Sunday, April 10, 2011

A little 5K PR:)

Shelton Spring Shuffle 5K Run/Walk
3.15 miles/20:08
For those of you who clicked on this post strictly for my time, you can now avoid reading this.

So-I tackled another 5K yesterday. I've been in a bit of a funk, started having some anxiety issues relating to racing lately, and decided the only way to snap out of it was to run. Everyone who knows me, knows I strongly dislike any distance under 10 miles(actually any distance under the marathon-ha! I have always believed I'm more of an endurance runner and I wrap myself in that pretty comfortable security blanket. I don't like speedwork but I've been doing it and I've been pushing myself with it. Time to test it out.

My Goal:

Believe it or not, I really had no specific time goal. My biggest goal was to run hard and push through the mental barriers that have been plaguing me as of late. I almost never put my goals out there because regardless of whether I want to admit it, I do struggle with a fear of failure in some sense. I hate this, I'm working on it, and I'm starting to get a handle on it. Anyway, this time, although I didn't mention a time goal, I feel like I put myself out there a bit by stating that I was going to PUSH my limits, announcing to friends that I was rested and ready, and leaving myself not many "outs" for not performing well. I felt a freedom going into the race, a freedom of no excuses. I reminded myself that my legs would not fall off and if they did, it wasn't an A goal race and I could take that risk!!

The Course:

I laugh a little when people ask if the race was chip timed. I went to this race with just my daughter Reese so I didn't have my camera but I'm going to post a picture of another race at the start to show how "official" it is around here!

Yes, the starting line is cones. We are lucky if we get recipe cards for bibs, and we often finish with a volunteer holding a stopwatch! Races are often small fundraisers for local causes. It is very rare to have more than 100 people in a race especially this time of year and people have won 5K's around here with times over 20 minutes! Today, we were graced with real bibs and a finish clock-we felt like Elites! Woohoo! Anyway, the course. Mostly pavement, a short trail maybe 100 meters to connect to more road, flat other than a small bridge and not many runners.

Warmup: Took some advice here and went for about a 20 minute SLOW warmup. Much slower than I ever run. My daughter Reese joined me for about the last 1/2 mile as she was also running the race!

The Race: Very wet but just a light drizzle. Puddles EVERYWHERE. The wind was almost non-existent and I would rather run through a lake (do they call this swimming?) than fight wind so I was happy with the conditions! I lined up right on the start line, felt almost nauseous in my stomach but not really nervous, just antsy and excited. I strongly considered not even wearing a watch but decided I wanted the Garmin data so I strapped it on. Popped in the headphones and started a conversation with myself in my head about my two choices: To Flee or Fight! Thankyou AM:)

To start. My legs felt GREAT. BUZZING! Things felt effortless for a bit. Most of the race is a blur. I had my Ipod BLARING. I'm pretty sure the other runners didn't even need to wear Ipods because they could all hear mine. Sometimes I don't even race with music but I needed it today. I don't even remember what I was listening to. There was a big pack in the first mile other than 2 guys who TOOK OFF with the gun. Little kids and everything were running right with me until about 1/2 a mile. A kid wearing Vans, a hooded sweatshirt and a baseball cap was actually a fair amount ahead of me!! Crossed mile one in 6:25 and noticed that people were starting to drop off. At this point, I knew of only one girl ahead of me and she was still within reach. I remember feeling good at this point. Strong and surprised since when I run mile repeats around this pace, I NEVER feel this good. Mile 2 had a few turns, I tried to run them the best I could. I was still feeling pretty strong but I could feel the negativity wanting to enter somewhere in this mile. I was able to dismiss it pretty well though. Mile 2- 6:19. Prior to the mile mark I noticed the girl ahead of me was widening the gap and although I wasn't out to beat anyone necessarily, I felt maybe a little disheartened. When I looked down and saw I had run that mile around 6:20, I got a a boost. This was FAST for me and I knew I was on track for a great race for ME if I could keep going strong! No doubt I was getting tired here though. I dismissed typical brief thoughts about how I would like to just trip on a rock, hurt myself, and not be able to run anymore because I wouldn't have a choice. Do people really have thoughts like this???? Well I ALWAYS do, but today I won the mind battle. I was prepared for this inevitable fatigue feeling and the thoughts that surround it and had primed myself to push through it. I couldn't even muster a good mantra after the 2 mile mark, just kept chanting one mile one mile one mile. Isn't this just clever-so motivating hey!! Whatever but it was working! I missed looking down at the 3 mile mark(6:29) and just ran up to the finish with as much as I could muster. Girl in question was already done and nobody next to me. (Final .15/6:06). Finished 2nd overall female.

