Thursday, January 28, 2010

I wanna be a cowgirl!!!!

Finally done work for the week!! Now to start preparing for the weekend! Anyway, here's what's new with me:

I've been single mom all week and for whatever reason developed a nice case of insomnia so instead of sleeping and organizing I've been internet shopping! More like internet browsing....This is what I found and I REALLY want them!!

Second Choice

In no way do I have any Western blood in me but these would definitely find a place in my wardrobe! Unfortunately, attached is a $400 price tag! I don't have a birthday, anniversary, or any sort of special occasion coming up so unless I want to buy them and then parade on a street corner to pay for them they will likely just remain on my "want" list!!

I had a very weird dream last night. I was sitting in a McDonald's with a packet of salt. I opened it, poured it into my hand and licked it all off. First of all, I never go to McDonald's and why in the world would I be eating salt packets. Lately, I have been having extreme salt cravings. Not like salty french fries or potato chips, like plain salt. I actually wanted to salt the banana I was eating the other day. I have very low blood pressure and I sweat a lot so I'm guessing I'm craving the salt because my body needs it. Annual checkup next Monday-guess I 'll find out then!

My training has been going exceptionally well this week. So far:


Monday- Plan 8 miles @ 8:18. Reality- 12 miles @ 7:29. This was done on the treadmill due to gale force winds. I had a 2 mile warmup and 1 mile cool down so in reality my 9 miles in the middle were done under a 7:20 pace. This was a huge confidence builder for me. I was very tired but not dead when I finished.

Tuesday -Plan 10 miles with 6 @ 7:27. Reality- 6 miles @ 7:45. I swapped Monday and Tuesday kind of and still ended up with 18 miles. As you can see, I am very religious about following my plan to a tee!!!!

Wednesday-Plan 9 miles hills. Reality- 10 miles with some speed and hills. Again I was on the treadmill due to nasty windchills. I did this at the gym because I knew I would not quit. I ended up warming up for 2 miles and then doing 1/4 mile intervals for 7 miles and slowly running out the last mile. Roughly something like- .25 miles @ 7.3 mph/.5 incline, .25 miles @ 9.2 mph/1.5 incline, .25 miles @ 7.2 mph/5.5 incline. Repeat. I totally made this up after I started running and just stuck with it. It was easy at the beginning but got progressively harder and I definitely feel like I got a great workout. I had a full 2 hour window while my kids were with Grandpa Doug at the rink (Grandpa Doug is not Grandpa, he just runs the concession stand and makes sure my kids don't need to go to the hospital) The gym is right next door so they know how to find me. Anyway, I had time to get in a good weight workout as well.
I did a lot of people watching on this run and I'm amazed at how many people show up at the gym and randomly walk around accomplishing nothing. Maybe, I'm just generally busy but I always have a plan, accomplish it, and leave. My thoughts are that a lot of these people are actually just embarrassed to work out in public because they are OUT of shape and walk around aimlessly avoiding taking the time to get IN shape!! I don't envy how difficult it must be to be overweight and go through the process of trying to better the situation with all sorts of people watching your every move. Tonight, I was very thankful I'm IN shape!!

Thursday (tonight)- Plan 6 miles @ 8:18. Reality 5 miles @ 8:08. Time constraints!

Friday- 18 miles- I will be forced to do this on the treadmill and I can tell you it will royally suck!!!

Saturday Reese is off to a tournament in Fargo/Moorhead. Joe will meet her there and I will head to Grand Forks with Ryan. It will just be Ryan and 2 friends and I which should be fun! I'm excited to see her play again since it seems like forever.

I'm off work tomorrow and plan to drink coffee and read blogs all morning! Very productive. I'm saving the long dreadmill run for the afternoon so I can do it at the gym! I'm excited to catch up with y'all (trying to act Western as to justify the boots)!!


Kerrie T. said...

18 miles on the 'mill?!!!! I cannot even imagine this. Good luck!

Love those boots!

Michelle said...

