Monday, June 6, 2011

Tapering, races, wine, guns, and marshmallows!!!

Well, the weekend is over, I'm officially tapering. I've mentally gained 5 pounds the last two days (physically probably only gained 4....) and I can run only a 13 minute mile but things are all good:) Ah-taper madness!!!

The weekend was GREAT around these here parts! It included such things as


Joe explaining the course to my 10 year old daughter Reese for her 5K on Saturday!

Reese with her medal AFTER her 5K that measured 3.19 miles on the Garmin. Official time 22:58, 1st in AG, 5th overall female (I think?). It was HOT and humid and even the 1st overall was almost a minute slower than her usual time! This is the first race I've actually seen Reese run this year. As she came around the finish corner with about 1/4 mile to go, you better believe I hurdled a baby stroller and took the legs out from an innocent bystander busting my ass onto the course to cheer like a superfreak!!! I had just forced out a tough 20 miler the day before, this pace was NOT comfortable in sandals!!!!! People may have been staring and shaking their heads..... There is NO GREATER FEELING IN THE WORLD than to see personal satisfaction on the face of your child....

I know. I should be a professional race photographer!!! Wrong setting apparently.

You might be a redneck......
I hit the can 9 out of 10 times and therefore I WON (which is all that matters)! We will not mention that my husband shoots from about a mile behind me when he takes his turn-ha!!


This would be me in full get-up! I'm thinking I wear makeup in too many of these pictures I post-ha! Here's the real deal folks, bags under my eyes from lack of sleep, wine, graham crackers(the Hershey bars and marshmallows are by my feet) and a can of Diet Cherry Pepsi on the arm rest. I don't even DRINK pop/soda but I am tapering so therefore ALL rules are broken!

Other weekend news:

While spectating this 5K, I was also clock watching and thinking of Amanda running the Newport Marathon!! Congrats to her on comfortably qualifying for Boston in a conditions that simulated a sauna!! A mental test, a physical test. She PASSED!!! Excellent time she ran, but mark my words....this girl has not even tapped the running keg yet!

Also, on Saturday "Incognito Raina" went on a fun little joyride that resulted in a sub 20 5K PR and she hasn't even been doing speedwork!!! (OK-I now see she updated her blog so I'll drop the incognito-If I should EVER run sub 20, my blog would be updated before I drank water in the finish chute-ha!) Congrats Raina! You are amAZing! We will all be seeing 18's (this summer or fall even) when she decides to actually train for a 5K!!!

SUAR busted out 3rd in her AG in her sprint tri! SUPER awesome!! I just KNOW how great this feels for her after rehabbing not one but two nasty injuries. SO SO happy for her!!

Jill, broke her defibrillator, or debilitator, or derailleur or "thingie" as I call it. Super bummed out for her and hoping that she has a chance to get back out there in the next couple of weeks....

Many other racers that I haven't had time to catch up with yet!! Excited to read reports!

SOOOOO-this long post should end but I will be posting likely later tonight my taper schedule and my race strategy as of today. I have 12 days until my race so probably 12 strategies coming-ha! Happy Monday ALL!!!!


Amanda@runninghood said...

Not so long of a post..I was hoping for more to help me escape from my tired fighting kids who are all "marathoned/beached" out! Yay Reese!! Serious talent there...serious! So excited to watch her journey and say that I know the next Kara Goucher...because I will know her then...for real. I'll be like "Aunt Amanda" by then....ha ha. kidding

You are Gorgeous!! I said this to you last night about this pic but seriously...natural beauty and nice to see you relaxed and doing what you do best you redneck you! So fun! I wanna come play! I'd be shooting your windows out or something totally off target. You better watch out...the Bowers fam just might drive up there and set up a tent on that lawn of yours!

Thanks for believing in me Jenn. I really do believe that you think this way and it makes me fell empowered to do it again and prove you right! Tough race but I learned so much about myself and I know that i"m not a quitter because I soooooo wanted to quit at mile 20. well, mile 17 really. Hope I can get into Boston with that time and that it doesn't all fill up! I really want to meet up with you there!

Enjoy your taper girlie! And whatever on the 4 lbs. Talk about 4 lbs..that was me this weekend. And I'm not going to do a thing alll week except eat, drink and be merry! And stalk you!