Final Thoughts:

20:08. Couldn't be happier with my effort. I did not have 8 seconds. I was spent. Does it bug me at all that I was only 8 seconds over 20-YES of course. I jokingly told my husband it would have been better if I finished in 20:20. Still the PR but not the "what if's" Honestly though, I wasn't even ATTEMPTING sub 20 and actually felt it was quite a bit out of my reach at this point. I wanted the PR and got it by 21 seconds which was a major accomplishment for me. This was maybe one of the best efforts I've ever given in a race.

For those of you who encouraged me yesterday and every day actually through prayers, comments, thoughts or emails. I'm truly grateful. I consider you real friends!

My little peanut Reese (10yrs.) finished her race in 24:51. Not a PR for her but she hasn't run at all and was just out to have fun as it should be:) I watched her finish and she was bouncing and smiling and not PAINED as I imagine I looked-ha! I encouraged her to write her own little race report so maybe I will have a guest post in the near future!!

I hate race pictures. I didn't bring a camera but Joe snapped a couple pics of us which I threw up on my sidebar when we got home. I'm thinking he should have snapped them before we left:)

Other quick training update. Last Wednesday on my easy run I bumped into 2 girls running up ahead and eventually caught them. I know one of them well and the other somewhat. I ended up visiting with them for a bit and long story short made a run date for yesterday afternoon with one of them. 18 miles. I have been running solo for a long time and thought it would be really nice to have at least a partner for some of my long run. SHE WAS AWESOME!! We avg. 8:41 which was slower than I usually run but I was really just concerned about the mileage since I wasn't sure if my legs would even cooperate after the 5K. She NEVER stopped talking and it was absolutely the most enjoyable run I've had in a long time! I'm so looking forward to knocking out a few more easy ones with her!!!! Finished the day with 23.5 miles! Things are lookin' good!!


Running and living said...

Congrats again, that is a huge PR for a 5K. And you've got the sub 20, on an accurate course. I say go again! Yes, you've conquered the mental demons, and it will get easier and easier! Really proud of you and happy for you! Oh, and I can't tell you how many times in the past - and the Boston marathon last year comes to mind - I had thoughts about me falling or passing out, so that I would have an out, an excuse to stop running. Like you, I have been putting it all out there, and getting rid of excuses like "I am not tapered", or "I will not race", etc. It is freeing to do this. It is empowering. And it works - you run faster! Great job!
And, wow, HOT JENN-MAMA! Love the pics! And congrats to your little Reese, too:)

Sarah Jane said...

Congrats!! You rocked it!

ajh said...

Second overall female! Wow! Congrats on the PR. You are a good racer at many distances.

Victoria Elizabeth said...

Congrats! That is an awesome PR!

Runnin' Momma said...

Great Work! Awesome time, and I too have those awful thoughts about oh can't i trip or start feeling dizzy...anything just so that I can stop! At my marathon in October it was SO boring that everytime I saw my hubby and kids I would say to myself, why not just quit and go home and do something fun with them, and then I remembered that I do think running is fun! But, what a great job today! (oh, and like you, our races too are usually quite small and in college I did win a race in like 20:30!)

Hope you are enjoying a day of rest today, Katie

Shawn said...

Hey...I called it!!!!!...congrats...that will start next week off with a smile!!!!!

Caroline said...

first I read the whole thing...of course!

I love this: "Still the PR but not the "what if's" that is fantastic I think. Peace of mind with great results, does not get better then that. Congrats on your second place and your speedy time. And to Reese! She is speedy also!! I love those pics of the 2 of you.

