Friday, January 7, 2011

Internetless....and hangin' at the library!

I have NO INTERNET! For 3 days I've been living here already separated from reality by the lack of Target stores and now I have NO INTERNET. People are in a SUPER hurry to get things fixed around here so in the meantime, I'm at the library typing in a little cubicle while the lady next to me hacks out half her lung on her keyboard. Fortunately, I have a phone that allows me to read and keep up with all of you on my blogroll but I haven't been able to comment. I have now used almost 37 minutes of my 1 hour time allotment at the library so I will try to get some comments in (because that's more important than paying my bills online), then go out to my car, change my hat and jacket and return to try and capture a little more time! Please know I read EVERY post on my blogroll!

Last night was my work Christmas party. Dinner at a nice resort for employees and spouses. Great adult conversation and an opportunity to get out of the sweats for an evening! Joe was in his glory discussing deer mounts, the World Juniors hockey tournament, and icefishing stories. I was in my glory drinking free expensive wine (ha!), talking about my kids (seriously, do I have a life of my own), and debating the topic of the night, which happened to be the school lunch menu.....I know, you all wanna be me!

I hit the pool again. Twice in one week. Mark my words-I will never do a triathalon. Duathalon perhaps-I like the bike but no triathalons. I've now had two friends "call" me on this and place bets that I will at least do one in my lifetime. I like to win bets so that in itself will keep me from doing one.....Truthfully, I kind of like am tolerating the swimming, I just really hate the chlorine and the slimy feeling of the pool deck. I hate the thought of open water even more though! I do believe it has it's benefits and I've decided to give it a fair shot through the month of January. Then, if I don't want to, I will never get in the pool again!

Running.... I actually ended up running 6 easy miles late Tuesday night and my legs felt good. I took Wednesday off and then 1600 meter repeats yesterday which could be a post in itself. Started TERRIBLE-finished strong. These was one of the most challenging runs I've had in awhile for many reasons, primarily- My MIND did NOT want to cooperate....Good days and bad days!

We are BUSY this weekend. Poor little Reese couldn't play in her tournament which was a 6 hour drive away so we don't have to figure than out but we still have 6 games in 3 different cities between the other 2. I haven't seen Max play in awhile and I can't wait for his game tomorrow! Have I mentioned that I LOVE being a hockey mom!

So-this is relatively uninteresting and I need to quit because I'm getting the "stare down" from Chuck the librarian for going over my minutes!!! When I get back to the land of the living and have computer access in my own home,(hopefully tonight) I will have to follow with some super stimulating brain food for you all. Ummm-those who have been reading for awhile know this isn't likely! Have a great weekend-I'll be catching up in about 10 minutes after I put in my blonde hair extensions and make my reentry into the library for my next hour!


ERG @ Elkton Runner said...

Hang in there! Sounds desperate!!!! ;)

I love the library, so it would be like a little vacation for me. =D

Glad the legs are well and can't wait to hear more about your 1600s

Good for you to get out of the sweats! I haven't done that in a while- except to "go to town" a few times in the last month. Heh.

Staying tuned for more library updates :)

ShutUpandRun said...

Screw chuck. He needs to back off. Doesn't he know how important this blogging thing is?

I'm with you about the pool. I don't love it either. I tolerate it. Good for you for getting it done.

Amanda@runninghood said...

You're so funny. I remember those days at the library when I was first teaching and didn't have my own computer. Those darn time limits!!! Sorry about the no internet...stinky. Sorry Chuck is giving you the stink eye too. You inspire me with your super fast 800s and 1600s so it is nice to know you have mentally hard days too because this makes you seem more human. :)

Love your comment today...made me laugh...I know the F word is so ignorant sounding. :)Spin will be a once a week thing for me now was so great except for my woman parts hurting and falling asleep. what? is this normal??

Amanda@runninghood said...

oh, and yes, fake boobs....I supposed if someone offered them for free I might consider but probably not. Didn't I read somewhere that your sister had them? Like I said, I don't mom got a boob job. she looks lovely. so did a good friend.
um, yeah, glad ot hear I'm not alone with the no milk thing.

Have fun with hockey this weekend!

Heather -Momma Running Amok said...

