Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekend Update-Take 2

OK- I was just looking over my word vomit from this morning's post. I was obviously not a journalism major. Anyway, continuing on with my weekend news:

Got the car started on Saturday morning, managed to rinse the blood out of my coat enough to wear it to the morning game and then bought a new one for the afternoon*CHA-CHING*these weekends are getting expensive! My hand wasn't major enough for stitches but it did not want to stop bleeding. No bandaids at the front desk = cotton balls and hockey tape! It is official, after this year my future as a hand model is over. Add that to the fact that Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated won't take me either, I'm thinkin' I just might let myself go!

As much as it sounds like my weekend sucked and I was miserably unhappy, I actually had a great time. Reese's team did great winning 3 games and losing 1 in overtime. She is really holding her own with these older girls and is having so much fun! I am also enjoying the new parent group I've been thrown into with this team! These guys are quite the rowdy bunch but a lot of fun! Due to the tournament brackets, I was able to head out of Fargo early Sunday morning and make it to Ryan's afternoon game 2 hours away! They also won and are really on a roll! Poor Joe managed to drive Ryan to her game but he has the monster of stomach flus. He said he threw up over 20 times on Saturday and he looks terrible. I am desperately hoping I don't catch this but seeing as we spend about 10 minutes together every week lately, maybe I'll avoid it. On a happy note, he informed me that we are going to Winnipeg overnight on Friday since we didn't go out for our anniversary. I am totally excited to go out to eat somewhere with some atmosphere and enjoy my favorite person's company!!

On to running! After Thursday night's forever treadmill run (Blech), I had run 12 consecutive days. I did this partially so I could take both Friday and Saturday off and enjoy my weekend. I brought my handheld weights, DVD player and 2 P90X videos. This is my activity since Thursday:

Friday-no running, 20 minute core workout

Saturday- no running-25 minutes of P90X Plyometrics video and 20 minute core routine. Good enough!

Sunday- We rolled back into town at 8 pm and I did 8 miles on the treadmill before bed.

Monday- My plan called for 10 but I neither had the time or energy to pull this off. I did 6 @ 7:45 average and decided to do the other 4 tonight. Just finished these @ just over 7 minute pace.

Tomorrow morning I will do an easy 5 before work and then while my kids are at the high school hockey game, I'm going to sneak to the fitness center to lift weights. Team USA plays Canada in the World Juniors Hockey championship tomorrow night and I really want to watch this at the gym! Wednesday, I'm going to try Katie A.'s treadmill hill workout! Thanks for the tip! Hopefully, I'll be outside Thursday through Sunday! I also bought some Perpetuem sports drink this weekend (Thanks Jill) I'm excited to try this out as the only sportsdrink I ever drink outside of races is Heed which is also made by Hammer Nutrition. Also, I would never miss a party and I will most definitely be at Jill's Boston Birthday!!

Again thankyou all so much for all the advice! I have learned so much from you fellow bloggers and truly think the only reason I haven't quit throughout this winter is because of the support of so many of you! Can't thankyou enough!! Have a great week!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

the support/love from blogland is what has kept me around too! OUCH on your hand! Hope that feels better soon!

How are you finding the P90X? I'll be starting week 3 on thursday, and I'm really enjoying them!

Michelle said...

Way to go!

How is the P90X? I've heard alot about it, but curious what you think.

robinbb said...

What a weekend! You sound like the best hockey mom.

Staci Dombroski said...

That is a crazy weekend! I wish I could get my pace as fast as yours :-)

Katie A. said...

You are one hardcore chica! Very proud of you! Busted hand, busted car, but you still managed core workouts AND a treadmill workout!!! Awesome!
I will be doing my fun little hill workout on the dreadmill on Thursday - I'll be thinking about you!
Oh, and I am researching renting bikes in Boston today and am going to try to figure out the course map and where it would be good for the boys to meet us! Hehehehe, getting excited! Have a wonderful Tuesday my friend! :)

Melissa said...

An easy I *hope* one day to hear myself say that.

Jill said...

Oh good Lord, I can't believe your hand and coat! And you seem to be majorly slacking there, do you think you could find a few more things to do to? :). Honestly, I don't know how you juggle it all but you truly inspire me. I was going to avoid yoga class tonight but now I feel compelled to go. Don't worry about missing out on NYE festivities, they'll be plenty in Boston post race!!! Sooo glad you're coming to Boston/Jill bday celebration! yay!!!!

btw, I put mix the perpetuem with a very small amt of water and put in the smallest flask I can find and then put it in my pack. It's highly concentrated so I just take a swig of it now and then and rely on the Hammer gels and regular water. But play with it and see how you can use it best. It works great for me because it doesn't have any processed sugars and my stomach doesn't have "issues."

lindsay said...

sounds like a nice weekend getaway after all that traveling! lol about "letting yourself go" now that you won't have any more modeling contracts. you are a hoot!

Meg Runs said...

Yeah, so are you RSVP'ing for Jill's Boston Birthday Celebration? It's going to be so fun! I'm looking forward to meeting you!
Sounds like you have been even busier with Ryan being sick...have fun on Friday, that sounds like fun!

Christina said...

Your comments about modeling are hilarious. I too won't ever make it as any type of model especially for feet. Although my feet aren't the ugliest, they rank right up there. I could care less though. I'm happy to have ugly runner feet.

Lisa said...

Hi! Let me know if you'd like me to send you an avocado or two! I can get ones that aren't ripe yet and they should be long as they don't freeze on the way! Seriously, let me know!