Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little mumbo jumbo!

So- finished my work week Thank God! One of those weeks that feels like it's never going to end!

Anyway, my three little rugrats are latchkey kids and were at home alone after they got off the bus today until I got home from work! I walked in the door and my oldest Ryan (12) was baking banana bread and rhubarb cake (neither of which are on my current food plan-SHUCKS!) Max was biking down the driveway and I walked down the stairs to find this!

I had to run and get my camera!

Reese has definitely caught the running bug. I'm happy about this for the fact that she is the CLASSIC middle child and I really want her to have something for herself. She's always been a good little athlete. All my kids are (which they get from their father). I think it's a little hard for her though as Ryan excels in hockey and although Reese does very well she is always living in Ryan's shadow in a way. Anyway, I love her little spunky attitude and the fact that she wants to do well!!

As for me and the running!

I am starting a training plan on May 31st but I'm still on the fence as to what approach I want to take. I experimented with a couple of different workouts and my work schedule this week to see what would work for me. My husband will be gone for 9 total weeks this summer and I will be solely responsible for toting my kids everywhere to their 7 million activities. I know I will have to get my runs done in the morning before work on those days or it just won't happen.

Trial one- 800 repeats. I really wanted to do these at the track so I could see how long it would take me to drive there, do them, get home, get showered, organize the kids, and still make it out the door in time to drive almost 30 miles to my job and not be late! Unfortunately 50mph winds forced me to the treadmill so I couldn't really gauge how long these would take.

I did 2 sets of 4 with 90 second recoveries in between each and a 5 minute recovery between sets. I haven't done these for a LONG time. In that sense I think they were easier than they had been during marathon training but I also think I'm feeling the after effects a little more today than I was a few weeks ago. I felt like a load of bricks on my easy run today. I wasn't really sore but it felt like I had run a race yesterday. I guess I need to get back into this..The plan I was looking at would call for a tempo run tomorrow. I'm not sure I could pull this off that effectively. I usually had at least a two day break of easier running between harder days. I won't test it this week as I really want to get a long run in tomorrow instead.

We're heading to Bismarck this weekend to visit my sister and her family. Joe and Max are going on a fishing trip with my brother-in-law and the rest of us girls will probably shop and hang out for the weekend. I'm really excited about this as my sister is one of my BEST friends! I will probably run there over the weekend but only when I feel like it and without any set plans. That will all start next week!!

Joe took leave tomorrow and we're going out to dinner with some friends. We've been so busy all the time that we haven't done many couple things! Should be a great time and I'm really looking forward to it!

I'm still trying to catch up on so many blogs! Wow-a lot happens in just a few weeks! Feels good to be back in the game! Night y'all


Michelle said...

How awesome is that she has caught the running bug?

Have a great time this weekend!

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
That picture is is a mini Jenn!! I think it is so awesome that she is enjoying running so much:) (LOL at the fan...I do that too!)

Nice work on your are back at it:)

Have a great day and take care!

Running and living said...

You crack me up! Your kids got their athleticism from you too, you know! You are an amazing athlete! How fun that Reese loves running. What a special thing for the 2 of you! Good luck juggling the schedule! If anyone can make it happen, that is you!!!

Staci Dombroski said...

I think I am going to have my son start running with me. He keeps showing interest :) That is getting me excited!

Stephanie said...

How fun to have your daughter following in your footsteps!

What food plan are you following right now?

Katie A. said...

I love that she caught the running bug! Soon you will have a really great running partner!
I had a great trackwork out on Tuesday, too! And yesterday, for my easy recovery run I had led legs, too! Ugh! 5 miles of pure hell - who knew?
Enjoy your weekend away and your time with your sister :)

J said...

That is great that your daugher has caught the running bug! Sometimes I wish I had liked running more when I was younger!

800s are my least favorite! great job on the workout! Enjoy the weekend!

Lauren said...

That is such a wonderful thing to walk in on! You must be so proud!

ajh said...

Your daughter wants to be like her mother. All those athletic genes don't come from her father.

Lacy said...

when my little kindergartener could run the "lap" at school with ease and all his friends were lagging, I had quite a bit of pride for him!
Got to love seeing your kids find their nitch

robinbb said...

Your daughter is so darn cute. Got to love little Watson girls!

lindsay said...

i love her excitement :)

yeah, you totally had no part in the athleticism of your kids.... RIIIIIIGHT.

Jamie said...

How cute is your daughter? !? Love it! Nice job getting back in it.

Meg said...

It sounds like you're going to have a busy, busy summer but it's good that you have your training for yourself! Let us know what plan you're using, I'm always interested to hear what's going on with everyone's training!
I love the picture of your daughter, she is so cute!

Lisa said...

you have such great kids!

I hope your trianing plan is off to a great start!

SueMac said...

Love that she has caught the running bug! My girl just started cross country practice! I'm loving it!