Friday, June 10, 2011

More taper, my overscheduled life. a track race, and my race bib!!

Well, I promise not to bore you with over analyzed facts and numbers tonight! Instead, I will jump right back into the unorganized randomness that IS my blog outside of tapering! Once again, I have absolutely NO flowing thought and I'm actually clipping my toenails and eating a popsicle while I type...A God forsaken no sugar added Popsicle that is totally not doing it for me.....If I get out of this taper gaining only 3-5 pounds it will be a freakin' miracle.

So in typical format the random updates:


I am seriously running on empty here right now, at least for the month of June. I have resorted to a color coded spreadsheet just to try to keep my kids activities organized. I am now only working 2 days a week because that is all I can make work. Considering we live about 5 miles out in the country I could be a permanent chauffeur. The kids are going NONSTOP. This stresses me out in a sense as I feel like I'm just wishing the summer away....Everything has gotten so intense. Hockey is no longer just hockey. It is skating treadmill, and speed and agility training, and strength programs. The world has become such a competitive place. To compete, many of these things aren't optional anymore....There are days I would love to just pull the plug and move out into the wilderness and just detach from EVERYTHING. Simply a vent here-I truly LOVE my life!

I am SO behind on blogs. I've had VERY little time to spend on the computer as of late. I still read on my phone but I think this will be one of my last blog posts before my marathon so I'm cramming in a lot of stuff here! Thankyou so many of you for your continued support!!!! I feel like a shitty blog friend but it's either a shitty blog friend or a shitty wife or a shitty mother or a shitty runner......It's almost over! One more week!!!

Seriously excited for recovery for the first time ever. ENJOYING summer. Time off from work, NOT ON CRUTCHES, hangin' on the boat, waterskiing, wakeboarding, sipping cocktails around the fire. This may only last 2 weeks but I'm going to just eat it up this time around!!!!!


Taper is going WELL!! Perfect timing for a slash in miles with our crazy June! I'm loving just lacing up my shoes and knowing I have a 6 mile run on the docket and not 15. My legs are also enjoying the rest as my easy pace is creeping up faster and faster feels GOOD.

I went to my first track night tonight!! FREE races! I can honestly say I think I was more nervous for this than almost any race I've run. I had NO idea what to expect. Things were not really going super smoothly either as I was LATE getting out of work and hightailed it over 30 miles to the track in which I changed out of my work scrubs into my shorts in my car and RAN to the track just to make it in time. So, approximately a 100 meter warmup for a mile race which is maybe not the best for a distance minded runner. I've never run a specifically timed mile on a track and I had NO idea who would show up to run. There were 15 total people signed up for the 1600 and they broke it into two separate races tonight. First heat was for projected sub 7 which I signed up for. Well, I finished 3rd. I think this sounds quite impressive. I'm not sure it's necessary to mention there were 5 of us total and one dropped out, so technically I was second to last. I think third sounds better so if anyone asks, I was third, GOT IT!!! I never thought I could have so much fun coming in second to last. I knew of the girl who won. She runs a 17 something 5K, I was definitely the only 30 something in this heat. Total learning experience as once I got to the starting line, I was completely not concerned about my pace and only concerned about NOT BEING LAST. I finished in 6:11. I know I can do better. I didn't pace myself the best. I was really thrilled with this though! I really thought at 35 years of age the chance of me ever even getting close to running a mile with a 5 in front of it was impossible. I've never believed in my speed. I am SO EXCITED to do this again. I wish they did it twice a week. I can't describe how much fun I had! I also ended up doing a 4X800 relay to fill out a team. OMG-I suck at the 800 but I still had a blast and realized I love running as part of a team as well. I don't even know my split here but we came in second. Again, this was a BLAST!!!! And THANKYOU for the good luck wishes via email!! So fortunate to have some people who I feel genuinely want me to succeed and go out of their way to encourage me! I had two projections and failed on both of them-ha!! Still smilin'

