Thursday, May 5, 2011

What happens when I don't get sleep.....

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Yeah-sometimes I don't sleep well and do sh*t like this.....I may even have seizures laughing by myself at my own computer.....

Off for a big hockey weekend!! Finally going to hit the 60's outside and I'm going to spend the weekend in a hockey rink! I'm so excited for a fun weekend with my family though!!! My husband leaves on Monday for a 2 week trip so good times before he goes!!

Training week-

-6 easy recovery

Tuesday-14 total-10 am which ended up being a little faster than I planned...this is becoming a regular occurence with my easier runs again. The "Jenn" plan....Jenn should not be writing plans.... 4 miles after school with Reese
I'm trying this print screen paint crop thing-yeah, won't be doing that regularly-way too lazy.

Wednesday -8 miles 5X1K repeats with 2 minute active recovery. Did them on the treadmill due to bad weather before work. Very tough. I used to find the TM easier for speed and now when I use it, I'm practically putting a hole in the wall from nearly falling off the end of the thing.....Would MUCH rather be outside. Have I mentioned that I'm hating Minnesota right now.....Anyway, I had to lengthen the recovery on the last two and still slower than goal pace. I am struggling with mornings....

Thursday-decided to wait until night to run this to give my legs a little more recovery. I needed to fit in somewhat of a tempo since I won't run tomorrow and want to long run on Saturday. I never run speed and tempo back to back and wasn't sure how my legs would feel. They didn't feel too great and I suffered through 9 with 5 in the middle at 7:18 which was a HARD effort (like damn near 5K effort) and slower than I would have liked. Whatever....


Saturday-Planning for 20-22 with first half moderate, next 8 or so MP+10 seconds and final 1-2 at HMP+10seconds. This will be a tough one for me I think but I get to run along a nice path on the Red River and a change of scenery will be nice.

6 recovery

Good Luck to all those racing this weekend!!! I will be away from a computer for the next few days but will try to keep up my reading on my phone!!

It's looking as though my good buddy Amanda may not be able to race her HM this weekend BOOO!! except perhaps with the stroller pace team.... I'm posting this sign in tribute just the same!! Check out her post if you think I'm a freak for calling her this!!


Small Town Runner said...

First comment!!!
Negative splits, Ghost-rider! Woot!!

Back again after I read the rest. :)

Small Town Runner said...

Love the sign for Amanda! =D

Enjoy your weekend in the rink...hope you can get outside for that nice long run!

The Thursday run...well...golly, Jenn. I don't know many people who could pull off 7:18 miles after a wednesday workout like that. Sheesh! I would say to try it on your LR Saturday, but something tells me you are already running MP for that =D ..or HMP.

You are cranking out the miles!

1 buck for gut-busting humor is totally worth it. Maybe I should get on your ecard email list!

Saving some turkeys for your guys....

XLMIC said...

You are THE trainingmommachine. I sit here in awe. I need to crank out some running miles... not just laps swimming around my living room ;-) lol

Great sign for Amanda! I hope she gets to do her run and feels good doing it :)

Hope your family has a wonderful weekend! And happy mothers day :)

Jill said...

Um, I'm sorry if you posted something about running, I have absolutely no idea what you ran this wee, I can't stop laughing at the video! You are cracking me up...and btw, blondes do have more fun, huh!?!!! And apparently, big boobs...not that I know, I'm just going with the video baby!

Love ya!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

LOVED THE made my night!! I LOVE 'Jenn' plans....will you write my next one. Girl, you are incredible! Have fun on your hockey weekend and I LOVE the sign!

Amanda@runninghood said...

aww, I love you Jenn! You made me smile HUGE in this post! Thank you for posting the sign!!! Yay!! Just for me! :) And I Love that you linked that hot sexy bitch post...great, now it will really be listed as my top most popular is making its way to the top. :)

That video was too funny! Loved the very end.

I hope you get a great training run in this weekend. That sounds like an awesome plan for it. I think you'll nail it! E-mail me your Garmin results when you do! :) I will just have to be living my running life through you until I can heal this crotch of mine. ha! crotch is so much more fun to say than groin! :)

Um, yeah, the friggin strollers! What?! ha ha.

C2Iowa said...

Negative splits! Nice.

ShutUpandRun said...

PLEASE make me one of those signs for my HIM in August even if you don't think I'm a hot sexy bitch. I just love it. You are such a good friend!!

And fast speedy runner too.

Can you send me your address at Got something for you.

Britt said...

I love the sign! Wow you do some really great mileage, and your 10 miler was amazing! Your a girl after my own heart the way you do you pacing, I love picking it up every mile.

Julie said...

The video totally cracked me up! Nice!

lindsay said...

so you're not sleeping 'cause you're getting physical... i see, i see. just don't text us about it k?

the video was awesome. keep having insomnia and make more!!! you have a great ass.

TX Runner Mom said...

Love the sign! Enjoy the hockey weekend with your family!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You are too cute with the sign for Amanda--hood!!

I am so impressed with your training Jenn--you are LEGIT! Good luck this weekend on your 22 miles! Wishing nice weather your way!

ajh said...

Love your signs! Have a good weekend with the family.

Shawn said...

I think your Running (IN)Sane.

Maybe I should get out of bed when i can't sleep...I just kinda do the beached whale thing and see how long I can just lay there quietly.

Enjoy the weekend...Family Time = Heaven!!!

Also...I need a sign for my Marathon in 23 days...but no beaatch comments please!!!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Love Jib Jab! Too funny!

Awesome training!
Happy Mother's Day!

Running and living said...

Love the video and your facial expressions. Fun!

You did 3 hard runs in a row! I think you should be very please with yourself. Had you done them with a rest or easy day in between, they would have been faster and easier. But, I just read something about how sometimes it is good to overload the body and then rest - you make gains quicker.

Enjoy the weekend! Hope you get some sleep...with all that getting physical stuff you can wear yourself out, you know:)