Monday, April 4, 2011

Gratitude and of course a little random:)

Well, happy Monday y'all! I know you're just chomping at the bit waiting for my Monday rambles....or maybe not but here they are anyway!!!

I had a fantastic weekend. So refreshing to have a weekend all about ME:) Just a great opportunity to reconnect with my husband, hang out with great friends, bust a gut laughing, drink a little wine, eat too much sushi, finally get my toenails repainted after about 6 months, get a wicked awesome massage, rip the back of my jeans out trying to climb a rock wall perhaps slightly under the influence, light a small chunk of my hair on fire on a candle on the table, talk, dance, read, run, tango.... All in all, a great weekend. I woke up Sunday morning feeling very content. My life is in a very happy place. SO..... Time for a gratitude list!!!

*I'm thankful for my very best friend. The man who can talk to me with his eyes and no words are needed. The man who still treats me like a trophy wife EVERY day after 13 years. Opens my doors, takes my coat, and pulls out my chair....the man who values and respects me.

*I'm thankful for good friends who "get" me. Friends I can be totally myself with and never worry about what I say or what I do. Friends that make me laugh until people are wondering if I'm having a seizure. Friends who I don't see for months at times but KNOW nothing will ever change.

*Thankful for my amazing kids who make it exciting to come home! Make me remember that everything about my life is an adventure!

*Thankful for my sister-in-law who opened her home and spoiled Reese this weekend! Thankful for ALL my family who is always willing to help when needed.

*Thankful for my blog buds who are constantly inspiring and encouraging me! Thankful that I feel like I have a community that will drive me to be a better runner but still pick me up if I fall.

*Thankful that Theo (now called Teddy) weighs almost 7 pounds and is a happy healthy baby with NO problems.

*Thankful that although I can feel my foot, it is cooperating and letting me run!

*Thankful that I got my son's progress report and got this! You probably can't read it well but he is in 1st grade and is reading top of his grade at a level typical to a child in the 4th grade, 5th month! I'm so proud of him. He loves to read and loves for me to listen to him!

*Thankful for just every moment of this precious life that I was given just one of.


*For those who asked, I cut my hand between my thumb and my pointer finger trying to separate two glass bowls off the top shelf while making my daughters birthday cake. 3 stitches and I also got a nice dagger in my chest. I was not wearing a shirt because it is totally normal to bake cakes for your kids without a shirt on....(nothing twisted here. My shirt was sweaty after running so I took it off)

*I'm running a 5K next weekend. Actually, I'm not running it, I'm racing it. I'm planning to puke on my shoes. I felt particularly inspired by Ginny's post about her Friday night 5K and her thoughts on racing and then again by Amanda's FANTASTIC tune-up 10K!!

*I wore these jeans around for like 2 hours with this hole in my A$$!

*AND.... Just to prove I have it all together, the inside of my purse....

I read so many great race reports today! I'm going to make my rounds to comment tonight! Have a good one:)


Amanda@runninghood said...

Your purse looks similar to mine. Wth is that? electrical tape?? Nice Jeans. I wish I was there to see this rock climbing. Great job to your little guy! And great job mama...somebody has been reading to him, with him and in front of him for all of his short little life...this is where literacy starts! Oh, and he has some superior genetics working for him!
I love how you talk about Joe. This is how I feel about my husband. He is so good to me and makes me so very very happy. He's fun to hang out with too. He's my trophy husband! Ha!

Thanks for the shout out. So glad I inspire you because you sure do the same for me. I was so happy to hear from you after my race before my family got there. You were one of the first people I wanted to share my race virtual teammate!

Gosh it has been way too long since I've laughed really really hard like I'm having a seizure...I need some of that! Friends like that are priceless.

Oh, and glad you got your toe nails done. Did you know that I still have small specks of the red polish from when I got my toes done right after my accident where I tore my hammy on August 14th. So that beats your 6 months!

I'm kid of embarrassed to post a comment this long but since it is you and your comments are always record length then I feel like it is okay.

Amanda@runninghood said...

I think I have you beat now on the record for longest comment!

XLMIC said...

Those look like they may have been a favorite pair of jeans :( I hate it when I rip the butt out of my pants while scaling walls while hammered ;-)
So glad your foot is cooperating! and ditto the gladness on what sounds like a super fun weekend!
I love your gratitude list. I think I need to one of those right about now :P

Wishing you the very, very best with the coming week prepping for your 5K and racing it!

