Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life update and a little running!

Hey there-so I'm actually going to write a real complete post here! I'm missing bloggyland and seems like I'm way out of touch with all my virtual pals here!! Been catching up a little and I'm really starting to feel the itch to be back in marathon training!! Only one week!!

So-First the random life updates!

I'm still married and I still have 3 kids.

I've been running about 30-40 miles per week since Boston.

My treadmill broke and my husband bought me a new one. A Sole F85 and I REALLY like it although it's been pretty nice up here and I've only got one real run on it.

I've still been working 3 days a week but don't have a clue how I'm going to make this work through the summer with my kids' schedules.

My husband will be traveling extensively throughout the summer and I will be playing "single parent" for a great deal of it.

Two of my friends are trying to talk me into a weekend trip to Vegas in 3 weeks. Free except for airfare...I'm not a gambler but a girls weekend by the pool would be mighty nice!

I am SO sick of combating the dandelions that are taking over my yard. I just plain give up!

OK-now to a little running update!

My 9 year old daughter Reese ran her first solo 5K this weekend in Fargo as part of the Fargo marathon races. She ran a 5K 2 weeks ago in 27:08 with me and has run one other time (also with me) for 2.5 miles before this race on Friday. She REALLY wanted to do it and was so excited. We brought her to the start which had over 5000 runners and lost her almost immediately in the huge crowd of people. I was a little worried about her going by herself but was excited for her just the same! The little thing ran it in 25:41 and took 1st place in her age division! I've totally been slowing her down! She wasn't even winded at the end! She was so excited about it that I'm letting her run another one in 2 weeks. I really think it is only a couple of years before she starts beating me.

I also ran a half marathon this weekend. As much as I don't want to I think I will write a race report so I can have it for later. That will have to come tomorrow. I'll simplify for now by saying it was NOT a good race for me and I would rather forget the thing altogether. My husband also ran and got a 1:33 which was a PR for him off of running 29 miles total in 5 weeks. This is an improvement from his previous PR of 1:34 off of about 20 miles in 4 weeks. It's not fair and I'm pouting because of it!! Seriously, I was happy for him as he was totally willing to throw it down the tubes to try to save me at mile 4. I physically had to kick him in the calf and make him keep running! If the tables were turned I'm not sure I would have done the same! I'm a lucky girl...

I get to start marathon training again on May 31st. Yes, you read that right. I get to, not I have to! I HATE my current routine and can't wait to be following and working toward something. I'm running the Bismarck Marathon on September 18th and then the Twin Cities Marathon on October 3rd. Bismarck will be my goal marathon but I still plan to Boston qualify for 2012 at Twin Cities. This will be a bit of a test for me. I have one week to decide on my training plan. I'm going to do a trial a couple of days this week with speed and tempo and my work schedule and see what I think I can make work.

So-there will be more frequent posts about nothing from me in the future and I will be posting a half marathon race report probably tomorrow! I've thoroughly enjoyed backreading posts for the last 2 hours since I put the kids to bed and I'm excited to be back in the groove!! More later!


Melissa said...

WOW!! Your little one is kicking some serious 5K tail!! Congrats to the hubby on a PR and I'm sure you did great too.

Genesis said...

reese...what a speed demon :) congrats to her for a PR...shes gonna grow up to be an amazing runner, just like you!

lol, love the randomness! still married...too funny.

Jill said...

Congrats to Reese, that's awesome!! She's got her parents' running bug, that's for sure! And whaaaa, no fair about your husband running so fast with so little training...I mean, I suddenly believe in the less is more program but that's a bit too excessive for most. Lucky guy. And lucky you for your new treadmill!! Yahoo! I am having severe sinus allergies and my dr. said I should either run very early in the morning or on my treadmill; I'm opting for the treadmill until I'm out of school in two weeks!! Glad your back to blog world, miss ya!!!

Meg said...

So much going on in your life, Jenn! First off, it wasn't fair that your husband PR'd. I think they need to hold our feelings and competitive natures in account and allow us that little, tiny extra reward of always beating them in any race. We did birth their children, right? Congrats to him anyway. My husband is leaving me in the dust now, grrrr. Pout, pout.
I can't believe you're starting your training already!!! I'm kind of jealous because I'm just sitting around here with no plans until a half in July. I hope your training goes well...and single parenting is no fun but you'll pull it off like you always do!

ajh said...

Love the picture of your little girl smiling before her race. Wow! Congrats to her for winning her age division! Can't wait to see your half report. Sorry it didn't go well. I have a half this weekend!

J said...

Reese is on her way to faster and faster 5ks! Congrats to her!

Julie said...

Welcome back Jenn! Go Reese!! She is taking after her talented runner mom:) She rocked it and looks so happy!

I start my marathon training next week too! Holy crap! I am stressing just a little bit because I have no idea what plan I am going to use.

I am glad that things are going well for you! Take care Jenn!

Running and living said...

Welcome back! My husband is like yours, kicks ass in races with zero training. Grr! Good luck with your training! And huge congrats to Reese! In 2 weeks she'll probably go 24! Kids make it seem so easy!

Staci Dombroski said...

That is awesome about your daughter :) Have a great week!

Katie A. said...

Reese is a rockstar!!! That is a smokin' time - she must get it from her mamma! You better watch out!
Can't wait to hear about your half, have a great week!

Stephanie said...

Great job on your little Reesie! Such a great job...looks like she is going to be a running fool like mom!!! :)

Jennifer said...

How do you do it all?! Congrats, your girl Reese is amazing!

Christy said...

Glad to have you back =) Great job for your daughter!!!

Do you follow any particular training plans for your marathons or do you just kind of go with it?

I'm looking for any advice I can get for my first in November!

Bethany + Ryan said...

so cool! i love seeing kids run! she will be breaking 20 minutes ina couple of years! she is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Reese is adorable AND looks great out there!!! Congrats to her :)

lindsay said...

wow congrats to reese! she has great running form - a natural. so speedy. gah mom, slowing her down! ;)

glad all is well with you!