Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Day!

Wednesday morning, another day off! Yesterday morning I got up with the full intentions of doing a P90X workout before my 10 AM hair appointment and then a run in the afternoon. I somehow contracted a severe case of the "Lazies" and opted to spend the morning drinking 64 ounces of coffee and playing on the computer instead. Very productive! I did manage to motivate myself enough to head out for 9 miles before the kids came home from school. We had the first hockey game of the year in the evening and I knew I would feel miserable if I didn't run. Like I said, I never have 2 great days in a row. My legs felt heavy to start and I almost turned around but I kept telling myself it would get better after a couple of miles and it did. We made it to the game and I rewarded my run with an entire bag of popcorn and half of Max's Reese's Pieces. A little counterproductive I think!! I haven't eaten much sugar lately and I thought maybe I would lose the desire for it altogether. No, I definitely like sugar!

Me and the kids before the game!

Joe had a presentation last night and had to work late again but made it to the game. It wasn't even a close game (10-1 we won) so we spent most of the time talking instead of watching. Anyway, he tells me he's decided to run a marathon to BQ and then be done with it. He swore he would never want to do this. (I swear I won't do things all the time so I know where he's coming from. My mom used to make me sign and date little pieces of paper and throw them in my keepsake box everytime I would do this. I, Jennifer xxxxx swear I will never wear flare leg jeans; I, Jennifer xxxxx, swear I will never cut my hair short; and my favorite, I, Jennifer xxxxxx, swear I will never have children!) Anyway, this caught me a little off guard since he really has never shown a desire to do this. I can't quite fathom how he would fit this training into his schedule but then again he only likes to run the races not train for them. Joe is the kind of guy who clicks his heels during races, runs off the course to high five every kid, drinks the free beer on the course, and has no stress whatsoever about a time. He'll go for a run once or twice a week and refuses to drink water or take gels (this just pisses me off because he has no reasoning behind it). Anyway, he really is an unbelievable athlete and I believe he would have no issues running a 3:15 even without much training if he would run the race seriously.

This brings up another issue. I love reading how some of you go on these wonderful runs all the time with your spouses. This is not me. We have a total love hate relationship when it comes to such things. I totally love him, I hate running with him. I take that back, I like running with him when I need to "use" him and it is convenient for me. He is much faster than me and even though he is always trying to run my pace it is a bit deflating like I'm a little kid being encouraged along. I like to be encouraged from the sidelines! Anyway, this would probably hurt his feelings and he truly is the most supportive husband ever and would buy a rocket if the Boston marathon was on the moon to take me there.

Enough rambling. Today, my son is home again. We are heading back to the rink so I can get my butt kicked again. My glutes and quads are still sore from the other day so at least I'm getting some good cross training out of this. I'll probably run an easy 5 or 6 this afternoon. Joe wants to hit the gym during hockey practice tonight and unlike running I actually love working out with him!!

Now, back to my coffee and internet shopping!


Teamarcia said...

Wow lots of similarities!
1. I too was a slug yesterday--spent run time in bed.:(
2. I do the "notes to self" The latest of which was a mental one in the last 10k of my last marathon--I Marcia will not try to BQ ever again!
3. I too hate running w/hubby. Hate it. Nuff said.
Happy shopping!

Katie A. said...

I rewarded my 6 miler yesterday with two pumpkin muffins that I had made for my husband to take to work! Very counterproductive!!!
And thank God my hubbs doesn't like to run, I love that I can do something better than him! He can ride is bike along side me anyday!
Have a great Wednesday. :)

Genesis said...

the other day on my run i had to convince myself too that i would feel better later.

my hubby doesnt even care for working out or running, and if he were to run with me, he'd leave me in his dust. really irritating. i understand where you're coming from.

Jill said...

I love your blog, the randomness of everyday thoughts! It's soooo me!

Have a great run today! Happy Wednesday!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

64 ounces and a bag of popcorn...LOL!!

OK you should consider yourself lucky that your hubby can push you. I love running with my hubby because he tries sooo hard, but I often wish he was the pacer bunny that I need in training to BQ.

Love the picture!!

Note: I have ALWAYS ALWAYS loved having my picture taken, even when I was heavy.. Not sure why..

aron said...

i TOTALLY know what you mean about running with your husband. sometimes i will run with mine and he will just take off and leave me, so i am like whyyy are we "running together" in the first place? i do like using him for pacing on certain runs though :) and love it if he will slow down to talk with me while running easy runs, those are fun :)

Suzy said...

Interesting how you don't like running with your hubby. I never have run with mine and I don't know how I'll feel about it when it finally happens. But, he's similar to your DH in that he could pull off an awesome marathon time without putting in the training and/or effort.

Meg Runs said...

Ha, ha! I don't ALWAYS love running with my husband, he's a "tad" whiny but I do have a lot of fun the majority of the time. I think it's because we ran bk(before kids)and running is some what nostalgic for us. PLUS, he pushes me so that's always a plus.
Love the picture of you with the kiddos!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Great pic - so cute!

My hubby can't run with me, he's way to fast, and he says to run my speed will cause him to injure himself (rolling my eyes). Really I think it messes with his stride and strains him. He ran the last 4 miles of the Austin marathon with me and then had the nerve to say he felt like he ran the whole marathon. Ha Ha He's a mess!