I hear you on the swimming stuff. I can flip around all day in the pool with the kids but laps are another story. (same thing as pilates for me...hate them b/c they are so challenging which probably means I ought to do it!) Luckily swimming is one of those things like pushups where you can very easily see improvement with the more you do it. (does that make sense?) I did a lot of pool work outs when I was doing the training for the 1/2 Ironman, but when you get into that mass start and are being swum over, it is a bit demoralizing. I think you ought to give tri's a is actually easier than a longer run in my opinion with the use of different muscles for different don't you want to ride a bike in a bikini?? :)
(from the comment on my new blog the other day...I am doing Miami ING on the 30th and am signed up for Marathon #2 San Diego RNR in June!) Have fun watching hockey all weekend! I can't wait to follow my boys in sports.

XLMIC said...

"I know, you all wanna be me!" LOL.... don't you know? I AM you! except not a fast runner and in northern California ;-)

Internet down is the perfect time for ... I know... making HOTDISH! Get outta that library and into the kitchen!

Jill said...

Your uninteresting posts, Jenn, always make me laugh :). Yeah, I'd have to committ a murder I believe without internet. Right now, my laptop is crawling at a snail's pace and it'd driving me mad, so I think I need a new one ;). Something uber fast so I can read 10 blogs at once!! Ha.

Sorry about Reese, so heartbreaking for that cute little thing! Good luck to Max and I hope you're back to computerland soon!! :)

And yes, I DO wish I were you...but living here where I do :)

Detroit Runner said...

Don't forget the hand sanitizer after library use!

Runnin' Momma said...

WOW! I cannot stand having no internet for an hour and I have a mini panic attack if it is out for more than a few hours!

Great job getting back into running that quickly after your 26.2 miles! Impressive!

Also, good job with the swimming. I hate swimming in a pool, I can handle open water swimming...if there are no boats! But, I get so bored swimming in a pool, thankfully our tiny town does not have a pool to tempt me!

Hope you get internet soon!


ajh said...

I really appreciate the comment you left knowing how hard you had to work to do it. Start packing wigs/hats/glasses in your purse to get more time!

Hope you have your internet back.

Melissa said...

Fun office party!! We never have those. I'm slightly jealous.

Boo for no internet. That must be terrible!!

Meg said...

Geesh, watch out for the internet/library policeman...he'd scare me, too!
I get it with the pool, slime is a perfect word to describe it. Slime all around. In and out, on and around. Blech. I keep doing it though because for some reason, it feels good.

Detroit's comment made me ill.

Finally, have a fun HOCKEY weekend and hang in there with the speed workouts. It's true, some go well, others just kind of don't!!

the dawn said...

no internet? now that's just barbaric!!!

good work on getting to the pool multiple times in one week. that's just going above and beyond. do you have friends that are talking you into it? or you're just finding the gumption all on your own?

i did a duathalon. it was ok. not as fun as a marathon, but whatever. i was actually mad because i did better during the bike section than i did during either of the running parts.

have fun with the hockey!

MuncherCruncher said...

I love that you are a hockey mom! Darling!! I would DIE with no internet...isn't that sad? I also would die with no Targets, so I'm extremely proud of you right now! Way to go with the swimming. You're a better (more willing-to-wash-your-hair) woman than I!!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Girl - we need to get together. Our hubbys can talk hunting and we can talk running.

No internet, totally brutal! Our fax line went out last week, and it took 4 days to get it back. I think it's ridiculous, but I don't think AT&T really cares.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! The library part is funny!

And yea! Someone that can relate to busy kids:) Your schedule sounds similar to ours. It's IS fun though, isn't it?!

I really don't like the pool chlorine either, and the itching skin and dry nasty hair, yuck! Triathlons our pretty fun though ;)

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Why do librarians think they are the gestapo? It's that way across the country. Maybe they should wear uniforms :)

I know what you mean by typing comments on your phone. Totally LAME!! I have to do it so often when we're on the road. Then when you get that STUPID word verification, mess up, and lose your comment, you just want to hurl the phone out the car!

I'm just glad I get to hear from you at all. Love it when you stop by my blog :)


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I HAVE MISSED YOU!! Don't go over your minutes missy:) That work party sounds way fun!! Love getting out of my sweats every now and then. You are liking swimming?!?! That is awesome, please pass your love to me. Hope your internet is back soon!!! Happy Monday:)

lindsay said...

commenting is very important. those bills, they won't cut them off right away ;)