Raina, Beth, Jill...Way to GO!

Amanda@runninghood said...

holy novel! sorry about that. gee.

Meghan said...

Congrats to your daughter! I love when I see kids running races. It's fantastic - and they are usually passing me by, ha! :)

Jamoosh said...

First in Age Group! Mom better watch out, someone is gunning for her...

Julie said...

first...your daughter - WOW!! What a great race!!

now...which kid on that play structure did what thing to make you so mad that you took aim???

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Your daughter is a little rock star! What an amazing job!

Small Town Runner said...

You are ABSO-freaking-lutely hilarious! I love the GUNS n'AMMO cover shot :)). I feel RIGHT at home...except there are a few turkeys absent, looks like.

Reese! TEN?! And 22XX on a long course? Seriously! Wait 'til high school and she decides to get SERIOUS. WOW. Great talent!! I would have knocked everyone out of my path for that also.

OK...sub 18? choking on my water. phhht.. LOL!!Yeah, we'll see about that. Please let me know where I can find a good primer on 5k training and a few more hours a day for that! :) Thanks so much for your friendship and encouragement.

Tapering...your lead legs will be fresh as daisies when it matters most! You know the drill....
Try not to go too crazy. It's only a few days now, really, til the new PR!!

Congrats to SUAR!! and Jill...just another indicator that she is really made for running :) glad she's back at it!

Running and living said...

I've said it before, but Reese is a blond version of you. So beautiful, delicate yet strong!

4lbs, nah, all water and mind games (though I know how I hate that part of the taper and I am there, too).

Really thrilled for your marathon! I have such a good feeling for it, such a good one! I think you are going to surprise yourself and run faster than you think!

Love the pic with the rifle! Joe has such great form, no wonder he runs fast!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Jenn, I just love you! Your words and thoughts capture what seems to run through our heads pre-race. And, could you be any more photogenic, geez?! (sigh)

Okay, Reese is a studette already!! College coaches better contact her and get her committed to run! Takes after her talented mommy!

ajh said...

Wow Reese! That is so awesome! She is amazing!
Love the gun picture!

Jill said...

Yeah, I love how everyone rocked their races (even Amanda who did BQ in a sauna!) yet then there's me who me and my thingie failed. *sigh*. But I'm stoked for the others...I have got to get over to Beth and read up on her tonight.

Reese is a ROCK STAR, whoohoo. I smell track scholarship!!! :)

Are you doing Grandmas? Why am I drawing a blank here? Did I just ask you that? I'm so out of it.

Diet Cherry Coke and marshmallows are excellent taper food, I think you nailed it there!!

Ok, I'm too tired to really say anything witty so I'll just close for now and keep ya posted if I need a new motivational sign to keep my thingies all in tack!

Allison said...

Your daughter ROCKS!! Way to go Reese!!

And you are gorgeous, bags under the eyes (whatever) and all!

Small Town Runner said...

OK...just back to stalk your taper schedule.

Nicole Wagner said...

Oh my gosh...I have yet to read a post of yours that does not make me laugh. thanks...I need that:) LOVE your redneck photo....if I took a picture of me doing that I think my husband would be turned on. seriously...something hot about a women that can shoot a gun and shoot it well lol. I would probably fall over backward when I pulled the trigger.
Reese...that is AMAZING!!! think of how many time those little legs hae to turn over compared to ours to get that pace?! you go girl!!! what a rock star....I bet you're so proud...I cried when my 6yr old did the kids quarter mile. i'm such a baby.
have fun tapering! and NO ONE told me I could drink pepsi during taper week? I was eating friggin' salads...what a gyp.

Michelle said...

Wow - so happy for your daughter Way to go!!!

Good luck with the taper!

Britt said...

Wow, this is a great weekend! It gives me butterflies in my tummy to read about your daughters achievements and reminds me of my younger years when I took up running. These will be some seriously wonderful memories for her and will give her such empowerment in her growing stages. Go Reese.

I'm impressed with your gun skills! Quite a talent ;)!

Quinton J said...

wait...was the photo of you with the gun before or after the wine?

lindsay said...

i need to come visit the sane shooting range.

congrats to reese! awesomeness! hope she always loves the sport and never feels too pressured. (i know you won't push it)