Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fun night out and freezing temps!

I had the GREATEST time at the fundraiser tonight! It was called the “Ukrainian Gala” and it was a women’s only event that raised money for kids in the Ukraine. I was told it was semi-formal. I usually lounge around in fitness wear but I do love getting dressed up every now and again. Thank goodness I did dress up because this was one classy event.! I arrived to valet parking and when I walked in the door I was greeted and escorted to the most beautifully decorated table ever. My new friend Super Fast 1:24 half marathon Jess “owned” the table and had decorated and invited 7 people to be her guests. Jess is an Occupational Therapist and works about an hour away. This is the best part!! ALL of her guests were runners. She thought it would make for fun conversation to organize a table of runners. I didn’t know any of these girls since none of them lived in my town so we started the evening by going around the table and introducing ourselves. Imagine a super classy formal delicious dinner surrounded by people who only want to talk about running. I could swear I was dreaming. Jess ran in college in Madison Wisonsin. She was a middle distance runner. Her 1:24 half PR came when she was 23 (now 30). She also ran a sub 17 5K. Other than the half she ran with her husband this summer she hasn’t run one in 3 years. Her time then was 1:27. She has a 2 year old, a one year old, and is due in May. Now, I really really like her and we have so much in common (not the 1:27) but she could be a little more considerate like taking into account potential new friends needs before getting knocked up! Honestly!!! I NEED her to make me fast NOW!!!!! The other girls were also so much fun and 5 of them had run half marathons this year. I was feeling a little old as 2 of them were also pregnant and running with a jogging stroller was a hot topic. Overall, great evening and I love meeting new people especially those with similar interests!! It was very nice to have an outlet since although I love my friends dearly and they are very supportive, they could truly care less about my running!

So, I tackled the Minnesota winter and headed out for my first ever REALLY cold run. It was 9 degrees when I started with a windchill of 1 degree and a 10 mph NW wind. I decided to run a 10 mile out and back heading west and coming back east. I figured there was no way I could quit early if I did this. I drove to a secluded road that I have run on before so I could have the center of the road where there was no ice. I decided to wear my Asics Nimbus shoes because they had the most traction and weren’t as meshy as my others. I hate these shoes (no disrespect to Asics as I love many of their products). I call them my “brick” shoes since that’s what they feel like on my feet. I’ve only worn them 4 times and they have way too much cushioning for my liking. My feet did not get cold though and neither did my body. My fingers and face however were a different story! I get very claustrophobic with things over my mouth and nose so although I have 3 different “masks” I wore a hat, a neck gaiter, and glasses. Wowzers, the first 2 miles felt like someone was carving my cheeks with a potato peeler. The fingers on my left hand were completely numb. It didn’t take long to warm up though. The last five miles I was fully warmed up and other than dealing with the fogging of my glasses I had no problems. I was just going to run 10 for distance since I have done 2 speedwork sessions already this week. My legs felt crazy fresh though as I know the treadmill gives my hamstrings a bit of a break. I managed a 7:41 pace and this felt pretty comfortable and easy. It was a great run and very refreshing. It also gave me a lot of confidence knowing I could tackle the cold!

Tomorrow morning I get to head out of town with my little Reese to watch her play hockey in her first big tournament of the year. I am soo excited and so is she! I don’t know if just the two of us have ever had a weekend together. I can’t wait!!! I won’t get back until Sunday so I will have to catch up on blog reading then.

So many runners running this weekend! CIM claims quite a few namely Katie and Aron!! I know there’s more so I’ll stop naming names!! Can’t wait to read race reports! Good Luck!


Lisa said...

OK, the Ukrainian Gala sounds like it was a lot of fun. Why can't I meet other runners and get invited to something like that lol. Seven runners at the same table? How cool is that?

Umm, yeah, you are crazy hardcore for running 10 in 1 degree windchill temps. Never in a million years would I be doing that!

lindsay said...

too fun to meet all those runners! lol to your comment about how she needs to be more considerate of potential friends before getting knocked up ;) i'm sure next time that will be her first concern! haha.

TMB said...

a 1 degree windchill? you are so hardcore!

That event sounded like so much fun. I love when runners get together. And a 1:27 are you kidding me?

My husband is friends with Max King the reigning US National Trail Marathon Champion. And every time I hear how fast he is (2:18 marathon), I just think, "Please, let some of that rub off on me!"

Janice {Run Far} said...

YIKES. I am thinking you are seriously hardcore. Way to get it done. The Gala sounded delightful.

Katie A. said...

Thanks for the shout-out cuttie!

What a blast getting to meet new running peeps - my friends are like you, very supportive but get a glazed over look on their face once I start talking about running! :)

And you are a better woman than I getting out there and running like that! I am freaking out because it is going to be in the 30's on Sunday! Sheesh - I feel lame :)

Enjoy your weekend away with Reese, mother-daughter weekends are awesome and I still treasure them to this day with my own mamma! Be safe and good luck! :)

Valerie said...

Great job conquering the cold! It's gets very cold down here too and I usually cut out the running outdoors if it's below zero with the windchill. So, I'm sure the 1 degree was nasty!

Jamoosh said...

It's the wind that makes it suck!

Meg Runs said...

Gosh, you have to do so much work and prep to just go on a must LOVE it!! So funny about your pregnant new friend, don't worry, she won't be pregnant forever. Just plan the next half or full for a few months after she hast the baby! She'll be totally motivated to make you fast(and get herself in shape)!
Have fun with the hockey tourney!

Jill said...

The gala sounds wonderful, what a great way to meet up with other runners!! And how dare your new friends get knocked up, so selfish ;). Maybe after she has the baby you guys can hit the track for some speed work.

Have fun hockey-ing this weekend!!!

Robin said...

Wow! The Gala sounds amazing-fun! The cold sounds dreadfully awful (don't see THOSE temps in Orlando!) - I was freaking out over 52 degrees this morning..LOL!

And good luck to Reese. I hope she does really well and you guys have a really terrific weekend!

Christina said...

The night out with a table full of runners sounds like it was so much fun.