Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday Run and Future Goals!

I ran 18.76 miles in what was supposed to be the balmy 56 degree weather yesterday. (In reality it was 37 degrees at the start and 43 at the finish) Gotta love Minnesota. I was planning on 20 but I finished the loop back at my car at 18.76. Normally, I would have tacked on the final 1 1/4 miles because I am anal that way and like to end on nice even round numbers but I was absolutely fried. I knew in the first 5 miles since I was feeling so great from my 3 rest day week that I was in trouble. I have learned that starting slow for me in long distances is the only way my body cooperates. Example, Mile 2 of marathon 8:38, mile 26 6:51. Mile 1 on Sunday 7:30. Having run the half last Saturday, I realize I need more recovery time. I am just plain tired!

I am a list person. I said I would list my goals. Honestly, I overthink these things way too much. I practically have a novel of reasons for everything I intend to accomplish but I've decided not to bore anyone with this. Short and sweet:

Boston Time Goal

PR 3:25:23 Goal 3:23:12

I am combining training programs and compiling them on a spreadsheet that will allow for Wednesday to be my long run day. I will not be increasing my mileage and will peak around 60 miles a week. I will be incorporating more cross training and strength training and running 5 days instead of my usual 6. I will start on December 13th.

2010 Goals

I will greatly increase my mileage and training over the summer next year in preparation for the fall marathon.

5K- PR 21:20 Goal sub 21 (I will likely only run 1 or two 5k's as I hate this race)

10K-PR 45:15 Goal 43:30. I have broken my PR in both a half marathon and a practice run so I think this is attainable.

Half marathon- PR 1:37:10 Goal 1:35

Fall Marathon - PR 3:25:23 Goal 3:16 and change (7:30 pace)

Hopefully, these will all become reality :)


Genesis said...

you should change your name to RUNNING MACHINE! that's what you are. i can only aspire to be like you.

you know you're a great motivator btw.

Anonymous said...

wow such specific goals...right down to the hundredths!

Jenn said...

Ha Ha! I got the hundredths right off the pace chart! I'm not really that psycho!

Christina said...

Great goals and I'm impressed you list them out. And don't worry about boring me with goals...I like to see other peoples goals because it gives me ideas and things to think about for my own goals.

Suzy said...

Great 2010 goals. I'm a goal person (in all things except running) so I get having goals. I hope you get them all. And...give yourself some time to recover from your half so you don't hurt yourself.

TMB said...

Good luck! I think those are great (and attainable) goals>

lindsay said...

i like your goals! i'm not big on 5k's either... they seem to hurt more than a marathon! your goals sound ambitious, but also attainable - a balance i struggle with finding. can't wait to see you master them all! :)

Katie A. said...

I am soooo a list person, it's not even funny! I like reading other people's lists, too! :)
Great goals and times! You can do it! And I like the revamp of your running schedule, sometimes that is all we need.
Now, I need to work on catching you! Hopefully we can meet up in Boston! Have a great week! :)

aron said...

AWESOME goals :) you are one speedy lady!!! cant wait to see you cross them off the list!