Friday, January 15, 2010


Well, I have just a few minutes before I have to head out of town with Reese and Max for hockey but I thought I'd update my last 2 days quickly before I leave.

Yesterday (Thursday) I headed outside (Woohoo!) for 10 miles. I wore my Garmin but I put it under my sleeve because I wanted to just run and then look at it afterwards. I've run this route a million times and without looking at the Garmin once, I finished at exactly 10.02 miles. I was going to run what I thought was pretty evenly and see how my pace ended up. Apparently, all this treadmill running has made my pace quite sporadic. These are my splits:

Mile 1- 8:21
2- 8:06
3- 7:53
4- 7:54
5- 7:20
6- 7:27
7- 7:44
8- 7:19
9- 7:33
10- 7:27

I thought I was running about the same pace all the way through-I guess not! Anyways, 10 miles outside done and it felt great!

Today- I headed out once again for my long run of the week. 21 degrees with a 13mph SW wind. I decided to do an out and back running into the wind to start. I would much rather deal with the wind in the first half. I finished in 2:02:34 which is about an 8:10 pace. My lungs felt great but my legs really started to tighten up after about 12 miles. My hamstring was bugging me and it felt more like I was on mile 24 than mile 15 when I finished. I NEED to do all the rest of my longer runs outside and not on the treadmill!

Weight training was in the garbage this week as I didn't do ANY! I vow next week will be better!

On a side note- I cried this morning when I sent Ryan off with Joe to her tournament. I really hate missing any of my kids' activities. She plays her first game at 8:30 tonight and I'm sure it'll be a constant texting fest back and forth between Joe and I.

I know several people are running this weekend and I wish you all the best. I always love Monday lunch breaks when I can catch up on race news! Have a great weekend everyone!


Running and living said...

Awesome runs! Baby the hamstring! Treadmill running is so much easier on the body, but I agree, doing some running outside is important. You are going to rock Boston.
It's OK to miss a game here and there. You can't be everywhere at the same time, so cut yourself some slack. You are a great mom and your kids know that!

Velma said...

Great run, and I am glad you are feeling better!

Katie A. said...

That Garmin and treadmill can do a number on our running, even though they are there to aid us in the long run. Both of your runs were great - you are running awesome!
Good luck this weekend!

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
Holy crap, your splits flipping fast!! No wonder you got a ticket to Boston:) Good job on your workouts and runs. You had asked me how many laps around my track is one mile.....9 laps equal 1 mile. So that means I ran around that little dinky track 72 times:) It is pretty small and like I said there were to many people walking on it to get a consistant pace. I need to find a time when the club is slower to do the longer track workout:)

I am on the same page as Running and living, it is impossible to make all of our kids sporting events. Cheer up! Hopefully Mr. Jenn had a camera and can share later!! Have a great weekend Jenn!

Lisa said...

So happy that you were able to run outside, even if your pace was a bit sporadic.
Have a great time with your kids this weekend!

Meg said...

Nice paces, I love the way you hid the Garmin. I do that too!

Melissa said...

Your pace always amazes me!!
So glad you are feeling better. Boston better watch out!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Great job on the runs! You can't be in more than once place at once, good luck to them this weekend! :)

Denise said...

what a run! especially after being sick. that's a great pace for a long run.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow you are STRONG andf FAST! Keep up the good work!

Jennifer P said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend -- and posting such great times! Found your blog off of Running Sane and think it's hilarious that you call home the frozen tundra -- that's exactly what I call home as well (host city of the Manitoba Marathon that has been on your calendar).

lindsay said...

gah that's speedy! i would have to call this a workout not just a regular run :) nicely done!

Jill said...

Hey Jenn..
Sorry you had to miss one of the kiddo's events. Always difficult! I've had a very tight hamstring lately, too - spent like 30 minutes stretching the gabeebies out of it today and it feels somewhat better. btw, those 3-way lunges were a tiny bit better today - let's see if I can walk tomorrow, that's the true test. And, I was able to get up my long hill better yesterday so they gotta be doing something for us! (either that or it was just a fluke, which very well could have been!). Hope your weekend was good.