Friday, May 27, 2011

Rushed update on life, training, and the 10K....

Back at the library....still computerless....Had a panic attack about how many hours I could spend here desperately trying to catch up and comment and then decided, to adopt the "from this day forward approach". I read your blogs on my phone. I'm in the loop:) My husband will finally be home today and we can get this computer situation figured out...

News in random format in 18 minutes or less since I'm on the clock with the Chuckster and he is dying to give me the "tsk tsk" and catch me breaking one of his 47 rules. He's especially upset with me since I keyed his car on the way out of the library on Tuesday....

Life news:

*this has been an incredibly emotional week for me....So much going on. Many tears. Don't need sympathy-I'm in a happy place:)

*My hubby will be home this afternoon!! We have seen each other only briefly in the last 3 weeks. Date night tonight in which I will actually get out of the fitness wear for 3 hours and take my hair out of a ponytail.

*Reese is running a 5K this weekend. She ran with me on Sunday and at the 5K, 24:13. This is a PR for her in a run and she was yapping away and not tired as one should be running 5K pace. I've always been VERY careful of stressing time or pace with her at this stage. She is in that innocent young stage where she just wants to race and doesn't feel the pressure yet! I want her to hold on to this for awhile.

*Just found out they will be hosting a track night every Thursday this summer in a town 20 minutes away. Races in the 3200, 1600, 800, 400 and relays-FREE. I've never even run a timed mile! I'm looking forward to giving this a shot. Forced speed!!


I haven't had an off day in 11 days. I planned it this way.

Monday: 10@1:22

Tuesday: 22 miles at 8:05 average with 6X2 minutes at HMP in the middle. Panicked about my lack of a consecutive 20 considering the HM last weekend and 10K this weekend. Decided I needed this. I started this slow for me. Proved how well this approach works for me as I felt really good at mile 22. No rest day since the HM and still performing well. I can truly say, if I have "issues" in this marathon, I don't believe they will be due to my physical ability.

Wednesday: recovery 4

Thursday: 6 miles with 6X2 minutes at 10K

Friday: 2 miles easy


Sunday: race

This is the BIGGEST cutback I've taken in a long time. 48 total miles. Certainly can't use the non-tapered excuse for this race.

Race Goals:
I am in the heart of marathon training. Running a 10K goal race at this point is perhaps not the ideal time. That being said, I don't feel overly stressed about it. I'm more than confident about my ability to PR as I've only run one other 10K and my PR from that is OLD. This is one burden lifted. I also don't feel the stress of comparing pace and distance between the 10K and the marathon in my mind. Completely different races. I'm not sure I have a goal time in mind....I think I will just run this time. I would REALLY love to see something in the 42's but regardless I believe I will run 6.2 sub 7 miles which is a great tempo for marathon training in itself. I'm excited especially since I just checked the weather and looks like 44 mph gusts:)

So, my time allotment is up. I'm getting the evil eye! GOOD luck to all those racing this weekend! Some big ones:)

One more thing. I know many of you have seen this Top 25 Health and Fitness Mom Blog thing going around! A friendly fun competition! If you don't already read Amanda's blog, you need to check it out as in my opinion, she covers EVERYTHING in her blog that this competition represents. There are also a bunch of other great blogs out there and you can vote for more than one!!!!! Here's a quick link . Make your way over and click the thumbs up:)


Running and living said...

Sorry the week was emotional. Do tell!
About the 10K. I hope you will do a 20 min slooow warm up. Love you attitude and have no doubt that you can go 42 if you pace well. Send me an email when you know, I will be thinking about you! Glad hubs is back and you'll have a much needed data night. Must be tough with his schedule although I do have to say that I enjoy the few nights my husband goes to watch sports with his friends. More than that, though, would be hard.
OK, very impressed with your training, no doubt that you will get a 3:10 marathon, and a sub 42 10K:)

Teamarcia said...

Sorry about the computer woes and the emotional week but I'm glad to hear you're in a happy place!
Go you and Reese!!!

KT80 (Running Like a Girl) said...

Good luck! You'll do great!

Amanda@runninghood said...

rock! I have not had a sec to read this yet since my little man is yelling at me from his crib that he just pooped but did skim for any juice so I am still in the Jenn loop in case you didn't fill me in on something bit via email or text. :) And I saw that you gave me a shout out! Thanks!! Means a lot!

I'll be back to savor your blog post. :) I will make a better comment "all about you and not me" when I return. xo

Rochelle said...