Small Town Runner said...

Wow! Max is doing REALLY well at reading! That is awesome. I am still waiting for it all to click with Nathan... Soon!

The jeans- well...haha. I have ripped a pair too, but not with as good of an excuse ;)

I don't even have a purse- just junk in a diaper bag...random stuff.

I was kindof thinking of getting apdeicure on my way north before the big race. But then I am worried about something bad happening, like getting my toenails too short! Maybe I should just do it myself =D. It's nice to have pretty feet.

I love your gratitude list. I just might have to make one too now.

Have an awesome week!!

Small Town Runner said...

ooooooh man. I need to stop late night typing! That was *supposed* to be pedicure.

Carlee said...

such a great thankful list. so glad you had a great weekend!

middleagedrunner said...

What a great post- LOVED the whole thing!
The inside of your bag looks neat, tidy and put together compared to mine. So sad...
Bummer about the jeans. I did in my favorite pair this summer- it was super hot out and I was trying to climb into a huge cart of hay to unload it when riiiiiip! Right up the butt.. I couldn't complain because I had had the jeans since (no lie) I was 19- but they had held up so well.
A side note- the only way that you'd get me to climb a rock wall would be to get me tipsy. You are brave!
Glad you had a fabulous weekend.

Quinton J said...

I had to pay extra for my jeans like those.

Steel Springs said...

It sounds like a great weekend! Close friends, massages, painted toenails...what's not to love?!?

Maybe you can patch those jeans with the electrical tape from your purse.

It's wonderful that your son loves to read so much!

Julie said...

Now THAT's a great blog post. You DO have a marvelous life that is full of such lovely things to be grateful for.

FANTASTIC stuff!!!

Julie said...

I just read the bible verse you left on Raina's blog - Prov 20:4 - I love it! Thank you for that - I needed it today :-)

Running and living said...

Oh, where should I start?
I am THRILLED to see you fired up to race and push yourself to the limits. Bring it ON!!! I can't wait to read your race report!

Your son is a smarty! Athletic and a book worm! Awesome! I'd be super proud, too!

Joe is a smart man. And he does have a trophy wife! My husband is the same but in a different way. He does not open doors or pull chairs, but he still write me poems and little notes and knows just what to say to make me feel better! There is something magical about that.

I have not had a pedicure since my wedding. I just don't make the time for them, though my toes look like crap.

Glad you had a great trip. The jeans story is hillarious. I say, keep wearing them like that, at least around the house. WIthout a shirt:)

Have an awesome week, Jenn!

Jill said...

I'm very happy you're life's in a great place now! :)

Jill said...

*your* - hate it when I do that!!!

Meg said...

What a wonderful post, truly so many things to be thankful for!!
Congrats on your son's progress report, it made me smile, as did the mention of your hubby and friends...good times!!
Giggled at the jeans AND the purse, you are truly living, girl!
Finally, now it's my turn to say that THIS IS THE ONE, JENN. Go out there, tear it up and throw up if you need to. THIS IS IT!! There is no other time!
And remember, you'll always be LOVED, no matter what! :) hugs

Meg said...
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Heather said...

Nothing like having a great weekend full of friends and laughter to re-energize you!! It's awesome that you're life is in such a happy place!!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a blissful weekend to me. I love the way you describe your best friend. :)

My 1st grader is reading right about at that level too! I love that she loves to read (all of mine really do!)

Too bad about the jeans---they were cute! Hope your hand is feeling better.

ajh said...

You often make me laugh - with the ripped jeans and shirt off making a cake! So glad you are okay. You are dangerous to yourself! Liked all your gratitude comments. Love love love that you have a BOY who likes to read. They can be few and far between.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU!!! BOO about those pants....they are so cute!!! I love your thankful post especially for your best friend! My bag looks the same exact for random chocolate chips and swedish fish everywhere:)

lindsay said...

love the pants. and the purse. haha. so organized!! you need to get one of those handy organizers from QVC. maybe they will sponsor a giveaway even since amanda-hood needs one too?

congrats to mr reader! a little topless baking must be motivating ;)

kristen said...

lol...I love your posts. You always make me smile. Your a nut and I love it.

So glad you had a good time with the hubby, despite your ass haging out it sounds like a great time.