a wet frozen washcloth at like mile 2. She wrapped it around the back of her neck and just kept pushing forward. She pulled out a massive kick on the track and finished 4 seconds short of a PR according to my watch which was set with the gun. 23min. They had a bit of a finish clock malfunction as it didn't start with the gun or something and they had to start it at 1 minute elapsed or something odd and they were still working on adjusting times. For now, I'm going by my watch which is fantastic considering the conditions out there!! SO happy for her and really a good confidence builder as she beat a girl by over a minute who had beaten her the race before. Reese TOTALLY remembers these things and I LOVE it!!

I am working on my answers for my Q and A post. I think I will have to make more than one post to get through these! Ask until Monday and then I will close up and try to finish my responses!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm heading out for 18-my longest since the marathon tomorrow morning. I'm hoping to be running by around 5 am to beat at least the blazing sun. This whole week projected to be 90's and sunny. I'm almost thankful to be in air conditioning at work every day!!


ajh said...

Congratulations to Reese. Man does she look hot!

Lisa @ Eat.Pray.Run. said...

I think it is so amazing that your daughter does this and does it so well at her age. That's not normal, right?? I mean, how many kids are really out there competing so well at this age? So impressed. I'd love to get my daughter (7 1/2 years old) started with running. I think it's a great way to become more disciplined. When/how did Reese get started?

This hot humid weather totally sucks. I've been wimping out and going to the air conditioned gym this week. But I'll be up early like you tomorrow morning! Good luck on your 18!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

You know I have a heat issue, too. And yes, it is very mental. It amazes me how kids are so free of the worry details - I bet Reese did not think much about the heat, she had a race to run. She is so strong and looks like such a runner. Big congrats to her! And I could not help myself from laughing picturing little Max throwing up in the car, Reese running in the heat, and you chasing her on the bike.

Checking the ego at the door - I am working on that myself. Not easy to do though. I do think there is something to say about racing when you feel confident. You had a tough week, lots of hill running, etc, and you were tired.
Good luck with the 18 miler. I have a feeling it will go very well. Let me know, k?

KT80 (Running Like a Girl) said...

That is so great! I hope I can encourage my kids like this - not necessarily to run, but to find things they love and really push themselves.

Caroline said...

Pretty Reese: Congrants on your fantastic race!!!! wow you are so fast already!!!

hot and humid is hard. for the summer season here, I have decided to not focuss on PR. Next race is 10k next Saturday, my goal will be negative splits and strong finish. I will use these HOT summer races as training for my next half (Sept.)

Amanda@runninghood said...

First off, congrats to Reese!! GReat race recap. My favorite is the cold washcloth and max putting his hand out the window...throwing up??? seems like was just sick...poor kid. This race sounds so fun...small town races. Heidi looks like a stud! Reese looks just like me without my handful bra...bahahaha!

Our weather is so drastically different than yours. I don't even know what humidity feels like! We have cool, cloudy and comfortable over here. Like 60s-80's. Crazy summer.

Again, congrats to Reese!! Good luck on your 18 tomorrow girl!

Raina said...

Amazing little girl! What a HOT day for a race. You are a dupe mom for handing her the washcloth. - and it's a good reason NOT to race.
Nice work with the almost PR Reese!

Heidi is an amazing looking runner. Great 10K time:)

Not sure if I will ever pay money and sign up for a race I don't expect to do well in. PR's are nice!!!...I suppose that if it were the right kind of training run race---(I wish I had raced more in January!)

The humidity must be something else! Do you water your lawn? Ours is not green at all..and much taller :)

Hope the long run went well! I will enjoy stalking your stats!

Raina said...

I am NOT sure how super got turned into DUPE. lol....oops!

Britt said...

What an awesome kid! At her age to have the desire and determination that she does is truly unique and moving! She looks so cute running too!

Jill said...

That is fantastic!! Congratulations to Reese - forget that question I asked on your Q&A post, I can already see what your kids would be doing if you didn't live in hockey-ridden Minnisota! :) It is so amazing as a parent to see your kids put their hearts into something and never give up. Us adults can learn a lot from these kiddos!!

Bleh to your heat! We are suppose to be in the 100's next week .. I think I'm moving to Alaska for awhile!

Have a great week back to work, Jenn! :)

XLMIC said...

Go, Reese! WOW!
Personally, I think you were smart to 'wimp' out :P
hope Max's throwing up thing is all done with…poor guy :(

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

wow, Reese is awesome! Congrats to her. She ran a great race and the air was so thick - awesomeness! (I recognize that thick air - NOT PR racing weather for sure)

I think the longer you run, you will be able to wrap your mind around racing - NOT for a PR. You are still a baby in the running world and have so many PRs ahead of you. BUT....keep working on that concept because PRs eventually run out, but racing doesn't have too. (I hope I have a few left in me, but BOY are they getting TOUGH to pull off)

Allison said...

Yep. Running in the heat definitely makes you tougher. Hell, simply living in it does too. Ha!!!

Reese is a badass. Send that little firecracker my way so she can toughen up my oldest. We are at a swim meet (Regionals + a no time standard meet) and Evan has done nothing but bitch the entire time (water too cold, too much chlorine, he's itchy, he hates backstroke, sunscreen is making his skin burn since he got a very mild sunburn last week, etc.). Good grief!!! I hope by the time he's 10 he will be over all that! Anyway, great job to Reese and to your super speedy friend in blue.

mfranks said...

So wonderful! And so awesome how supportive you are!

Maddy is only 9 months but I can't wait till I can support her through something athletic or whatever she chooses as her passion.

BTW- I am ordering a running skirt from Brooks...I figure I will try anything ONCE. My husband thinks I'm crazy! I will let you know how it goes...or doesn't go!

Suzy said...

Wow, wicked heat for you! Congrats to Reese. I love that you had your bike out and were taking pics all along.

Miss Erosion said...

Congrats to Reese!!!! She is such a cute girl.

kristen said...

Way to Reece! That's awesome. I can totally see you in her determined face.

And yes, I've totally made fun of people like me wearing race shirts in the race. i was cold. and have no shame aparantly :) Thanks for the tag.

My question to you: how long have you been running?

lindsay said...

hmm... not sure i can give you this "mom of the year award" after reading that you left max in the car puking... :)

congrats to reese! i love that she went to high-five max (though that did cost her the 4 seconds to PR...) ;) jk. the high-five is wayyy more important!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You breed athletes!!! Max toughing it out in the back of a car to support his awesome sis Reese!!! Good job Reese!!

Julie D. said...

This makes me want to cry!! way to go, reese!! what a fighter getting after it in that heat. I love it. LOVE it. That girl is is going to do something special for sure!!