I received my Grandma's marathon packet in the mail today!! I am not able to make it to the expo so I had to pay and have them ship my stuff out ahead of time. Actually, I will be going to a hockey game at 8:00 pm on Friday night (marathon Saturday) for my daughter. I anticipate her being off the ice by around 10 pm in which case we've made arrangements for someone to take care of her and my other two kids overnight so Joe can drive me through the night to get to Duluth so I can hop on the shuttle to get to the race start. Ideal situation for the night before a marathon. I will likely get no sleep but being as my body is accustomed to 4 hours or less, I'm really not worried about this. I also have no choice but to finish this race in 4 hours or less since I have to then hop back in the car IMMEDIATELY and make it back to pick up my kids. I'm slightly bummed not to have them on the course cheering and I'm slightly bummed that I have to miss out on the post race festivities with my high school friends who are running (8 of them)!! Being as I'm not sure when or if I will actually post again, I am staging this picture of my race outfit-ha! (And yes, my visor is all sweaty because I just took it off before the picture)

I'm already looking ahead to my fall marathon in which I am somewhat training with my husband for the first time. We RARELY run together and although we have a fantastic marriage, we've mostly kept our running separate. I'm sure there will be some interesting verbal dialogue during these runs but I am actually really looking forward to it.

I'm also doing my first duathlon in August. I'm a bit of a rookie on the bike as far as knowledge and racing but I've got good leg strength and I actually think I could do well with this. I'm excited to try anyway!

So, this overly interesting post must now come to an end so I can pack up my car to drive roundtrip 8 hours tomorrow for a volleyball tournament and then turn around and drive 6 hours for a hockey tournament on Saturday!

Best of Luck to all those racing this weekend! I'm truly anxious to catch up here. ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!!


Amanda@runninghood said...

Holy Moly! so much I want to say here but I really just think I'll have to call you! :) ha!
Okay, here goes...what shoes are those that you'll be wearing???
Track night? So stinking cool that you had that...I didn't know you were doing that or maybe I should know because you probably told me or wrote it and I was listening/reading Amanda style...sorry. But seriously cool that you had so much fun with this.
What?! And overnight drive and no sleep before your marathon?! Your life is intense Jenn! I don't know how you keep all your balls bouncing girl! Hockey, volleyball, work, no sleep, AND training for a marathon!!
and 8 of your high school friends are running this marathon? First off, you have a lot of friends from high school still..I barely keep in touch with one or two of them. And I don't know of 1 person that I went to high school with that would be running a marathon! Seriously, people are competitive up there! ;)
Which brings me to this hockey thing and competitiveness...this is crazy what is all involved to be stay in the top of the Hockey world and other sports. Makes me wonder if I'm doing enough as a parent. I've let my kids try things here and there but for fun...nothing serious...granted they are all young but that seems like when they need to start in order to have a chance these days!
Okay, so shoes? and I need to get a visor. I just know you are going to rock this marathon even without proper sleep.

Nicole Wagner said...

that track meet sounds so fun Jenn!!! I have only tried to run an all out mile a few best is 6:09...but I want to get into a 5 sometime when I'm back in shape....which seems to be getting further away every day! but whatevs! I am super psyched for your marathon and I predict a SUB 3:15 my friend! go get 'em!! xx

ajh said...

You are busy. You did GREAT on the track and sounds like you had a top notch time. Good luck at the marathon which you will also rock. Then breathe.

Carlee said...

Wow! Just so excited for you and your race. It's going to be great. Can't wait to hear all about it :)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Wow you are busy! I haven't done a track night, that sounds fun to have those races and wow you are fast what a great mile time! Good luck on your marathon, hope all the timing goes as planned!

Shawn said... that chaffeur thing down pat. My oldest was playing the highest level of soccer in Ontario for 3 years. We pulled him out this year but did about 1000km's (600 miles) a week in driving plus games. Add the other lads activities in and a BOSS that works shift ours.....and you get a colour coded schedule.

Just think, you will have plenty of time to sleep in about 15 years!!!!

Enjoy, it's fleeting.

By the way, we are all shitty at something once in awhile, it's just the way it works. Kinda like being Stretch Armstrong.

ShutUpandRun said...

Since you're being random, I'll be random too. Your bib number 5972. Did you know that 5/9/72 is a lucky day? It was when Israeli special forces stormed a hijacked Belgian jet and freed all 97 hostages on board.

Are you kidding me? Of course I did not know this off the top of my head. I love you enough that I looked it up.

Either way, you are on a track for a great and lucky marathon.

kristen said...

