Friday, December 11, 2009

Shout outs!!!

Still cold...-29 degree windchill. The 10 day forecast however shows 3 consecutive days with temps in the teens or 20's YAY!!!. I've decided to run 100 miles outside in those 3 days. Kidding but I really can't wait to get back out there. My training plan will start this next week but I will have to be very flexible in order to get good runs outside on the warmer days.

I just watched an infomercial for the Contour Core Sculpting system. What a crock o'shit! A band you wear around your waist that sculpts your abs while you do whatever you want-lay on the couch! Who buys this crap!! Anyway, I put it on my Christmas list!

Here goes:

Christina is running the Tuscon Half! Guessing it is warmer in Tuscon than here. Good Luck!

Nicole is running a 5K. She's from Ohio. Still warmer than here! Good Luck!

Kerri is running the Jingle Bell 5K. How many Jingle Bell 5k's are there? I'm just glad I'm not running one. Good Luck!

Lorian is running the Jingle Bell Run. I love the way they try to make 5k's sound fun and cheery when in reality they are torture. They should call these Hell's Bells 5K's! Good Luck!

Jill is running the Tuscon Full. I'm really excited to hear how she does amidst a little recent turmoil. I say she'll come out on top and ROCK it! Good Luck Jill!

Sara is also tackling a Jingle Bell 5K! Does Santa come to warm places like San Diego? Do they have jingle bells there. HMMM... Good Luck!

Melissa is running a 3.4 mile Christmas run on Tuesday of next week! Good Luck!

Robin Yet another Jingle Bell 5K. I am not actually sure she is running this due to achilles tendonitis. Huge shoutout to her 30th birthday on Sunday! I say skip the race, get a babysitter and make your husband take you out for 30 drinks!!

I've started following quite a few more people lately so I'm sure I'm missing someone or potentially a few people. Hopefully I catch you when you post your race reports!!

This was my week-

Monday- 8 miles treadmill @ 7:40 pace. This was an average as I cannot stand holding a steady pace on the treadmill.
20 minute core workout

Tuesday-7 miles dreadmill again @7:49
20 minute core workout

Wednesday no running
1 hour of weight training at the fitness center. I've neglected the weights lately and it felt good to do this again.

Thursday 8 miles @7:50 pace
20 minute core workout

Friday- I'm hitting the fitness center this afternoon to run on the treadmill there. I need a change of scenery and if I usually have a little more incentive to keep going when people are gawking at me. I was thinking between 12 and 16. 12 is my record on the treadmill but I haven't run over 12 in almost 3 weeks. We'll see!

I probably won't run on Saturday or Sunday since I will be out of town for hockey and starting my new plan on Monday! I may use the elliptical at the hotel and just in case I'll pack running stuff! Have a great weekend everyone!!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

LMAO at the informercial. Some people will buy anything. Good luck with the TM run, and have a great weekend!

Velma said...

Have a great weekend - you are brave to run in the cold!

Scheri said...

And I thought it was cold in Colorado, yikes! I have nothing to complain about.

Your blog is very fun. I'm inspired by all your treadmill runs lately :-)

Melissa said...

I am amazed by the treadmill mileage. WOW!
Thanks for the shout out!

Katie A. said...

You always leave me laughing...thank you!
I have been hitting up the treadmill all week too - but I am a baby because it is in the 40's and I don't do cold. I will say though, I totally feel ya on the having to look good in front of those gym rats! I always speed work there!
I once did 20 miles on the treadmill - that.was.awful. Today I am hitting it up for 10 I think - that's the plan - I'll let you know how it goes :)
Have safe travels this weekend!

Stacy said...

Thanks, Jenn. My parents are really supportive for the most part and my husband made me see it in a different light. Like he said that they are about90-95% supportive of whatever I do. That 5% unfort, is my marathons unfort. Hopefully, they will come out to some of my races since I plan on doing local ones. They still have to travel a little bit, but still.. it's closer. Anyways, it's so nice to have you guys and friends (in real life) to keep me going. Thank YOU!

Lisa said...

Funny about the infomercial. I often wonder who falls for that stuff too. I always feel weird working out at the gym, like everyone is watching my form and then I totally lose my confidence in whatever it is I'm doing.

Meg Runs said...

Hey, I use that core system girl and you should see my abs. I love it, you should buy one for everyone you know for Christmas! I can sit on the couch and eat pie, drink pure eggnog and I'm thinking of giving up running because I already have such a HOT six pack and I've only been using the band for three days..why run??? JK :)
Happy Running this weekend, stay cozy!

Katie said...

Ugh, -29. Here it's been around 25, which isn't bad to run in. My biggest issue is that I can't use the running stroller in this weather. One 25 degrees is colder than I'm comfortable with for my 2 year old and there's snow everywhere (even on what sidewalks we have). This winter will definitely require flexibility and creativity! Good luck starting your training plan!

Christina said...

You are so sweet to do the shout out for me. My race went well and it was warm, after the start and the sun came up. Overall great day; great race.

TX Runner Mom said...

That informercial cracks me up...I do wish it were that easy though! I don't know how you handle those temps - we get all whiney around here when it's 40, lol!

Jill said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Race was absolutely miserable...but I did well :). You're the best, thanks!!! Hope you had a great weekend with the hockey!