Julie D. said...

amazing, congrats!! loved your self-talk through it. Way to kill it!! My little girl is a Kaitlyn Reese and we almost flipped it for Reese to be her first...I LOVE that name!!! Congrats to her! So awesome.

Jill said...

Congrats, are so much stronger and capable of much more than you think and I am so excited to see you get out there and conquer those cobwebs in your head - that is a HUGE milestone. Sometimes the races we have very few expectations turn out to be the ones we excel the most in - less pressure.

Congrats to Reese, too - that's a great time for her ... expecially since she hasn't been racing lately. One day soon, you'll be chasing HER down (as Ryan surpassed me this summer *sigh* haha).

Stephanie said...

Ahh! I just love your family so much! You are so amazing. I swear I don't understand how you make running look like a super model competition. Yellow looks great on you! I can't get over the guy in the Vans! Hah! And YES...I often think about running smack into a tree during races and feigning an injury! :) This post made me so excited for the runs I have planned with Izzy this week.

XLMIC said...

That is just incredible! Congrats on a race very, very well-run :)

Bethany + Ryan said...

wonderful job! i laughed out load at the first paragraph with your time! You'll def get under 20 min next time, it's only April! By fall you'll be crushing hte 20 min mark! Congrats!

middleagedrunner said...

Ohhhhhhh SNAP! You are CRAZY FAST!

Small Town Runner said...


You are improving with each 5k you do and if you take another 20 secs off the next one... we shall have to bump you up to the next level of elite =D !!

So glad that Reese enjoyed her race. A lot of our local races are organized that way too...Or, if you want chip timing and certified, you have to pay more. ;)

I didn't read a weather report, so it must have been dry? That's nice!!

23+ miles for the day!!! You are a ROCK STAR!

So happy for you!!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

oh so much to say. You look amazing! My gosh, that is not a bad picture you dork. You look like you're made of freakin' steal! And what a great idea to have Reese write a race review!! Awesome!

Congrats again jenn! You are so amazing! I love the mental work you were doing. Ana Maria says just the right things...I love this flee or flight thing!!! So glad you are taking control of these feelings of failure...i love your honesty in this post. You talk of feelings we all have but don't always verbalize. Thank you! This post will stick with me for a long time and I'll think of you when I'm battling that desire to stop, trip, quit, slow down and think of excuses.

Yay Reese! Just like her mama!

Oh, and my race didn't even have cones at the start. sidewalk chalk and dudes in hunting gear. LOL!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Girl you are absolutely amazing!!! Congrats!! Love the picture of you and Reese!!! I want your legs! Cones to start....awesome!!! I am with you on the whole fear of failure! Running with people is the best, wish I could run with you!

Korin Lopez said...

Awesome! You are so fast and how fun to share your day with your daughter! You are beautiful!

lindsay said...

Ugh. I finally catch up to you in the 5k and you go sprinting off ahead of me. I see how it is... ;)

Congrats on the new PR!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Congrats on an awesome race!! You killed it!!

And congrats to Reese. I can't wait to do races with my girls =)

kristen said...

Way to bring it girl! So impressed. And way to stick with YOUR race. That's a champions mindset.


Emily said...

CONGRATS on an awesome PR! Does this mean you're leaving the hate club??

Morgan said...

Dang women, that's a heck of a PR! Way to go! You def have a sub-20 in you but don't dwell on the what if's just celebrate the success of the race! Congrat's to Miss Reese too!

Irene said...

Congratulations on the PR! I sort of did the same thing with the "what if's." After a while it turns into "it is what it is."

*high five!* said...

oh WOW!!!! that is SUCH a HUGE deal!!!! you are a rockstar.

i'm going to be thinking of your amazing speed next week at boston. maybe your speed will rub off? virtually?

Keri said...

Congrats on an amazing PR!!!!

Steel Springs said...

Congratulations on an awesome PR! Second female is really fun, too! You'll have that sub-20 in no time.

Great photos from the race. Congrats to speedy Reese, too!