Holy crap! You take being busy to a whole new level. I couldn't imagine. I'm glad you are not one of those moms who try to do it all. I love that you admit when your house is a mess or you don't cook for your family. I love that you keep it real. Also, being a good blogger should be the first to go. No worries. We will be here when you get back.

In case you don't have a chance to blog again GOOD LUCK. And have a great race. I'll be thinking of you!

Johann said...

Keeping busy is what keeps me sane during taper periods. That and still running every day, even if it's only 5km it helps the sanity. Your marathon will be great!

Jennifer Cotter said...

You're training for a MARATHON with that schedule? You are awesome! I would crash and burn trying to keep up with that. Best of luck on the marathon. So excited to hear how it goes. You'll do great! :)

Michelle said...

Hang in there! Good luck with the race!!

XLMIC said...

I'm not training for a marathon and I am still not able to be a good blogfriend :P I've been doing a lot on my phone lately…reading blogs etc…but commenting from the phone just blows. I am making that happen right now…for YOU! (Because i've read this post 4 times on my phone w/o commenting…it is time :) )

Miss Erosion said...

I know you get told this fifty million times... but you are SUPER freaking woman! Good luck at your race!

Running and living said...

Congrats again on the race. Makes me happy you like the track, I love it too:) Sub 6, shortly:)

No sugar added popsicle, blah, they actually make me hungry. Have you tried frozen fruit? I love partly frozen cantaloup (I freeze it myself), or frozen mangos or papayas.

Sports and kids, wow, I did not realize the level of commitment. Lets just say we won't have these issues here, with my delicate flower.

You seem ready for the race. love the outfit. Not racing in the launch?

You are going to love the duo. I remember how much you enjoy biking.

I, too, am excited about recovery time, just not sure I will be able to make myself rest...will try:)

Britt said...

My my, you life is exhausting! You are my idol! So maybe the night before the race isn't the most ideal, but it's only one night. You been a rockstar throughout your training and seem to be focused, so I'm sure you are going to float along that course feeling like a million bucks. Oh and congrats on the timed mile. You've motivated me to find free track nights here in Chicago, and I haven't ran a timed mile since my junior year in high 10 years???

Keep enjoying the taper, 1 week! Yay!

Britt said...

Sorry for the typos, my iPhone is hard to type on and I didnt proof read.

Britt said...

Sorry for the typos, my iPhone is hard to type on and I didnt proof read.

Small Town Runner said...

Jenn, this is jam packed!
First off, I am super proud of your being able to balance life with all your training and the kiddos activities. i have NO idea how you do it- and not sure how I will get through that stage. I am reading for tips here...

Sure wish there was a way you could get full rest for your race and also get a little recovery time after! Hopefully you will finish sub 3 and have plenty of time to rest before that drive :)
Your daughter must know how much you care for her.

Gaining weight is NOT going to be an issue- just keep drinking and eating. You might lose 7 pounds+ on race day!

Look how well you did in the 1600!!! You are a ROCK STAR! That old PR went down...:) Imagine with some training for it. No wonder your fast pace is feeling easy! I can't wait to hear more about this track stuff. I felt the same way at the OTC meet I went to last year. Nervous as ever!

LOVE the race outfit!! Cute visor too :)

Don't feel like a bad blog friend. Family first!!

Irene said...

Wow! You ARE one busy lady! Well, you know what they say about busy people? They get more done! I hope you're able to fit in a breather!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Wear is your cape Super mom?!! You are amazing and I can't wait to read your report!!! GO Jenn!!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

And, I can totally get the competitive nature of hockey and maybe some of the parents too! Youth sports are die hard nowadays. College ain't cheap and scholies help!

Caroline said...

that schedule looks like mine...minus 1 kid and I train for half not full so I am in awe of you.
Taper...I don;t like messes with my head more then anything!!!

cannot wait to see how you do for the marathon!

Meg said...

Oh my, that spreadsheet just freaks me out!!!! Ah!!!
How you can pull it all together AND run AND kiss your hubby AND rock it on the track is totally BEYOND me. I think I was popping pills in the closet when my kids were BUSY like yours. JK, they were candy pills.

I can't wait to hear about your marathon. You'll totally ROCK it as always AND do it with style and grace. Enjoy your taper and don't stress about the blogging...that should be way down on your list of LIFE !
HUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE hugs for your race!!