You are going to do amazing! And i'm so jealous...I almost want a girl caus it sounds like fun to have her enjoy running!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Jenn, I'm stealing away for a few minutes while there is no fighting going on around this crazy house. I feel like I've touched on a lot of this from this week but I did not know about this track group and I think this sounds fabulous! I've been too scared to try one of those but I think I might just be ready sometime soon. Whatever happens with your 10k this weekend, I'm excited and it doesn't change the fact that you are seriously one of the biggest WINNERS in my eyes! I think of you all the time when I'm thinking of how I know some pretty cool people and how lucky I am to learn from them and be inspired by them...YOU are on the top of this list.
Sounds like this has been a cleansing week on many levels, including lowering your miles so much and giving those legs something to itch for! You're going to do great...and those legs of yours are going to be BEGGING for a beating after being shocked by your normal to us but slacker-like mileage this week!
Have fun with JOe tonight. And have fun dressing up! Love to you!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Firs off, have a wonderful date night with your hubs! Intermittent sightings for 3weeks is rough!

And a break from the computer isnt such a bad thing right? :)

I am in awe of your training as a newbie and excited to see your race pan out next weekend!!

Nicole Wagner said...

I cn't believe a low mileage week for you is 48. that was my regular week in my marathon training and i only ever hit a high of 59 miles ONCE. I am eager to get up over that...but being so new to running..mileage over 50 is still really challenging for me. I hope your date is awesome! I love getting dressed up:)can't wait to hear about your 10K! you're gonna kick some bootie girl!

XLMIC said...

He's only pissed about the keying because you gloated about it TO HIS FACE!!! lol just kidding :P

Wishing you a fabulous date night... I know it is long overdue and much-needed at this point. And best of everything to Reese in her race... love that innocence and excitement combined :) You will have a blast with that track night... I can see you ripping the place up!

You are totally kicking it with the training! Way to go! And your attitude toward both the training and the racing sound spot on where you want to be to get done what you want to get done. I hope that made sense... it did in my head!

And.... we're not going to mention that last part :P But she IS a blogging rockstar... no doubt about it :)

Britt said...

I think that it is awesome that your daughter has this lovely running glow at her age, hopefully it sticks with her. I am a big jealous of a free track night in your neck of the woods, those are hard to come by here in Chicago.

You may want to weight yourself down for those gusty 44 mph winds, yikes that sounds rough. BUT I think that you are a champ and you are going to rock it out. Have fun and I'm praying for wind at your back that will make you feel like you're on cruise control.

Small Town Runner said...

Go get em!!! You have this one, girl!!!

SO excited for you to BLOW away your old PR and come home with a super-duper shiny new time. =D

Hope you are ready to rock and roll!!

Jill said...

Just make sure Joe gets one of those juicy text message prior to date night so you'll get lucky later!! Did I just say that outloud? Opps. :)

I'm so close to ordering a new laptop, my retarded one just is so nausiating - though I somehow managed to watch TBL just now on it since I forget to on Tuesay - I'm shocked smoke wasn't flying out of I can hear ya on dumbo computers! At leat I'm not at the library.

Go Jenn, Goooooo!! Remember to wear the lucky shorts, ok?

ajh said...

Try flattening his tires next. Good luck in the 10K and happy reunion with your hubby.

Julie D. said...

you are amazing!!! Good luck on Sunday....and enjoy that 3 hours out of fitness gear and ponytail tonight. :)

Cory Reese said...

Good luck - you will rock it!

Small Town Runner said...

Jenn- I hope you had a great date night and the extra special treatment. :)

If my hubby were gone much, I'd be a wreck. It's hard to hold everything together sometimes. I hope all is OK with you and your family. Hope those tears are gone!

Just teasing about chuck's car, right???? =D

Your training is looking fantastic! Really getting excited for you AND the track thing this summer looks like a GREAT opportunity!!

Have a great weekend, girl!

Julie said...

Thinking of you! Can't wait to hear how you crushed that old 10k PR!

Irene said...

I'm very impressed that you went to the library to catch up! I would have been M.I.A.

No days off in 11 days? Wow. It looks like you're training smart, though.

Best wishes for Reese!

kristen said...

1) I love your blog SO MUCH!

2) Hopefully your hubby was able to fix all the thigs that broke and your life became a little easier.

3) Chuckster totally deserved it!

4) Good luck on the 10k. I hope it's everything you want.

5) your library has a "no blogging" rule? wth?

6) They don't make scrubs wrinkle resistant and you have to iron them? F-that. Another reason why I would never survive in the medical industry.

lindsay said...

oh lord now you are pushing circle of mom's too?!? another reason for me to not have kids ;) haha.

i hope date night went well and you and hubs are enjoying not being apart. not that i have to hope, i am sure you are... bow chica bow wow. just send me your number and i'll text! wink wink.

Meghan said...

I truly enjoy your blog - I am a runner turned "serious runner", if that makes sense, and I do love your blog for the inspiration!