Whew - you are my hero with those 18 miles on the treadmill! And, yes, I agree there are way too many people who "hang out" at the gym.

Cool boots!

robinbb said...

You are so crazy fast, I am jealous. I love people watching at the gym as it is the only thing that keeps me sane. Good luck on your 18.

Running and living said...

I think you should wave when you pass me in Boston:)
Awesome run! Wow, you can shatter your 1/2 marathon PR right now! And doing hills on the mill, and an 18 miler, wow, I am truly impressed!!!!

Staci Dombroski said...

WOW! That mileage is awesome! Great job on the paces too :-) I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and good luck on the dreadmill!

J said...

Cute cowboy boots! I kind of want a pair too but they are expensive! Great job on the runs! Those are some fast times especially on the treadmill! Good luck with the 18 miler today!

Meg said...

I'm sending you SUPER positive vibes for the long treadmill run, you are tough and will pull if off effortlessly! Love the boots, worth some corner action! Jk...
Your runs are inspiring me to get out there now, so strong! Happy Weekend, meg

Jamoosh said...

Those are the most unique running shoes I have ever seen!

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
I love the cowboy boots:) Do you line dance?

Wow, I am so impressed with your workouts Jenn and how determined you are! Bless your heart:) Rock the mill! Have a great weekend Jenn!


I'm not sure how you run that long on the treadmill! You are my hero.

And the boots, LOVE THEM!

Morgan said...

Ooooo I heart the first pair!

18 miles on the dreadmill?!?!? oh noes!!!! Good luck girl!

Anonymous said...

Wow you run a LOT!!! WTG! But seriously...18 on the treadmill. I had to serious push to get 6 out last weekend. I am impressed!

Valerie said...

Love the cowgirl boots!

I completely agree with your observations at the gym. I swear at our gym here in town, there are people that spend more time at the drinking fountain than actually working out. Or just leaning up against the wall! LOL!

Great job on your workouts this week!

Katie A. said...

I have had crazy mileage this week, too! And all of my runs have been sub 8:00's which is huge for me - great job girly!
I have done 18 on the dreadmill twice - it sucks! I try to get off around the half way mark and do a bunch of sit ups just to recover and get a change of pace - you might want to try it - it makes the time seem like it goes by faster when you are "looking forward" to getting off after 9 for a bunch of situ-ups and crunches :)
You are as busy as I am! I don't know how you do it! And the salt thing is funny....prego maybe? J/K...have a great Friday and let me know how the 18 goes :)

Jill said...

I have insomnia every night and I browse constantly on the internet. I love those boots, you DO need them. How cute with a little skirt :). Salt dreams must mean your body is just in need of it with all your sweaty miles...and McDonalds? Hum, not sure other than you have some secret admiration for Ronald. :) Good luck with the 18 - wish you could fly out here and run 18 with me, it's on my plan also and tho I get to run outdoors, I'm kinda dreading it. I wish I could love the long run like I used to. Now I have so much gear due to winter and ugh....
Happy weekend !!!!! And thanks for your VERY nice list of things about me on my blog - you're so sweet. can't wait to meet ya in bean-town!

Sarah Bowen Shea said...

I vote for boot choice #2--they'd go with everything!

I co-authored a book called Run Like a Mother, coming out March 23. I’d love to have publicist send you a copy for possible review. Could you please email me your mailing address (pls. include your blog name as well) at bowenshea [at] gmail? Thanks!

Christina said...

McDonalds french fries are the best.

I can't imagine 18 on a treadmill.

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
I just read your comment about the line dancing when you were drunk and 20 something:) Ha ha, I actually did the line dancing thing in Nashville. We went to The Wild Horse Saloon and they had all of these cute little instructors who taught us a few dances:) It was kind of husband did get pictures! Oh, and I am pretty sure I was a little trashed too! Have a good one Jenn:)

lindsay said...

wow. 5.5 incline AND 7.2? i always let myself decrease the speed when i increase the incline... ;) i am not as strong as you! :( awesome job jenn! great runs all around.

cute boots! i vote for pair #1 i think.